Free dog game: Chihuahua Dress-up

Do chihuahuas make you weak at the knees? Then don't resist! Play with them in this free flash game!

Chihuahuas are without a doubt some of the most adorable dogs. Here, you can dress up your very own with lots of cute accessories. Put a cute cap and scarf on it, and it will be the cutest of all the chihuahuas! Simply click on the item and then drag it onto your dog.

Will your chihuahua look absolutely sublime?

The Chihuahua Dress-up dog game has already been played 6,906 times since it was added to the Dog games section.
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  - 13 hours ago:
  - 2 months ago:
  - 3 months ago:
  This game's pretty cute   
  - 3 months ago:
  - 4 months ago:
  it is in a different language   
  - 7 months ago:
  - 7 months ago:
  Pretty boring - and you can put a shirt on his head!?   
  - 7 months ago:
  - 8 months ago:
  i like the game but it needs to be in english too with more optians   
  - 8 months ago:
  this is boring! i need more options   
  - 9 months ago:
  Very good!!!! My dog is soooooo cute!   
  - 9 months ago:
  @ Elizabeth901: Please refrain from spamming the forums by repeatedly posting in a row. Use the EDIT button if you wish to add something. i have merged your posts into one.   
  - 9 months ago:
  A very good game1 Sooo adorable!!!!

I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
  - 9 months ago:
  - 10 months ago:
  It was so adorable!   
  - 10 months ago:
  very good game adorable   
  - 11 months ago:
  - 11 months ago:
  puppys cute!   
  - 11 months ago:
  Cute! I love Chihuahuas!   
  - 11 months ago:
  so cute   
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