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    · Obedience  (688)
    · Agility  (1,009)
    · Canicross  (520)
    · Truffle search  (600)
    · Disc Dog  (439)
    · Greyhound  (390)
    · Sled race  (512)

    aGreyhoundDoctor Who?2 test(s)5 times
    aAgilitycool boys10 test(s)237 times
    a dog knowsObediencedog 28 test(s)55 times
    A Dog's ChanceCanicross-Gold Hearts-3 test(s)82 times
    A DOGZ LIFE AGILITYAgilityA DOGZ LIFE10 test(s)33 times
    A labs dreamObedienceSpark6 test(s)1 times
    A lightning bolt can't be stopped so easily...AgilityNever Forget the Dogs You Love3 test(s)2681 times
    A Spare ShowTruffle searchThe Spare Kennel3 test(s)555 times
    A Wolfs PullCanicrossPAW-sitively Divine3 test(s)60 times
    A-gilityAgilityBone Nibbles2 test(s)2955 times
    A.H. obedience showObedienceAshley's Puppy Love'n' Palace0 test(s)353 times
    A.H. disc competitionDisc DogAshley's Puppy Love'n' Palace0 test(s)102 times
    a.llGreyhounddogz are cool2 test(s)1 times
    A.SAgilityplay day10 test(s)36 times
    Absolute beautyGreyhoundThe meadow of the old mill2 test(s)70 times
    across the tundraSled racehealthy pets2 test(s)0 times
    Active poochAgilityPoochiworld5 test(s)1329 times
    AdozAgilityWestwood2 test(s)2530 times
    Afghan Hound or Whippet???GreyhoundWHIPPET WAREHOUSE2 test(s)0 times
    Afghans!GreyhoundDog drag2 test(s)0 times
    Agape AgilityAgilityAgape Kennels3 test(s)2957 times
    Agape CanicrossCanicrossAgape Kennels3 test(s)1582 times
    Agape Disc DogDisc DogAgape Kennels2 test(s)1510 times
    Agape GreyhoundGreyhoundAgape Kennels2 test(s)141 times
    Agape ObedienceObedienceAgape Kennels3 test(s)2504 times
    Agape Sled RaceSled raceAgape Kennels2 test(s)62 times
    Agape Truffle SearchTruffle searchAgape Kennels3 test(s)2889 times
    AgiAgilityGame-y heaven0 test(s)947 times
    AgileAgilityall welcome in!!!4 test(s)1977 times
    agileAgilityLET YOUR PAWS DOWN8 test(s)28 times
    Agile & FreeAgilityHome for Faithful Hounds0 test(s)1353 times
    Agile AcrobatsAgilityPuppy Pen7 test(s)27 times
    Agile agilty teamsAgilitymy kennel club10 test(s)8 times
    Agile AmazementAgilityPure Puppy Palace10 test(s)27 times
    Agile AngusAgilityZeus8 test(s)0 times
    Agile CaninesAgilityCanine Comfort2 test(s)18 times
    Agile Canines Agility ShowAgilityHappy Newfoundland Kennel Club2 test(s)9 times
    agile championAgilitylove animals0 test(s)1251 times
    agile dogsAgilityHoly Wolves6 test(s)1057 times
    Agile Dogs FunAgilityHaven of the Dogs0 test(s)1933 times
    agile enough?Agilityblahblah0 test(s)2094 times
    Agile K9sAgilityWenis Party Kennel Club10 test(s)315 times
    Agile LeaperAgilityHeavenly Earth3 test(s)159 times
    Agile little terriersAgilityThe Agile Thieves3 test(s)407 times
    Agile PawsAgilityPaws Paradise6 test(s)602 times
    Agile pupsAgilityAdogables2 test(s)401 times
    Agile-nessAgilityLa Mejor5 test(s)1638 times
    AgilePupsAgilityDogzDreamland5 test(s)225 times
    Agili jump!AgilityEternal Kennal club5 test(s)18 times
    Agilidad Spanish AgilityAgilityCasetas Para Perros Spanish Kennels10 test(s)16 times
    AgilitiyAgilityDogzo kennel club2 test(s)581 times
    AgilityAgilityHuskyAkitaMalamute0 test(s)1960 times
    AgilityAgilityJazmine kennels7 test(s)5 times
    agilityAgilitycincin's kennel0 test(s)129 times
    AgilityAgility.Cowgirl.'s2 test(s)2345 times
    AgilityAgilityDragon' s fire2 test(s)1246 times
    AgilityAgilitySirenis6 test(s)147 times
    AgilityAgilitySaintmaisy120 test(s)851 times
    AgilityAgilityLovely Pups5 test(s)173 times
    agilityAgilityThe Fluffy House0 test(s)74 times
    AgilityAgilityPuppies Paws4 test(s)322 times
    AgilityAgilityPoochie Moochies10 test(s)5 times
    AGILITYAgilityshadow's forest2 test(s)18 times
    AgilityAgilityDog__Lovers6 test(s)10 times
    AgilityAgilityDog's Choice Kennel Club3 test(s)349 times
    AgilityAgility~0 test(s)3 times
    AgilityAgilityStocken's Kennel Club2 test(s)60 times
    agility is my friendAgilitychamp dogs10 test(s)28 times
    agility 101AgilityDog Starz10 test(s)28 times
    Agility 101AgilityDogz101*0 test(s)269 times
    Agility 123AgilityWe love puppys!9 test(s)311 times
    Agility AbilityAgilityPrivate Paw0 test(s)1005 times
    Agility AbilityAgilityDreaming Dogzer pals5 test(s)749 times
    Agility AbilityAgilityCutest Canines10 test(s)25 times
    Agility AbilityAgilityThe 5star K9 Hotel10 test(s)2 times
    agility acersAgilityChrisstina's Collys10 test(s)8 times
    Agility AngelAgilityRaven's Nest9 test(s)36 times
    Agility AnimalsAgilityPAWS FOR PUPS1 test(s)375 times
    Agility BarkersAgilityBark Paradise0 test(s)131 times
    Agility BearsAgilityTeddy Bears4 test(s)73 times
    agility buddiesAgilitylittle buddies kennel club10 test(s)207 times
    Agility CaninesAgilityThe Aussie Dog Club4 test(s)38 times
    agility carnivalAgilityThe dog park1 test(s)716 times
    agility championsAgilitycuties and puppy's0 test(s)146 times
    Agility champions!AgilityPegasus kennel5 test(s)1 times
    Agility ChampsAgilityBright Dogs5 test(s)70 times
    Agility Champs!AgilityGood Spirit Kennels10 test(s)149 times
    Agility ClassicsAgilityStormy Weathers8 test(s)108 times
    Agility Comp. of Shining Stars KennelAgilityShining Stars0 test(s)3312 times
    AGility CompetitionAgilityK9 Day Camp5 test(s)441 times
    Agility Competition!!!!AgilityK-9 And Sarah Jane0 test(s)911 times
    agility contestAgilitydogzer club9 test(s)92 times
    agility contestAgilitykiki's agility club4 test(s)229 times
    Agility ContestAgilityPup Club. 0 test(s)430 times
    Agility contestAgilityFun for Dogs5 test(s)6 times
    Agility contest for allAgilityDakota310's puppy and dog place10 test(s)10 times
    Agility Contest1AgilityCoco's0 test(s)1333 times
    Agility countsAgilityWe care for dogz10 test(s)10 times
    Agility Dog ContestAgilityDog Paradise Club4 test(s)3 times
    Agility dog showAgilitySayawolfapprentice reserve0 test(s)14 times