Souls Of The Forgotten

Souls Of The Forgotten

Until the sun touches the moon and the world falls to chaos, the souls shall remain forgotten...
Founder: em062100
Ranking: 427th
Creation: 28/06/2013
Original name: Mischivous Meerkats of the African Plains
Souls of the Forgotten
Our story, is a simple one. Once there was a wolf, they died on earth and passed on here. Each day souls are collected here, the planet of the
zaboravljene duse, the forgotten souls. This is a story about me, you, us... This is a story about an afterlife of the forgotten souls.
Some are good and some are bad. Perhaps the good souls are actually bad and the bad souls are really good? We all ride the same shooting stars
here and we all join the many stars overhead when we pass. No one can be certain of what is good and bad, but in a land such as this,
where we are all forgotten, we all get second chances...
**Follow Dogzer rules
**Respect the Founder and Manager. Don't ask to be manager, Ill ask you if I need one.
**You may only have up to 8 characters, ask if you would like more, but you must respect the other following rules in order to EARN it. The following do not have to worry about the 8 limit: Heart221, Milky789, Lemongirl, Wolfdeluna (They have proved themselves already)
**Ask the founder for pups born into the pack (descendants) only 1 - 4 per birth, 3-6 births allowed (Varying per wolf)
**Extremely detailed births and mate scenes must be done through PM but they are allowed. Fighting/ Battle/ Death scenes are permitted (just don't make it too gory).
**No Magics outside the allowed.
**Keep the chat speak to a minimum, only allowed in "( )"
**Non-RP activity must be done in "( )".
**Don't tell the founder or manager what to do, or anyone for that matter.
**You CANNOT befriend the wildlife you eat.
**When RP use " " for speaking, * * for motions (optional), '  ' for thinking, and ( ) when not talking in the RP to someone/ OOC (Out of charachter).
**Be Respectful of the higher ranks, they have a right to demote you.
**Keep peace with everyone including any other packs (Exception to those outside any pack boundaries)
**Matters of the pack, stay in the pack unless the leader chooses to do otherwise.
** Pups can crush as young as possible. Pups can have Dating Partners as early as 1 year and Mates as early as 2 years. Must have dated for 6/+ months to become mates. 
** Anyone in the pack has generally been there all their life unless stated otherwise in orgins.
Body Language
** Putting an (*) mark after using one in the RP makes it easy to remember you're referring to this
Nose to Ear - Brotherly/ Sisterly comforting affection. A family type thing.
Nose to Cheek - "I like you" Silent form of telling, may be too frightened to say, bashful or uncertain.
Nose to Side of Muzzel - "I love you" Silent form of telling, may be too frightened to say, bashful or uncertain
Nose to Flank - "Give me comfort" Yearning feeling.
Nose/ Head Down - Sad, Depressed, Sorrowful. Can be found as well when a tail low and ears are laid back.
Nose Raised High/ To Air - Proud, Happy, Supreme feeling.
Touching Noses - Nose to Nose; "I love you" More confident then Nose to Side of Muzzel*
Pushes Head Underneath Yours - (So that your head is over theirs & vise versa) For lovers, Wanting comfort or their affection or soft touch or comforting scent.
Lick on Ear - Comforting.
Lick on Cheek - Loving, Affectionate, Brotherly/ Friendly.
Lick on Muzzel - Shy Affection. Usually quick and shy.
Lick on Flank - "I Want Pups" Silent form of telling, may be uncertain or bashful
Lick over Nose and Front of Mouth - "I love you, will you be my DP/ Mate?" DP for a current crushe. Mates for a current DP.
Ears Perked - Listening for sound, indicates for others to be silent. On a hunt is used to find prey. On an ambush is used to find enemy/ rival. On patrol of some sort is used to see if danger is near or detect where if thought was heard.
Ears Laid Back - Used to amplify the effects of a Growl/ Nose Down/ Tail Low or to admit "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I wont do it again"
