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Dog-handler in the House of Hobbits, NZ club doesn't have a kennel club

                                         :star:Welcome to Vitani's Breeders page:star:




:star:About Meh:star:

Hiya gals and guys, I'm known as, but you can call me Vitani, I don't mind. I'm a 20 year old girl, who recently moved to Tennessee. Now I'm not just your ordinary gal here, I'm a true tomboy, right from the heart. I do have lots of pets, whom are my children, they happen to be my pride and joy. Now, I love the outdoors, I love playing Pokemon Go, which I recently installed again on 04-09-2017. Things I love, are hiking, drawing, reading, watching Netflix, playing video games, and hanging with my pets. My favorite color is red. My favorite animal happens to be the wolves. Now, I am a blonde, so please don't be surprised if I literally have no idea what your saying, it's a blonde thing, don't take it personal.


:star:About Meh Game:star:

I'm focused on breeding purebred chihuahuas, all will have 80+ HS, to get the best results. I will not try for stars, I'm just going to breed them for fun. if I reach the stars, I can't guarantee that I won't take the stars, from the original star holder. 




:star:Please no asking for a breeding from my male chihuahuas, If you do, get prepared for a no.

:star:Please no asking for dogz or premz, unless your Pinkey280, then you may do as you please.

:star:You can send a friend request, I don't mind them, I might even send you one.

:star:You can send winks, but you'd only waste your time, my wink notifications is turned off, but feel free to send them.

:star:If you vote for me, I return the favor by voting for you, same goes with voting for my dogs, I'll return the favor by voting for your dogs.

:star:If you respect me, I'll respect you, end of story.

:star:If you don't see me online, I'm most likely on, under the same username.

:star:That's all about meh, so have a nice, I mean, a very nice day.

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Labrador Retriever Adult - coat 54
Chihuahua Adult - coat 1340000475
Chihuahua Adult - coat 35
Chihuahua Adult - coat 1340000477
Chihuahua Adult - coat 60
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