Crystal ball

Increase your dog's level by enabling it to earn 3 bonus points in all of its specialties : speed, agility, training, jumping, sense of smell and retrieving.

Just like that you can turn your dog into an exceptional dog whose level surpasses its capacity!

If you want to see an even higher level, then combine this with one Super ball, one Retractable leash and one Custom-made collar!
Effect of this bonus on the dog:
 Speed - Bonuses: +3     Agility - Bonuses: +3   
 Training - Bonuses: +3     Jumping - Bonuses: +3   
 Sense of smell - Bonuses: +3     Retrieving - Bonuses: +3   

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Old English Sheepdog Adult - coat 1179
Breeder: thegoodgoddess
Rottweiler Adult - coat 183
Breeder:  petahh
Chinese Crested Dog Adult - coat 1556
Breeder: LabradorRat
Cocker Spaniel Adult - coat 299
Breeder:  baci1114