The Bernese Mountain Dog is coming to Dogzer for the month of Switzerland!

The Bernese Mountain Dog is coming to Dogzer for the month of Switzerland!

As you of course know, it’s the month of Switzerland on Dogzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games. For the occasion, you can create scenes with your companions outside a mountain chalet and give them all sorts of items that are typical of this country. To that end, the shop is selling Swiss army knife, various clocks and watches, as well as chocolate, salami and many other items!

Today, to top everything off a new and rare breed from Switzerland has just arrived on Dogzer: the Bernese Mountain Dog. It is a very good hunting dog, simultaneously lively, docile and affectionate. And if you have fallen in love with its cute face and long ears, head for the Cave of Secrets to adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog in exchange for 3 Premz'... or just 2 Premz' if you are a member of the Dogzer Club!

By the way, if you are not a member of the Dogzer Club yet, why not join today to take advantage of this offer along with the many other advantages of joining the club?
Have fun playing on Dogzer with your new dogs!

P.S: Once your companions have settled in with you, remember to share a link to them in the comments to win some votes.

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 Abandoned - 6 months ago:
  I actually think more want the Bernese Mountain dog, but I could be wrong Definitely hope both come though!   
 Abandoned - 6 months ago:
  Who knows? I'd say that if either is brought over, the Swiss Shepherd would be a more logical choice, since it seems more people here want it on Dogzer than the Bernese Mountain Dog. Maybe Dreamzer will hear our calls and add both anyway (and maybe *cough cough* keeshonden *cough cough* XD)!   
 Abandoned - 6 months ago:
  I hope that both of them do come over!   
 Abandoned - 6 months ago:
  I was also hoping for the Swiss Shepherd to be brought over as well

What do you think the chances are of both happening? XD   
 Abandoned - 6 months ago:
  Oh, okay! Yeah, I hope the mistake is an accidental hint at their plans, too!   
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