Super ball

Your dog's level immediately increases by 5 bonus points in jumping and retrieving.

This means that it can tackle dog shows in prime condition, but also reach an exceptional level, surpassing its capacity.

This bonus can be combined with one Retractable leash and one Custom-made collar, but also with 1 Crystal ball .
Effect of this bonus on the dog:
 Jumping - Bonuses: +5     Retrieving - Bonuses: +5   

Dogs for sale with this bonus

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Siberian Husky Adult - coat 52
Price:  0

Dogs with this bonus

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No dog.


Latest dogs to get this bonus

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Breeder:  Sneasel
Labrador Retriever Adult - coat 756
Breeder: LabradorRat
Labrador Retriever Adult - coat 54
Breeder: Nestarose
Labrador Retriever Adult - coat 1340000553
Breeder:  Sneasel