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United Kingdom
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Job: Professional breeder. Unemployed
Founder of the Bhut Jolokia Kennel kennel club
"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, women created for men". ~Alice Walked
I'm a 18 year old female who lives in Cornwall, Uk. I adore animals, especially dogs and snakes, but i love them all in general. I am vegetarian and against all animal abuse, neglect, slaughter and any other cruelties out there.
I do own a few pets of my own, but not all of them are 100% mine. The animals who are actually mine are my tabby Siamese cross Maui, my two snakes Joker and Delta and my Jack Russell cross Bingo.  I am on Deviantart and i am active, spending most of my internet time there.
I do enjoy talking and roleplaying, though i do not roleplay humans. If you want to chat or roleplay with me, just send me a message!  :)
Please do not take anything of my page without asking first. Some of this was created and taken by me, others i had to ask permission to use myself. Will report

My game:

I am rather new to this game, and i will not be very active here for a while. I am good friends with Spartanhorse, who you may know, but planned to join before he chose to leave. As said above i do enjoy a good roleplay and will happily roleplay with you if you just ask, but please do not get upset if i say no. I just may not be able to roleplay at that specific time or just plainly don't feel like it. After all, everyone has those 'down days'.
My game here will mostly evolve around the Whippet breed, though more dogs will later be introduced. I will only take in LOD dogs and will work on breeding puppies with a reasonably good cap. I will breed them and sell them on and would like to be recognized as a Whippet breeder on here, even if it is a long shot. I would also like to focus on American Pit Bulls and African Wild Dogs but currently have no premz to do so.

Me in life:
I have always had a fascination with reptiles, specifically snakes. Probably due to the fact that my Dad used to keep Pythons and other types of snakes as pets and i may have gotten that from him.
I am currently at college doing a course in Animal Care to help with what i want to do with my future. I have thought about a variety of careers i would like to try my luck at but most of them have been thrown away. I now, and definitely want to, work with reptiles. I amaiming to becoming a snake breeder of a variety of species and would one day love to move to Australia. I'd also love to open my own exotic pet shop one day, being able to sell the snakes that have been bred by me.
One thing you all need to know, is that i am obsessed with the Jurassic Park franchise and dinosaurs overall. 
From a brilliant friend and amazing roleplayer!

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Norwegian Lundehund Puppy - coat 2
Jackal Puppy - coat 1340000435
Miniature Pinscher Puppy - coat 84
Cocker Spaniel Adult - coat 1241
Whippet Puppy - coat 5
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 Only friends of BlizzardHaze can post here.
 Ishabella2 - 2 days ago
Hello! Quick question: I noticed you do dinosaur Roleplays (Or at least some of them are) and I was wondering if it would be okay if I did one (specifically raptor). Just wanted to know if it would be alright, I don't want to copy your groups or anything like that! =)   Comment
 BlizzardHaze - 2 days ago:
That's fine, as long as it's not the same sort of plot and characters, i have one or two (think it's one lol) raptor roleplays, think that's all about the extinction and a pack trying to survive among it all.. Think that is my only one xD Just don't copy any plots, or roleplay name or characters and i'm fine with that :)  Comment
 Ishabella2 - 1 day ago:
Don't worry I won't. Thank you. :) Also, it is kind of hard to keep track of roleplays isn't it? xD  Comment
 BlizzardHaze - 1 day ago:
No problem, nice to find someone else who finds Dinosaurs interesting, to be honest. It really is, have to many xD  Comment
 Ishabella2 - 1 day ago:
Dinosaurs are cool, and very beautiful in my opinion! But it is fun to have them, because role-playing is probably better than sitting around doing nothing :)  Comment
 BlizzardHaze - 1 day ago:
They really are, i've not roleplayed in a while, everyone has sort of stopped replying or disappeared xD I want to look into doing a realistic Velociraptor roleplay.  Comment
 Ishabella2 - 1 day ago:
Alot of people have usually been way too busy to roleplay when they come on. What do you mean by realistic?  Comment
 BlizzardHaze - 12 hours ago:
Yeah, i understand that completely lol. Small, feathered etc. generally the real version of Velociraptors, not the Jurassic Park ones.  Comment
 BlizzardHaze - 5 months ago
I do NOT enter any of my dogs into shows. Don't bother asking, as you will only be wasting your time.   Comment
 BlizzardHaze - 1 year ago
Please DON'T take anything off of my page without asking me first. Some of it was created by me or i asked permission to use it on this website   Comment