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United States
Overall Ranking: 117th (-2)
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Certificates: 4/10
Dog-handler in the House of Hobbits, NZ club doesn't have a kennel club

          About Me:


Hello there, I see you've stubbled upon my breeder's page. No worries, I'm quite glad you did, because now I can tell you all about me, and what I do on Dogzer. Now, first I'll tell you all about me. I'm, but you can all call me Vitani. I'm 20 years old, and as you all must know, I'm a female. I happen to live in the state of Tennessee. Next, on what I look like, I have long blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a face full of freckles. People outside of Dogzer call me Annie, you all can call me Annie, instead of Vitani, if you wish to. I love all kinds of animals, but most fond of Wolves, and German Shepherds. My favorite color is red. I enjoy listening to music, usually country and nightcore. I happen to love drawing and reading very much, and love playing Pokemon Go, which I play every single day.


            Game Introduction:


So, you've reached my game introduction. Great. Now, this is going to be extremely short, but i breed Chihuahua's, all are purebred. I will not breed non-lod breeds, I prefer all my Chihuahua's to be lod. I breed, and train up my Chihuahua's, high enough to get the best results, I try a whole bunch of different training methods, I do not stick to one training method. Aside note, I do play, with the same username, which happens to be my main game.






I see, you've gotten this far, don't worry, I'll make it worth your stay. My rules are quite simple. Read below for my rules. Enjoy!


1.) No asking for Dogz or Premz.

2.) No asking to breed with my male Chihuahua's.

4.) No asking to buy any of my dogs, if I want to sell a dog, they'd be at flat price, or auction.

5.) I accept all friend request, I'll even send you one, if your active. If you vote for me, I'll vote for you, or if I vote for you, and you haven't voted for me, I'd love for you to vote for me back. If you vote for my dogs, I'll vote for your dogs. Feel free to send winks, I've got my wink notification turned off, so I will not know if you clicked that wink button.

6.) That's all my rules, you can follow by, if you can't follow them, then don't read my rules, but of course you've read them, because your reading this. Anywho, have a wonderful day, and have fun playing Dogzer.


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