Treat yourself to a little something from New Zealand and adopt a Huntaway!

Treat yourself to a little something from New Zealand and adopt a Huntaway!

As you have no doubt noticed, it’s been a while since we held one of our month-long celebrations of a country on Dogzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games. You’re right, the overhaul of the website has been our top priority for a while now and the first step of the rollout took place just a few weeks ago…. Don’t panic, though: come November we will be putting a new country in the limelight! 

To help you remain patient until then, we are offering a new breed of dog from the last country that held pride of place on all the games by Dreamzer Games: New Zealand. In fact, the Huntaway just arrived on Dogzer today!

So hurry along to the Cave of Secrets where this tireless working dog is available for 3 Premz'... And it costs just 2 Premz' for members of the Dogzer Club! Actually, this is an excellent opportunity to join the Dogzer Club and enjoy the many other exclusive advantages that membership offers starting today. 

Finally, don’t forget that you can create a scene with your new Huntaway from New Zealand at Tongariro national park. And why not share the page in the comments when you’re done so you can win some votes and move up the rankings?

Have fun playing everyone!

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