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    · Obedience  (659)
    · Agility  (990)
    · Canicross  (507)
    · Truffle search  (585)
    · Disc Dog  (428)
    · Greyhound  (382)
    · Sled race  (500)

    aGreyhound showDoctor Who?2 test(s)5 times
    aAgility showcool boys10 test(s)234 times
    a dog knowsObedience showdog 28 test(s)55 times
    A Dog's ChanceCanicross show-Gold Hearts-3 test(s)80 times
    A DOGZ LIFE AGILITYAgility showA DOGZ LIFE10 test(s)33 times
    A labs dreamObedience showSpark6 test(s)1 times
    A lightning bolt can't be stopped so easily...Agility showNever Forget the Dogs You Love3 test(s)2622 times
    A Spare ShowTruffle search showThe Spare Kennel3 test(s)422 times
    A Wolfs PullCanicross showPAW-sitively Divine3 test(s)60 times
    A-gilityAgility showBone Nibbles2 test(s)2847 times
    A.H. obedience showObedience showAshley's Puppy Love'n' Palace0 test(s)340 times
    A.H. disc competitionDisc Dog showAshley's Puppy Love'n' Palace0 test(s)96 times
    a.llGreyhound showdogz are cool2 test(s)1 times
    A.SAgility showplay day10 test(s)36 times
    Absolute beautyGreyhound showThe meadow of the old mill2 test(s)55 times
    across the tundraSled race showhealthy pets2 test(s)0 times
    Active poochAgility showPoochiworld5 test(s)1320 times
    AdozAgility showWestwood2 test(s)2463 times
    Afghan Hound or Whippet???Greyhound showWHIPPET WAREHOUSE2 test(s)0 times
    Afghans!Greyhound showDog drag2 test(s)0 times
    Agape AgilityAgility showAgape Kennels3 test(s)2686 times
    Agape CanicrossCanicross showAgape Kennels3 test(s)1459 times
    Agape Disc DogDisc Dog showAgape Kennels2 test(s)1364 times
    Agape GreyhoundGreyhound showAgape Kennels2 test(s)117 times
    Agape ObedienceObedience showAgape Kennels3 test(s)2275 times
    Agape Sled RaceSled race showAgape Kennels2 test(s)61 times
    Agape Truffle SearchTruffle search showAgape Kennels3 test(s)2508 times
    AgiAgility showGame-y heaven0 test(s)850 times
    AgileAgility showall welcome in!!!4 test(s)1964 times
    agileAgility showLET YOUR PAWS DOWN8 test(s)28 times
    Agile & FreeAgility showHome for Faithful Hounds0 test(s)1232 times
    Agile AcrobatsAgility showPuppy Pen7 test(s)11 times
    Agile agilty teamsAgility showmy kennel club10 test(s)8 times
    Agile AmazementAgility showPure Puppy Palace10 test(s)26 times
    Agile AngusAgility showZeus8 test(s)0 times
    Agile CaninesAgility showCanine Comfort2 test(s)10 times
    agile championAgility showlove animals0 test(s)1144 times
    agile dogsAgility showHoly Wolves6 test(s)1045 times
    Agile Dogs FunAgility showHaven of the Dogs0 test(s)1830 times
    agile enough?Agility showblahblah0 test(s)1961 times
    Agile K9sAgility showWenis Party Kennel Club10 test(s)312 times
    Agile LeaperAgility showHeavenly Earth3 test(s)87 times
    Agile little terriersAgility showThe Agile Thieves3 test(s)362 times
    Agile PawsAgility showPaws Paradise6 test(s)592 times
    Agile pupsAgility showAdogables2 test(s)395 times
    Agile-nessAgility showLa Mejor5 test(s)1625 times
    AgilePupsAgility showDogzDreamland5 test(s)224 times
    Agili jump!Agility showEternal Kennal club5 test(s)15 times
    Agilidad Spanish AgilityAgility showCasetas Para Perros Spanish Kennels10 test(s)16 times
    AgilitiyAgility showDogzo kennel club2 test(s)576 times
    AgilityAgility showHuskyAkitaMalamute0 test(s)1830 times
    AgilityAgility showJazmine kennels7 test(s)5 times
    agilityAgility showcincin's kennel0 test(s)126 times
    AgilityAgility show.Cowgirl.'s2 test(s)2272 times
    AgilityAgility showDragon' s fire5 test(s)1220 times
    AgilityAgility showSirenis6 test(s)143 times
    AgilityAgility showSaintmaisy120 test(s)707 times
    AgilityAgility showLovely Pups5 test(s)173 times
    agilityAgility showThe Fluffy House0 test(s)66 times
    AgilityAgility showPuppies Paws4 test(s)313 times
    AgilityAgility showPoochie Moochies10 test(s)5 times
    AGILITYAgility showshadow's forest2 test(s)16 times
    AgilityAgility showDog__Lovers6 test(s)8 times
    AgilityAgility showDog's Choice Kennel Club3 test(s)264 times
    AgilityAgility show~0 test(s)1 times
    AgilityAgility showStocken's Kennel Club2 test(s)30 times
    agility is my friendAgility showchamp dogs10 test(s)28 times
    agility 101Agility showDog Starz10 test(s)28 times
    Agility 101Agility showDogz101*0 test(s)184 times
    Agility 123Agility showWe love puppys!9 test(s)311 times
    Agility AbilityAgility showPrivate Paw0 test(s)911 times
    Agility AbilityAgility showDreaming Dogzer pals5 test(s)744 times
    Agility AbilityAgility showCutest Canines10 test(s)24 times
    Agility AbilityAgility showThe 5star K9 Hotel10 test(s)2 times
    agility acersAgility showChrisstina's Collys10 test(s)8 times
    Agility AngelAgility showRaven's Nest9 test(s)28 times
    Agility AnimalsAgility showPAWS FOR PUPS1 test(s)305 times
    Agility BarkersAgility showBark Paradise0 test(s)115 times
    Agility BearsAgility showTeddy Bears4 test(s)73 times
    agility buddiesAgility showlittle buddies kennel club10 test(s)204 times
    agility carnivalAgility showThe dog park1 test(s)601 times
    agility championsAgility showcuties and puppy's0 test(s)135 times
    Agility champions!Agility showPegasus kennel5 test(s)0 times
    Agility ChampsAgility showBright Dogs5 test(s)66 times
    Agility Champs!Agility showGood Spirit Kennels10 test(s)147 times
    Agility ClassicsAgility showStormy Weathers8 test(s)108 times
    Agility Comp. of Shining Stars KennelAgility showShining Stars0 test(s)2717 times
    AGility CompetitionAgility showK9 Day Camp5 test(s)437 times
    Agility Competition!!!!Agility showK-9 And Sarah Jane0 test(s)806 times
    agility contestAgility showdogzer club9 test(s)90 times
    agility contestAgility showkiki's agility club4 test(s)228 times
    Agility ContestAgility showDogs are Fun!!0 test(s)321 times
    Agility contestAgility showFun for Dogs5 test(s)2 times
    Agility contest for allAgility showDakota310's puppy and dog place10 test(s)10 times
    Agility Contest1Agility showCoco's0 test(s)1224 times
    Agility countsAgility showWe care for dogz10 test(s)10 times
    Agility Dog ContestAgility showDog Paradise Club4 test(s)1 times
    agility dogsAgility showstar dogs0 test(s)1556 times
    Agility dogsAgility showbe brilliant0 test(s)3 times
    Agility for allAgility showHappy days10 test(s)24 times