Ears Shoved Forward - A sign of dominance.  Found when fight breaks out with a High Tail, and Raised hackles as well as growling if resorts to violence.
Ears Flicked - Indicating a direction to move or way to attack, a silent way of direction and navigation in an ambush or large animal hunt.
Tail Low - Sad, Sorrowful, Depressed. Can be found when ears are laid back and nose is down.
Tail High - A sign of dominance as well. Found when fight breaks out with Ears shoved forward, and Raised hackles as well as growling if resorts to violence.
Tail Tucked - Scared, Frightened, Afriad.
Tail Arched Over Back - "Follow me"
Tail Wagging - "I'm so happy to see you!"
Tail Flicking in Direction - "This way" depending on indicated direction
Hip Slam - "I'm the more dominant, respect it!" usually along with a growl.
Bares Teeth - "Leave, Back off, Stand Down NOW!"
Growl - "Last chance to back off now!"
Hackles Raised - A sign that tries to make you appear larger and more dominant, if both specimens have hackles raised, once met face to face a dominance attack is let out.  Found when fight breaks out with Ears shoved forward, and a High Tail as well as growling if resorts to violence.; A way to appear taller, to claim "Back off" (depends on situation)
Ground Twist - A motion where you turn your body into a very uncomfortable position to say "You are the more dominant, and I respect that"
Medicinal Herbs
Alder Bark: (Chewed, Dont swallow) Toothaches
Blackberry Leaves: (Poultice) Bee Stings
Borage Leaves: (Consumed) Treats fevers; Helps the nursing to provide milk to their young
Burdock Root: (Poultice) Infections; Rat Bites
Catmint (also called catnip): (Consumed)  zima kijanje; prolje?e kijanje
Celandine: (Consumed; Poultice) Eases Pain; Eye Injuries
Chamomile: (Consumed) Nervous breakdown; Severe Shock
Chervile: (Consumed) Bellyache
Chervile Root: (Rubbed on/ Juiced) Prevents & Treats Infection
Chickweed: (Consumed) Treatment for prolje?e kijanje
Coltsfoot: (Consumed) Treatment for zima kijanje; Eases breathing
Comfrey: (Applied) Broken Bones
Daisy Leaves: (Poultice) Soothes Aching Joints
Dandelion Leaves: (Consumed) Nervous Breakdown; Severe Shock
Dock Leaves: (Rubbed on/ Juiced) Nettle stings, Sore Paw Pads
Elder Leaves: (Poultice) Sprains
Feaverfew: (Consumed) Fevers; Headaches
Goldenrod: (Poultice) Aching Joints & Stiffness; Severe Injury
Goosegrass: (Poultice, then set to dry, press on powder) Stops Bleeding of a Wound
Heather Nectar: (Consumed) Sore throat; Sweeten consumed herbs
Horsetail: (Poultice) Infected Wounds. 
Juniper Berries: (Consumed) Bellyache; Nervous Breakdown; Severe Shock
Lavender: (Consumed; Smelled) Cough; Fever; Nervous Breakdown; Severe Shock
Mallow: (Poultice) Infection; Bee/Wasp Stings
Marigold: (Poultice)  Prevents Infection; Heals Sores
Nettle Leaves: (Poultice) Prevents Swelling of a Wound
Nettle Seeds: (Consumed) Counters Poisons 
Oak Leaves: (Poultice, set to dry, press on powder; Poultice) Stop Bleeding; Fight Infection
Parsley: (Consumed) Stops the flow of milk after a nursing stops feeding pups
Poppy Seeds: (Consumed) Numbs Pain; Helps Sleep. Warning: more then two can negatively affect health. Giving during preg or birth or when nursing can negatively affect mother or offspring
Ragwort Leaves: (Poultice) Aching Joints
Raspberry Leaves: (Consumed) Eases pain during birth
Snake Root: (Consumed) Counters poison 
Tansy: (Consumed; Poultice) Cough; Heal Wounds 
Thyme: (Consumed) Nervous Breakdown; Severe Shock
Tormentil: (Consumed) Wounds; Counters weak poisons
Traveling Herbs:(Consumed) Gives strength & keeps away hunger on long journies
Watermint: (Consumed)  Bellyache 
Yarrow: This herb is used to make a dog/wolf vomit. This action expels poisons from the body. 
Non-Herbal Medicine: 
Cobwebs: (Applied)Stops/ Slows Bleeding
Honey: (Consumed) Sore Throat/ Sweeten consumed herbs
Mouse Bile: (Applied) Ticks 
Wild Garlic: (Roll in/ Rubbed on) Infection/ Rat Bites
**  prolje?e kijanje (Spring Sneeze): A sickness similar to the common cold. Commonly caught in the spring season.
zima kijanje (Winter Sneeze): A sickness similar to the flu. An advanced form of prolje?e kijanje. Commonly caught in winter and rarely in the spring.

