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ChanelSea - Dogzer dog breeder

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United Kingdom
Overall Ranking: 38th
Reputation points: 339
Certificates: 10/10
Job: Cobbler. Unemployed
Founder of the Chanel's Kennel kennel club
Dogz': Array
Landscape of Athena

If  you send me a friend request and we are quite friendly/talk a lot and I haven't accepted it,let me know, I have about 150 unanswered ones and it will take me too long to go through them  and work out who I'm friends with and who I'm not:)


Thanks soo much to milky789 for this adorable pic.

PitaPata - (0LSR)
PitaPata - (EwxM)
About me
My name is ChanelSea but feel free to call me Chanel, Sea or CS whatever suits you best. I'm between the ages of 14-20 and log on dogzer most days. I am also a moderator on oceanzer, tropicstory, singzer, birdrama, farmzer and lionzer so if you have any q's about them let me know:)
1. Winks are allowed, but only once per day
2. Don't ask any personal information
3. Feel free to chat with me wherever about anything
4. Don't ask to buy my dogs, but if you do particularly want one, name a reasonable price
5. If I say no, it means no
Friend Requests
Currently not accepting random ones, only friends I talk to are on my list so I am slowly removing people. I don't have a friends list on my page purely because I don't want to offend anyone. As it says on the top of the page I do have 150 friend requests unanswered so if you do feel we're quite friendly and I haven't accepted it let me know and I'll sort it out :)
Feel free to ask to buy my dogs and name your price-it must be reasonable though for the dog.
I will buy your dogs if it is a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Siberian Husky or any dog for 100-200dogz.
Dogs NEVER for sale: Any dog with a lot of bonuses, Toffee, Flake, SH or CW's(unless you've requested me to breed and sell one to you)

Want to own another group?
Do you want to be in control of a group but need a group to do so?
I am now going to start 'renting' out groups.
Basically I will make you manager of a group and you get to choose and control exactly what goes over it.
I will do nothing to it at all.
I am doing this for free as currently I'm not using any of my groups, so let me know if interested :)
The group will only be removed outwith your control if it becomes something inappropriate/doesn't follow dogzer rules or if you haven't been active using it/you yourself have been active for more than 6 months without prior notice(it will only be removed though if someone else is asking if there is a free group)
Next group that wishes to be 'rented' will cost you 500 dogz(sorry, I'd have to create a new group though so am doing half the cost of the group in terms of its dogz)

Advertisement:(I advertise for free on my page)
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Siberian Husky adult - coat 899
Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppy - coat 2
Groenendael Belgian Shepherd puppy - coat 51
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog adult - coat 1340000196
Siberian Husky adult - coat 39
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 dogsonthego - 3 days ago
dogsonthego votes for ChanelSea.   Comment
 ChanelSea - 4 months ago
ChanelSea celebrates 1000 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 ChanelSea - 7 months ago
ChanelSea celebrates 900 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 ChanelSea - 11 months ago
Please vote for ***A Friendship Lost*** or visit her :) Would appreciate it so much :)   Comment
 ChanelSea - 11 months ago
Looking to buy any dogs for 100 dogz   Comment
 ChanelSea - , , , 21 h 51 min ago:
Also looking to buy Siberian Huskies(You name the price)  Comment
 ChanelSea - , , , 21 h 51 min ago:
And looking for Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs (again you name the price)  Comment
 ChanelSea - 11 months ago
ChanelSea celebrates 800 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 Cheekycena - 11 months ago
I have changed my training prices to 900 for dogs which eat 450+ kibbles a day when adult but as we have negotiated it already you can just get Czech trained for 800 :)   Comment
 ChanelSea - , , , 20 h 6 min ago:
Ok, thank you very much :)  Comment
 ChanelSea - , , , 20 h 6 min ago:
will send tomorrow  Comment
 Cheekycena - , , , 17 h 10 min ago:
ok  Comment
 ChanelSea - , , , 12 h 20 min ago:
any update?  Comment
 ChanelSea - 2 years ago
ChanelSea celebrates 700 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 ChanelSea - 2 years 6 months ago
ChanelSea celebrates 600 presence days: congratulations!   Comment