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  • ClubFounderCreationDogs
    A ClubVideo374213/11/20120
    A Club for a Dogn_rock006214/06/20130
    A Desire to be Wild!ZoeNightShade02/02/20130
    A dog is for lifehana66256214/08/20120
    A Dog's Escapegracie101230/11/20130
    A Dog's ParadiseRandomme22/10/20120
    A Dog's Paradise 7TKiwi09/01/20130
    A Dog's WorldLilliput9112/05/20160
    A dogs chance10230119/06/20120
    A Dogs delightAngeilca31/03/20130
    A Dogs Great Homeriley102903/11/20120
    A Dogs HeavenHaley1232713/07/20130
    A Dogs LegacyPonyBrony66429/10/20130
    A dogs life!warby28/09/20140
    A Dogs Paradisecait71720/01/20140
    a dogs pridedubeltree16/07/20130
    A Dogs' ParadiseHorseLover92629/07/20140
    a dogz dream housebrownie59725/07/20140
    A dream come trueWencia20/03/20130
    A happy home for a happy dogfresianluver12318/05/20160
    A Home Away From HomeErInM01/08/20120
    A magical placetrinityjj06/12/20140
    A Night In ParisIzziTheAwesome12/08/20120
    A randomz placeSkie99931/10/20120
    A Wandering PlaceLostOne01/08/20130
    aaah1111 dog careduchess123410/11/20120
    Abandoned dog carepaw76031/07/20120
    Abby's Puppy Penanimals4021/05/20130
    AD's Dog Grooming SalonAwesomeDude17/11/20120
    add a dog clublmarsh18_us20/08/20120
    Adolphus KennelsAdolphus27/10/20130
    Adoptions 'r usTruelove512/06/20140
    Adventure Timebookworm997718/02/20160
    Africa's Hills FarmBikendi19/05/20150
    Agape Kennelsagapegrace21/10/201325
    Agility ChampsHanoverianlover16/04/20130
    AGILITY DOG HEAVENwolfdog338512/05/20130
    Agility LoverDreamer1322/07/20120
    akc clubcollie2423/02/20130
    akc kennel clubbbabyblonde199725/11/20120
    Alaskan Kennel Clubmary.200001/06/20150
    alcina kennelGiannaRoo2722/01/20170
    Alder SenseZPuppyLover23/12/20150
    alexis1121's club!alexis112108/11/20150
    Alfie clubAlfiedodah723/07/20120
    alice and islas clubmilly48814/11/20120
    alicia's dogzalicialab303/09/20120
    Alio's heaven for Dogs!Alio824/04/20130
    all about dogs dogs dogsgriffwilder318/01/20130
    All alowedrhocky03/11/20130
    All Breeds Openrobinsin03/03/20140
    All Breeds WelcomeAustralianShepherd101225/04/20130
    All dog hangoutAbbey200911/08/20120
    all dogs acceptedjmack127814/10/20120
    All Dogs Across Americabubbles37335914/11/20120
    All dogs all breedstaz.l23/07/20120
    All dogs allowed !!!!!!Sam-Coe20/01/20130
    All dogs allowed!!!dogsrock903/09/20120
    all dogs are aloundbella4ever25/11/20120
    All dogs are awesomeemcana18/11/20130
    all dogs are cuteDEWDROPS29/10/20120
    All Dogs are Welcomeemily121221/02/20130
    All Dogs Are Welcome KCMES103114/06/20130
    all dogs comewarhorse30329/08/20120
    All Dogs Delightstilly5826/11/20120
    All Dogs Go To Heavenmadisonz8715/06/20160
    All Dogs Go To Heaven 101sophiah-faith-gustavson-...29/10/20120
    All dogs have a homebrittany1124026/01/20160
    All Dogs Kennel Clubhuskylover22244416/06/20130
    All Dogs Kennel!juicebar5432109/12/20120
    All dogs Kennel! Welcomegermanshepherd4426/11/20130
    All Dogs Kingdom_myhorselife_07/11/20140
    All dogs loveChinaBritainAwesome08/10/20120
    All dogs matterAngel4ever02/11/20120
    all dogs need loving homesrspcarescue20/02/20160
    All dogs rocKeva400731/08/20120
    All Dogs RulePandasrule201/02/20130
    all dogs wecomejustinbieber1234516/05/20130
    all dogs welcomepurple622/01/20130
    all dogs welcome 4everpippy915/08/20120
    All Dogzcutiepuppy122312/08/20130
    All Dogz Go To HeavenCasyRay19/09/20120
    All Dogz R Welcomesayliee07/04/20130
    all dogz welcomeprincesskayla310/11/20140
    all dogzer go to heavencam7118913/09/20150
    All for DogsCzia012011/10/20130
    All For One, And One For AllDotaLot01/06/20130
    all K9's welcome!!pitbull58347911/08/20120
    All Paws Big and Smallaussieluver25/12/20120
    all puppiesgloryjean12309/08/20120
    All Puppy loversHlt915125/07/20120
    all puppys and dogsfarmergirlc16/07/20130
    all pups and dogs are royality hereprincesspenny207/11/20150