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Why hello there? I see, you've came to stalk my breeders page@_@ No, don't leave, I'm quite glad you did! I'm, what's your name? Oooh I love your name*_* Hmmmmmm, you can call me Vitani, if you like? Now, as you must know, I'm a female, yes a female, and who happens to be 20 years old! I was born in October, yes indeed, my birthday is coming up, rather quickly. I live in the state of Tennessee, which is quite nice here to be exact. My one and only favorite color is red!!!! As for red being my favorite color, my hair happens to be red O.o nah not natural, I was born with blonde, tehehehehe XD Ahhhhhh my favorite hobbies, darn, forgot to mention, I love drawing, reading, swimming, walking my dogs, and playing DOGZER!!!!!!! Okies I'm done!


Okies now on this game I play! I have no idea where to start!!!!!! What to do, what to do......ah I know, hehehe, I breed purebred Irish Terriers, with the one and only Sakuratale......Lord I hope I spelled that right0_0 I use to breed purebred Chihuahuas, with myself, but ended up dropping the breeds off at the market. I'm only focused on Irish Terriers for now and forever! Jeez, came out cold!!!!!! Nah I'm just sarcastic xD


I accept ALL friend request, so do send them my way............heyyyyyy vote for meh, jeez, I don't get a vote......well then+_+     *send meh a wink or two! I'll send two back* 



I have literally no rules!!!!!!!! *Party at Vitani's* wooooooow you really thought there were no rules? Now come on, everyone has got to have rules! *Coughs* no no no no asking for anything XD unless your my breeding partner, or a very close friend of mine........wanna be close friends, shoot meh a message, and get to know meh ^_^


Where can ya find me on......DOGZER.US!!!!!! Aka under same username......FYI, I been playing over there since I don't know, so I'ma say I have over 600+ days, boom!!!! Don't be fooled, I've played .net for over 500+ days, I just happened to have restarted meh account, pfft don't judge meh Sneasel @_@ *Sarcasm*


Bye for now! Peace! Will happily make this a lot neater, once I get meh new laptop.

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Send - 20 days ago
Only for Vitani's training services-Post below your username, then next to it put - then the dog(s) or puppies name, and the age of the dog(s), puppies ages are fine! Thank you^_^   Comment
  Candiegirl - 23 days ago
Hi I was wondering if you could train a few dogs for me I just don't have the time or hourglasses name your price for 75-80hs   Comment - , , , 12 h and 45 min ago:
I only charge 500 dogz to train a dog to 80 HS, how many dogs do you have in mind that need to be trained?  Comment
  Candiegirl - , , , 12 h and 49 min ago:
4 right now  Comment - , , , 12 h and 54 min ago:
Alright, you may send them over-thatd be 2000 you'd be spending-are you willing to spend a total of 2000 dogz?  Comment
  Candiegirl - , , , 12 h and 56 min ago:
Yes I am their the ones already in sells I was going to have someone else do them but they didn't know much about what they were doing  Comment - , , , 12 h and 59 min ago:
Ah, I understand-ill go and purchase them now-you will have them back after 15 days-lets hope shows run as scheduled, we gotta have them shows ran. Lol. You won't be disappointed:)  Comment
  Candiegirl - , , , 12 h and 59 min ago:
Ok and I can enter shows to help just let me Know what kind  Comment - , , , 13 h and 5 min ago:
I would prefer category B shows, disk, agility, obedience, sense of smell and canicross-thanks for choosing Vitani's training services, tell all your friends.  Comment
  Candiegirl - , , , 13 h and 12 min ago:
Ok I will  Comment - , , , 21 h and 5 min ago:
I've finished one dog, moving on to the next one-when I'm finished training them, I'll private send them to you for 30 days, it's already been 3 days, so 12 days to go.  Comment
  Candiegirl - , , , 23 h and 57 min ago:
Ok can you sell candiegirl to Zaboum after you finish her  Comment - , , , 23 h and 58 min ago:
Of course:) She happens to be next for her training, lol:)  Comment
  Candiegirl - , , and 4 min ago:
Ok thank you  Comment - , , and 8 min ago:
Your welcome^^  Comment - , , , 14 h and 44 min ago:
Candiegirl is at 80 HS, sending to Zaboum as requested. 2 more left to train for you.  Comment
  Candiegirl - , , , 22 h and 37 min ago:
Ok i’m trying to finish Freedom and Jason up i just checked my pms xD  Comment