Kralj (King): (1) Male Leader. He is the Alpha and his say goes. Has the power of all elements.
Kraljica (Queen): (1) Female Leader. She is the Alpha female, mate to the Alpha male, her say goes but he may override her commands. Has the power of all
the elements. (FirexWater , horrible mutation, lethal)
Mladi Kraljevi (Young Kings): (X) The offspring of the Alpha pair. They have some power in the pack once they are of 2 years old. They are two of four possible
Biljka Cuvar (Plant Guardian): (2-3) These are the Medical experts, your go-tos when injured. They do not have the power of any element but do have the
healing factor.
Sanjati Sljedbenik (Dream Follower): (1-2) These are extremely rare members of the pack, they can practice many mental abilities. They can do mental
projection, walking in another's dreams, telepathy, mind reading and psionic blasts. They are extremely intelligent and more then often not there are none
to on in a pack.
Staratelj Vremena (Guardian of Time): (1-2) These members are also quite rare. They are the deputy of the pack. They keep the peace in the pack and have the
abilities of super speed and pausing time. They also have the ability to put those around them to sleep. Anyone in a 10-15 ft radius would be rendered
unconcious, however it takes a large amount of energy.
Vatra Ratnici (Fire Warrior): (X) Souls who have arrived and have the ability of controlling/ creating fire, heat and lightning
Voda Ratnici (Water Warrior): (X) Souls who have arrived and have the ability of controlling/ creating water and ice
Zemlja Ratnici (Earth Warrior): (X) Souls who have arrived and have the ability of growing plants, controling/ creating metals, rock, plant and dirt
Zrak Ratnici (Air Warrior): (X) Souls who have arrived and have the ability of flight and controlling air and light and making illusion
Novi Dusu (New Souls):(X) Souls who had just arrived along the star trail. This is when a new soul is born, one who hadn't had to live the life any other had.
They dont know what it feels like to be forgotten.
Noc Hodalice (Night Walkers): (X)They are the souls who had come to this world and have passed on peacefully, a new star joining the sky so that they will
never be forgotten again.
Izgubljen Duse (Lost Souls): (X) They are souls who had died and were forgotten and are not a threat to the pack. They are not a member to the pack.
Opasno Duse (Dangerous Souls): (X) They are the souls who had died and were forgotten and are a (Possible) threat to the pack.
** About the Fourm below
** Please send through PM
* Picture (2 Max) *
Social Life
Dating Partner:
Skills: - max 4 -
Flaws: - at least 1 -
Played by:
** Picture (2 Max, 1 must have at least one realistic, The other may be animated/drawn)
Name: SE
Nickname: Optional*
Age: SE
Gender: SE
Sexuality: SE
Social Life
Pack: Current Pack (Might add a second later in time)
Rank: Rank you would like to fill
Running-Mates: Friends
Crush: Charachter's love intrest
Dating Partner: Charachter's BF/GF
Mate: Charachter's Bond (Married to)
Ascendants: Mother and Father 
Orgin: History (MUST include, If keeps to self put Doesnt usually say... or doesnt tell anyone in parenthesis before listing.)
Pack: Current pack (Might add a second later in time)
Breed: Any particular breed? (Grey, Arctic, Mexican, Mix?)
Descendants: Pups (Explain in "( )" if they are in the pack or what happened to them .. divide litters with ";")
Litter-Mates: Siblings (Brothers & Sisters, use ";" to divide litters)
Skills: Things you are good at ; No more then 4
Flaws: Things you aren't good at ; At least 1
Likes: Optional*
Dislikes: Optional*
Other: Extra information
Played by: Your username
SE* Self Explanitory
U Grupa Od U Noc Dusa
The Group of the Night Souls

Kralj (King):
(Queen will choose later, King will go on 2 day journey and come back granted a fuller power that will
be fufilled after the King and queens first litter)

Kraljica (Queen):

