New version of Dogzer: the first step has been completed!

New version of Dogzer:  the first step has been completed!

Hello everyone,

As you may know, a completely overhauled version of Dogzer  will go live in the second half of 2017 (along with all of the other games by Dreamzer Games). 

This overhaul should make the game more intuitive and better to use, as well as faster and more fun.
It also intends to make the game playable under the best conditions on tablets and mobile devices.

The first step on the road to this overhaul involves the most important page in the game –the one where you play with your dogs–and it has just gone live after almost a year spent working on it.

For the most faithful players among you, you will probably need some time to adjust to the new appearance, but we are confident that you will rapidly realize just how many improvements there are compared to the old version.

Alongside the main game page, one of the other most frequently used pages has also just gone live in its new version: this is the page with the list of your dogs, and there are far greater opportunities to filter them than in the old version, which should be a real bonus for our biggest players.

It goes without saying that not everything is perfect yet, and we have limited means, so we are counting on you to let us know about any problems you may encounter through the dedicated forum as well as any disturbances that this huge construction site may cause.

On our side, we continue to work tirelessly on this overhaul and the upcoming stages will be focusing in particular on the navigation interface and the home page.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be keeping you up to date with progress. Until then, we hope you enjoy discovering all of the new features and that you like them as much as we do!

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 Abandoned - 4 months ago:
  I prefer the older version smh ._.   
 Abandoned - 4 months ago:
  i am just starting   
 Abandoned - 5 months ago:
  This is a bit late, but can the page where we choose a Kennel Club be modified a bit?

It wasn't until recently that I found this out, but I didn't know the green button above the ads was a search button. I've been putting my dogs into the clubs that had first come up on the list because scrolling for a single KC got to much. On top of that, my dogs were only going in for the minimum 3 days so I had to keep re-adding them to the KC.

Can the format be changed a bit to where the search button is more easily seen? I've never created a website/game, so I don't know if the designer can move ads or if they are randomly placed in game, but if possible, can the ad be made smaller?
Or at least change the Search button into a drop box option and place in on the ribbon along with the sort box so it can be seen easier?

I know its there now, but looking back at other comments and realizing that new players may not know about the ability of being able to search can lead to them to place their dogs into the KCs without the groomers/vets they need because they don't know how to get access to them.   
 Abandoned - 5 months ago:
  It looks great!   
 Abandoned - 5 months ago:
  I just noticed that today as well - mine haven't needed anything. Perhaps something admin is still working on? I do see there is a health box there in the options but definitely haven't needed it   
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