New coats now available for your dogs on Dogzer!

Hello everyone,

New beautiful fantastic coats are now available on Dogzer!
This time, the belgian Malinois, the chinese Crested Dog, the siberian Husky, the cocker Spaniel, the coton de Tuléar, the german Shepherd Dog, the belgian Tervuren, among others, are the guests of honor! 

You can offer these lovely coats to your companions starting today.

If you have the creative fever, don't forget that you, too, could offer new coats to the community via the Artist Palette. If the community likes your artwork, you'll be rewarded in Dogz' and Premz'!

Have fun playing and congratulations to all the artists!

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 Abandoned - 1 year ago:
  Late thanks! so pretty!   
 Abandoned - 1 year ago:
  Whoops. Thanks, Sneasel.   
 Abandoned - 1 year ago:
  There is no guarantee a new breed will be released or clickies added. Neither of these have happened every month, and when they have, not necessarily at the end of the month. Last breed released was Irish Wolfhound and that was 8th of Jan, despite Ireland being month of October 2016... There was no new breed was released in Dec.

Its just a case of waiting to see. If they have something to release, there will be a news post about it   
 Abandoned - 1 year ago:
  Late thank you for the coats

Sorry if this sounds rude or ignorant, it's not meant to be, but are we going to get a new breed and a clicky game? I could be wrong but I was under the impression we got on every month towards the end? Of course it's okay if we don't.

(Posted here because I wasn't sure where else Dreamzer has a chance of seeing and answering)   
 Abandoned - 1 year ago:
  Beautiful coats   
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New coats now available for your dogs on Dogzer!
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