Name: Ayrisisen
Nickname: Aris or Ayris
Age: 2 Years 3 Months
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Social Life
Pack: Noc Dusa
Rank: Kraljica
Running-Mates: N/A
Crush: Looking*
Dating Partner: None
Mate: None
Ascendants: None
Orgin: (Nobody knows of anything to do with her orgins) I was born into a small pack, it was called the apple woods pack. The pack had taken pitty onto my mother. My mother was beautiful, however she was weak, alone and vulnerable. This was not only because she was carrying a litter, but she was malnutritioned and had no male wolf at her side. The father was gone. He had abandoned her. The beta male convinced the alpha male to take the she wolf in who was my mother. The alpha had no mate and there were few females in the pack. My mother was welcomed into the pack, her litter however was not. They brushed me and my  two other litter mates asside. I was curious, and because I was the smallest, I was able to squeeze past our small cage. I ventured around the camp and eventually came to the alphas den. It seemed like the alphas den however it was quite large and three other large males were in there. I watched as my mother brushed up against them, she managed to tease the hunter. The alpha got jelous and did some things to prove his dominance over my mother. She smiled through the toughness of the male and rather enjoyed just being submissive knowing he would protect her and care for her more. She quickly forgot of me and not long after we stopped getting food. We were dispatched one by one and quite easily forgotten. I was about 4 months when I made it here. I stumbled upon the pack and only the Kralj new my story at the time. They were never able to have pups, so they had no successor and deemed me Kraljica once they knew their time was near. They passed on together and I watched them, in my mind and in my heart, climb the star ladder and appear as stars in the sky. They were like my mother and father, I will never forget of them. Now I am here, and I am the new Kraljica and thats basically everything...
Breed: Grey wolf crossed with Unknown
Descendants: Mother (Antoulia, Grey wolf), Father (Maddock, Unknown)
Litter-Mates: Syrain (F), Maexwell (M)
Skills: Being tactful, Being thoughtful, Jumping, Running 
Flaws: Swimming, Holding her endurance
Likes: Fish, The stars. Night, Summer, Warm weather, Crunchy autumn leaves, Falling
Dislikes: Birds (As in consuming), Daytime, Winter, Cold weather, Extremely hot weather, Forest fires, Floods, Crashing...
Other: Nothing
Played by: EM062100

Mladi Kraljevi (Young Kings):

Biljka Cuvar (Plant Guardian):

Sanjati Sljedbenik (Dream Follower):

Name: Ondyneak 
Nickname: Ondine 
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Social Life
Pack: Noc Dusa
Rank: Sanjati Sljedbenik
Running-Mates: N/A
Crush: Looking*
Dating Partner: None
Mate: None
Ascendants: None
Orgin: (She cannot remember her past before the soul world) My mother was attacked by a bear whom had awoken too soon into the spring. Food was scarce and that bear was hungry. She died when out hunting after encountering the bear. My father took us, for we were too young to survive without milk to a cruel pack. He was desperate for our survival and paid the ultimate price for it. His life. They took his life, for no male wolf was accepted into the pack. The pack was named the Red River Pack. The pack had a mate-hungry alpha with many other males who were similar to him. They  didnt wan any male pups to succeed them so they killed any of them at birth. Eventually time would come that they need successors and they rose the strongest of the male pups in their way. The male pups were eager to learn and hopefully gain the favor of the adult males. The female wolves were submissive and cowered at their presence, and every so often they would be killed off. Usually after their third litter, they were no joy anymore to the males. My sister and I were fed, but my two brothers were killed. We were raised in this way for most of our life. There was a flood and the alpha was drowning, my sister, too good at heart went to help him, but he drowned her in her attempt to save him. I however was the queen to the new pack, i was young, strong and fair in its ways. The males enjoyed my time but didn't take my health into consideration. I cant recall that night, it was blurry things fell black. Perhaps it was lack of sleep or it was the lack of food. But i died and was quite easily as forgotten as my sister./// I was reborn into the spirit world as a pup, I had a mother in this pack and she cared for me deeply. I had a sibling, a male, but he died of sickness. I was too young at the time but my mother kept a close eye on me because. Well it was my real mother. I was only able to be reborn in such a way because she was my original mother. This was such a rare occasion that I managed to get the power of dreams of the mind. I was about 8 months when she passed, and I would never know why she had tears in her eyes at the meer sight of me. It was because she got to see me, one last time. I loved her dearly, and cried for days on end. I would miss her,  but i would never forget her...
Breed: Mix
Descendants: Mother  (Rittika), Father 1 (Scallon)/ Father 2 (Maexson)
Litter-Mates: Renasu (F), Ichiak (M), Fenaio (M)/ Geingo (M)
Skills: Remembering details, Keeping secrets, Jumping, Howling
Flaws: Running, Swimming, Climbing, Fighting, Hunting, Basically anything that involves coordination
Likes: Night, Stars, Moon, Dreams, Being told secrets since she can keep them very well, Knowing things others do not, Shipping wolves, Playing Matchmaker, Fantasizing, Warm days, Summer breezes, Adventures, Long walks
Dislikes: Nightmares, Being lied to, Feeling worthless, Not being in on a plan, Being ignored, Cold, Icy storms, Winter
Other: She is that one who will make you happy as long as the sun remains in the sky, she is the one to talk to about your problems, and help you find a guy if you want one or to just talk to and help you get information. However she will go off and cry to herself because she such a loner and needs a life but her life is helping everyone else so she never has one. She just want to make everyone happy and never let them know that she isnt always happy.
Played by: EM062100

