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spibbly - Dogzer dog breeder

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United Kingdom
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Vet in the House of Hobbits, NZ club
Founder of the Destiny kennel club

About Meh


Hi! My username is spibbly. I am between the ages of 10 and 14. I have 3 sisters, 2 dogs, 3 rabbits, 1 hamster and a frog. My oldest dog is called Max. He is a borador (border collie x labrador). He is very loyal and obedient. Max is 3 years old and his birthday is sometime in June. I also own a puppy named Brodi who is 8 months old. He is staffy x ridgeback. His birthday is in August. My bunnies are called Taz, Benji and Jasper. They are all brothers of the same litter after my baby boy passed on. He was called Jax. He was a cinnamon colouring and lived for 7 years. R.I.P little guy! My little frog was the inly survivor of the pond outside. I did originally have 3 dogs but my beautiful little senior is up watching aged 16. He was born on the farm i used to live on. His mum was springer x collie and his dad a jack russell. 


I love the colour purple and aqua.

I looove disney (one of my many weaknesses)


Lion King 1, 1+ 1/2, 2

Lady and the tramp

Are my favourites


Dreamworks - i love the following films!

 on DVD

in cinema twice and i love it

in cinema 3D


So as some of you may know, i am obssesed with corgi crossbreeds!

 german shepherd

 golden retriever 

Dachshunds are adorable too!

and a brindle corgi!




Rules on my wall


~NO swearing

~all Dreamzer rules apply

~please respect me and my friends

~do NOT steal anything from my page or i WILL report you


Funny stuff!! :P


 i am obssessed with Grumpy Cat he symbolises life

other funny stuff






~Obtain a bloodhound

~Get 50 friends

~Get 30 dogs

~Train Precious to 100% HS

~Win dog shows with Precious

~Give Precious Eternity Ruby

~Get golden paw for corgi breeding




~Got a corgi! Visit Precious Here!

~Get 10 dogs

~20 friends

~100 presence days

~Got a Groenendael Belgian shepherd female! Visit Lucky Here!


 ya pineapples!!!! i have obsessions with pineapplez, okapiz and corgiz!




I plan to start breeding:


 breeding partner: looking

Collies. Breeding partner: looking

Samoyeds. Breeding partner: looking

Clumber spaniels. Breeding partner: looking



To reserve a collie: (LOD)


Female ~ 550 dogz' + (depending on age)

male ~500 dogz' + (depending on age)


To reserve a samoyed:


Female ~ 600 dogz + (depending on age)

male ~ 550 dogz' + (depending on age)




Please join my group, 'unafraid to dream ~fantasy wolf RP~. Click Here!


So i play a variety of other games, like chicken smoothie! In chicken smoothie you can adopt pets and trade them when they age. There are lots of different things to do, however i cannot give you the link because of the rules. 





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 Loading..... - 14 hours ago
Loading..... votes for spibbly.   Comment
 yorkylover2 - 3 days ago
yorkylover2 votes for spibbly.   Comment
 wells123 - 5 days ago
wells123 votes for spibbly.   Comment - 5 days ago
spibbly acquires Blossom from   Comment
 minecraftfozy - 6 days ago
HI, how arem you   Comment
 spibbly - 6 days ago:
I am surprisingly fine :P, how are you doing?  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 6 days ago:
Good just playing call of duty with my brother (wolfdogbite)  Comment
 spibbly - 6 days ago:
Oh that sounds fun :P my sister wouldn't do stuff like that she has a low attention span  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 6 days ago:
me and my one of my brothers (wolfdogbite) play vieo games alot well beside dogzer :3  Comment
 spibbly - 5 days ago:
Lucky :) i don't have a brother but i've always wanted 1  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 5 days ago:
XD i hang around boys alot  Comment
 spibbly - 5 days ago:
Ya my best freind is male, but my mum says he can't come over :'( so he is the closest thing to a brother i have  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 5 days ago:
I only have friends that are guys :D its crazy its how i was ever since 1grade i always am use to being around male more than girls, probly for me there easy to talk to then girls  Comment
 spibbly - 5 days ago:
Yeh my friend just doesn't listen which is amazing :D because most of the time i rant to him about stuff he wouldn't understand. I was sooo frustrated :( when my bestest friend of all time went to another school :,(  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 5 days ago:
I know how you feel. But i talk to all my friends online  Comment
 spibbly - 5 days ago:
Yes so do i normally, but i have no way of contacting him :'(  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 5 days ago:
Cause i only have good friends online games. I feel bad for you :,(  Comment
 spibbly - 5 days ago:
It's alright. I have good friends online too  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 5 days ago:
hey i asked my friends and they don't mind if i post picktures of them soooo get ready  Comment
 spibbly - 5 days ago:
Ok :D  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 5 days ago:
Danget i will do it as soon as i get home can't do it know XD  Comment
 spibbly - 5 days ago:
Ok XD how do you shrink images anyway? When i put an image up it is hufe and i have no idea how to shrink it :(  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 5 days ago:
there should be 4 squares on each side and to make it big pull it out and to make it small pull it in  Comment
 spibbly - 5 days ago:
Oh ok thx!!! :D  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 5 days ago:
Np spib ;)  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 5 days ago:
I have a pick of some of my friends on my page now, i have acrush on Tyler but did not put that since he looks at my page *__*  Comment
 spibbly - 5 days ago:
Oh right don't let him see mine then XD  Comment
 minecraftfozy - 4 days ago:
I wont :P i will take more picktures of my other friends tomarrow ok  Comment - 6 days ago votes for spibbly.   Comment
 Troicstory2000 - 6 days ago
The The Eight Path's That Travel. [Sled Dog RP] group welcomes a new member: spibbly   Comment
 wolfdogbite - 6 days ago
wolfdogbite votes for spibbly.   Comment
 MoonSkys122 - 6 days ago
hello!   Comment
 spibbly - 6 days ago:
Hi there!  Comment