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Welcome To My Breeder Page

As you can see you've stumbled upon my breeder page. Instead of wasting time talking about myself I'm going to jump right into how I operate on this game and everything that you'll need to know regarding my dogs, breeding, sales, etc. If you have a question, comment, or concern than please feel free to send me a private message but be sure to read through my entire page first before messaging me; you might find the answer to your question here and it'll save both of us time.


Non-Dog Related Notes:

I do not role play on this site, I never have and never will. Please refrain from sending me invitations to group role plays of any kind because I am not interested. You're wasting both of our time with sending them. I do not appreciate winks either, they take up space in my inbox and are absolutely useless, if you want to talk than message me but don't spam me with winks.



At the moment I'm focusing my time on Dachshunds. I'm not interested in becoming breeding partners with anyone as I train and breed based on dogz and hourglasses, which I sometimes run out of. If you want to use my dog for a covering that isn't already listed than please message me and ask, don't just send random breeding offers.



I'm incredibly picky when it comes to purchasing dogs at the moment due to how many dogs I have to care for. I am only interested in Dachshunds ( with a capacity of 370+ ), Chihuahuas ( with a capacity of 355+), and Scottish Terriers ( with a capacity of 355+). I will not ever purchase a dog that has been fixed nor will I ever purchase a non-LOD dog, don't even bother asking me to buy them.



Chances are if a dog isn't listed in the sales than it isn't for sale. You may ask me about a certain dog if you're curious but please understand that I reserve the right to say no if I don't want to sell it. I sometimes post dogs that I am training to sell or dogs I'd consider selling on my wall so if you check there than chances are you'll find the dogs I'm willing to sell that aren't already listed.



Unless it's stated, prices are not negotiable. Do not ask me to change my prices on dogs, I decide their prices based on gender, breed, capacity, level, and hereditary strength. If you ask me to lower the price of a dog that isn't exclusively labeled with "price is negotiable" I'll delete your message/post without a reply. I'll change the prices as I see fit on my own time.


Ending Thoughts:

I think that's all I have to say for now, I did my best to keep things short and sweet so you wouldn't have much to read. As a parting note I would like to say that any and all votes to myself or to my dogs are greatly appreciated, and I will return the favor and vote for you/your dogs. Thank you for reading, hopefully I'll have this looking a lot nicer soon but for now this is it~


Updated July 20th, 2017 

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Brittany adult - coat 35
Basset Hound adult - coat 60
Scottish Terrier puppy - coat 2
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 Juggalette212 - 8 months ago
 Juggalette212 - 8 months ago
Juggalette212 publishes an offer to purchase *Xenon* at a fixed price.   Comment
 Hushie - 9 months ago
Juggalette212 acquires Cherokee from Hushie.   Comment
 countrylovingirl - 9 months ago
 Juggalette212 - 10 months ago
If everyone could take a moment to visit my group "Paws and Claws Animal Shop" I would greatly appreciate it! It's holds everything you need to know about dogs that will be for sale and will keep you up to date on any special events I'll be hosting. If you would like to join than feel free to send a request, I believe it's set to accept new members automatically so all are welcome. Thank you guys so much for your time!   Comment
 Juggalette212 - 10 months ago
 Juggalette212 - 10 months ago
Juggalette212 publishes an offer to purchase Aurora at a fixed price.   Comment
 Juggalette212 - 10 months ago
Newest Addition: Tundra, a female Samoyed with a capacity of 364.72. She is my first Samoyed and I'm so excited to see train her, so far she's doing excellent in shows. When I train her to 80% Hereditary Strength I'll be searching for a high capacity stud to breed her with. He must be purebred and have a similar HS. If you have one that you'd like to breed than message me with your price!   Comment