Staratelj Vremena (Guardian of Time):

Vatra Ratnici (Fire Warrior):

Name: Avinakai
Nickname: Kai
Age: 3 Years 
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Social Life
Pack: Noc Dusa
Rank: Vatra Ratnici
Running-Mates: N/A
Crush: None
Dating Partner: None
Mate: None
Ascendants: None
Orgin: (He doesnt tell many) He was born into a large litter, there was him, his three brothers and four sisters. His mother and father worked tirelessly to try and keep us all fed. Two of my sisters died from being underfed. Once we were weaned it was even more difficult to feed us all and try to train us. I managed to learn quickly and often got stuck with having to catch my own meals. However much I complained, I was happy that I had been forced into that. In a huge storm, the river flooded and my family struggled to safety. Trees fell all around us, I watched as my youngest brother was crushed beneath one when the lightning flashed. I scurried away up the hill as fast as I could manage, doing my best to avoid the creaky sounding trees. Howls sounded in the distance, I couldnt tell if it was the cry of a family member or a nearby pack. All that I knew was that I had to get to high ground. I got to a ledge and looked down on the valley, on the flooded river and fallen trees. Rocks crumbled under my paws and I was careful not to lean too far forwards. I lost my family that night. I cant say if they died, drowned or where they went. They probably assumed me dead. I began my own life as a lone wolf and occasionally crossed paths with the scent of other wolves. However one day I managed to find a female wolf at the end of that trail. She was astoundingly beautiful and I made it a point to call her mine. Her name was Reinna. I loved her to the ends of the forest and back, the forest seemed to stretch a long way so that was an aweful lot. We were mates, but shortly after, who would have thought, a forest fire broke out. After so much rain that one season, the rain had dwindled to less and less after two nearly three years later... I got caught in the flames of the fire and died. I cant say what happened to her but being here, I know I was forgotten. Perhaps she didn't love me as much as I loved her... I was born again into this world at about a year and a half. I lost a bit of my age on the journey here, which might seem weird but hey I have magical powers, must not be that weird. I came and joined this pack, and that is about it...
Breed: Brown wolf/ Mexican wolf
Descendants: Mother (Tyaka), Father (Juru)
Litter-Mates: Aiana (F), Dettrion (M), Kaniak (M), Liala (F), Hayrp (F), Shyre (F), Lakionok (M)
Skills: Hunting, Fighting, Tracking, Being a big flaming tough guy with a soft fuzzy heart
Flaws: Keeping his temper, Is over protective, Starting Conversations, Not being sassy, Not being a hothead, Sharing his feelings, Careless, Not raging and wiping out another when hes angry
Likes: Warmth, Summer, Wind, Breezes, Elk, The afternoon, Running away from his problems, Being liked by someone?
Dislikes: Fire, Hurting others, Water, Ice, Winter, Cold, Being antagonized, Talking about his feelings or his past
Other: Hes rude, sassy and snobby and as hotheaded and tough as can be, but inside he just wants someone to care enough, to be persistant enough to like him. He just wants someone to confide in and share food with and be a big softie with.
Played by: EM062100

Voda Ratnici (Water Warrior):

Zemlja Ratnici (Earth Warrior):

Zrak Ratnici (Air Warrior):

Novi Dusu (New Souls):

Izgubljen Duse (Lost Souls):

Opasno Duse (Dangerous Souls):

Noc Hodalice (Night Walkers):



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