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About me

 I'm Claudia, nice to meet you. I'm an Italian teenager (so forgive my English mistakes please).
I (obviously) love animals, especially dogs. I own a dog in real life, she's a lovely mutt named after the Led Zeppelin guitarist, Page. I also have three cats, Scilla, Whisky and Smeagol (yup, like that Smeagol- my preciouss!). 
Besides animals, my other big passions are books, music and tv series.

I don't mind chatting, so feel free to write me!
I'm sorry, but I don't roleplay.




About my game

Here on Dogzer I'm trying to breed only purebred dogs.
I mainly breed American Staffordshire Terriers and Miniature Pinschers, but I'm working on different other breeds too. 

Usually I don't sell trained adults (50+HS), if some of them is for sale, then it will be listed in the sales. 
If you're looking for a pup or a male to breed with, or if you just need help with  something, feel free to contact me!




Need a dog trained? Contact me! My prices are the following:

~50HS: 600 dogz

~80HS: 1200 dogz  (or 1 premz)

You'll have to add to them the price I paid to buy the dog.

Orders with premz will have priority!


Currently not running!



Currently looking for:

~Female Border Collie (at least 2 available breedings)

~Female Tibetan Mastiff pup





Aw, thank you so much sakuratale! Just too cute :3



Thanks for reading!


-I do not own any of the images above. All credits go to the respective owners.-

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American Staffordshire Terrier adult - coat 1340000151
American Staffordshire Terrier adult - coat 1340000018
Miniature Pinscher adult - coat 84
American Staffordshire Terrier adult - coat 51
Miniature Pinscher adult - coat 1340000024
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 Shakespeare1 - 2 days ago
Shakespeare1 votes for  Palai.   Comment
  sakuratale - 2 days ago
for some odd reasone greys aatomy stopes at episode 12 and have no new episode maybe i will watch the anime you lie in april   Comment
  Palai - , , , 21 h and 17 min ago:
That will do- just remember to never stop watching series (or anime) *-*  Comment
  sakuratale - , , , 19 h and 58 min ago:
Never anime is my life i am a proud otaku we have a convantion soon yayyyyy  Comment
  Palai - , , , 22 h and 10 min ago:
Wooow, get me some souvenir lol *-* Next one here will be in April but it's more something about anime, comics, films and all stuff like that  Comment
  sakuratale - 3 days ago
Hey m good friend have been missing you :)   Comment
  Palai - , , , 21 h and 17 min ago:
Hey^^ How are you (and your kitten) doing?  Comment
  Palai - , , , 21 h and 19 min ago:
Also I so love that image, you're so kind :3 And you're really good at making them *-*  Comment
  sakuratale - , , , 12 h and 28 min ago:
awww thnka i am tired and my kittytry to steal my choco she eating the stra3 lol still a bit sick ut much better how about you?  Comment
  Palai - , , , 17 h and 28 min ago:
Tired too, but tomorrow it's friday so yayy! I'm so happy you're finally recovering a bit (I'm sure having a kitty by your side will help you recovering faster ehehe) ^-^  Comment
  sakuratale - , , , 19 h and 8 min ago:
she makes me more tired and broke everythig but she become best friend of my other cat luns she still sceard of sora my dog she keep me awake but she makes me happy she and my cat go to thier bathroom together lol now i wanna watch reys anatomy but forgot where i stopes  Comment
  Palai - , , , 21 h and 14 min ago:
Yea taking care of a cat can be a full time job lol. Aaw, I've got three cats but they hate each other and only one of them gets along with my dog .-. Oh wow, I love grey's anatomy (even though I'm only at the 3rd season) O.o That's awful when it happens .-.  Comment