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United Kingdom
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Job: President of a breed club. Unemployed
Founder of the Love them all kennel club
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Pet's name: Samson
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I NO LONGER accept random friend requests!! so don't send me random friend requests please... or they will be ignored!

About me:

my name is Samantha i am a 16 year old girl and live in Sunderland, England.. i am a part time carer for my mum as she is disabled and i volunteer at scope every saturday 9am til 12noon. i am a big fan of the Skulduggery Pleasant (SDP) book series and my fav charecter is valkyrie cain (is pictured bellow) i also play myfreezoo, animaljam, Chicken smoothie and neopets under the same user name so if you play any of these games ad me as a friend :) i love mythical Beasts especialy dragons and i am a huge fan of anime, my fav anime tv series is pokemon and fav anime film is spirited away. I will be attending sunny con, for the second time next year, which is a festival/ convention to celebrate anime and Japanese culture it is going to be held in seburn hotel on the 23rd and 24th of march 2013 and it is held for anime fans aged 12+. i will post images of the convention after i have atended, i went last year and met veronica taylor who voices ash in pokemon and i now have her signature :). in the sdp series of books it says we all have 3 name our given name (the one are parents gave us) ,chosen name (the one we choose our self) and the name were born with a name (the name no one  but the book of names knows and is the way to harness true power). so my given name is Samantha, my chosen name is samling and i dont know my born with name as i havent found the book of names yet lol.


My game:

 I breed mini pins, leonbergers and Alaskan Malamutes. if one of my dogs is not up for sale then don't ask to buy it because the answer will be no also unless i ask for one of your dogs I dont want it so don't try and sell me it and unless i ask for a private breeding offer from one of your dogs don't put one up for me.  I rescue dogs from the sanctuary every 15 days the raise them up to full heath then sell them on unless it is a breed i am breeding then i keep it.                                                                                        


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Miniature Pinscher Puppy - coat 17
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 LabradorIce - 20 days ago
LabradorIce votes for Diefen baker, samling's Dog   Comment
 Sydlovesdogs. - 11 months ago
Sydlovesdogs. votes for samling.   Comment
 freegirl02 - 1 year ago
freegirl02 votes for samling.   Comment
 Crazywithhusky - 1 year ago
 WolfWarriorCatz - 1 year ago
  polly1996123 - 1 year ago
 polly1996123 votes for samling.   Comment
 ownerofdolly - 1 year ago
ownerofdolly votes for samling.   Comment
 spartanhorse - 1 year ago
Would you sell jade? I will pay as high a price as i can   Comment
 Stranger - 1 year ago
would you ever sell Jade? What price if you are?   Comment
 Kai1 - 1 year ago
Would you ever sell Abby, Arthur, Shaz, Charlie or Molly? Please reply soon. And if so, what price are you thinking? Thank You.   Comment
 samling - 1 year ago:
no my mini pins of a high cap arnt for sale and if you read my wall you would see a few moths ago i said no to someone else  Comment
 Stranger - 1 year ago
Stranger votes for samling.   Comment
 ChanelSea - 1 year ago
ChanelSea votes for samling.   Comment
 Cindy_765 - 1 year ago
Cindy_765 votes for samling.   Comment
 Ragester - 1 year ago
Ragester votes for samling.   Comment
 IPhone1221 - 1 year ago
Could I please buy your Minis Arthur and Abbey ?   Comment
 samling - 1 year ago:
no the are my best  Comment
 IPhone1221 - 1 year ago:
Oh, apologises.  Comment
 millymonkfish10 - 1 year ago
oh hai, your back on again! :)   Comment
 Hedly-Hetalia - 1 year ago
The new Skulduggery book (Tanith Low in the Maleficent Seven) is amazing O.O   Comment
 samling - 1 year ago:
im getting it in a few weeks!  Comment
 TKiwi - 1 year ago
Hello Samling my friend! We miss you!   Comment
 samling - 1 year ago:
to many exams to revice for i will be active again fully in july  Comment
 Shepherdfan422 - 1 year ago
 Bullet22 - 2 years ago
Bullet22 votes for samling.   Comment
 jammerpip - 2 years ago
jammerpip votes for samling.   Comment
 beagollie - 2 years ago
beagollie votes for samling.   Comment
 crazyrainbowmonkey - 2 years ago
 millymonkfish10 - 2 years ago
hi samling, i want to breed mini pins as well. can you be breeding partners with me.. as i'm desperately trying to get a progress star   Comment
 Stranger - 2 years ago
Stranger votes for samling.   Comment
 Bullet22 - 2 years ago
hey your invited to my club.   Comment
 snapesgirl - 2 years ago
snapesgirl votes for samling.   Comment
 american2000 - 2 years ago
hey how r u?   Comment
 samling - 2 years ago:
i'm good how are you  Comment
 american2000 - 2 years ago:
good thanks  Comment
 samling - 2 years ago
samling takes in Scruff, who was abandoned.   Comment
 samling - 2 years ago
samling creates a new breeding: Great griffons.   Comment