Each breed has a dedicated page on which you can find all sorts of information, in particular:
- a short presentation text to find out more about this breed;
- this breed's characteristics on Dogzer;
- the standard capacity that dogs of this breed have;
- coats available for this breed;
- the best breeders of this breed;
- the best breedings for this breed;
- statistics about dogs of this breed;
- some dogs of this breed: the best dogs in terms of capacity, level, those that have received a progress star, those that are for sale...

A breed's page also contains different community elements, in particular:
- players who like this breed;
- groups that are talking about this breed;
- photos;
- discussions about this breed on the forums.
The comparison between the capacity of the best dogs of a certain breed and the breed's standard capacity allows you to measure its progress: the wider the gap, the more advanced this breed is in the game.

Some very wide progress gaps can exist between breeds, especially depending on the number of breeders who have dogs and breedings of this breed.
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Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a dog breed originally from Brussels.

It's a small dog with a lot of charm, energy and intelligence!
Brussels Griffon: the dog with a human expression

The Brussels Griffon is a dog breed originally from Brussels. It appeared in the 19th century after a cross-breeding between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Pug. The first Brussels Griffon was registered in Belgium''s kennel club studbook, the Livre des Origines Saint-Hubert (LOSH) in 1883. The breed became popular after 1900 when they were exported overseas. Brussels Griffons are small, sturdy dogs with a thickset, short body but they are also elegant dogs in their appearance. They have a powerful look. They always seem to attract attention with their head balanced on their long, gracefully arched neck and almost human expression. They set themselves apart with their domed forehead, relatively short nose that''s at the same level as their prominent eyes, their perfect teeth neatly in a straight line behind their big jaws. Their small ears are high-set and fall forward. The Brussels Griffon tail is docked to around two thirds of its original length and relatively high-set.

The Brussels Griffon is a little dog that is here thanks to vigilant breeders. It was originally created and trained to catch rats in coaches and stables. They are intelligent, sensitive and pleasant to look at thanks to their elegant appearance. The Brussels Griffon makes an ideal companion. In fact, this little dog bonds strongly with their master as they have a huge heart.