Sap of Olympia

Are you going to breed with 2 dogs whose average genetic Indexes is greater than or equal to 50%?

Before you get started, give this bonus to your dog and the gain in capacity of the new dogs will be increased by 10%.
An ideal way to make your breedings advance more quickly!

This bonus can be combined with :
- one Ring of Isis, to increase the number of new dogs that benefit from its effects;
- and/or one Exceptional instinct to evenly boost the level of the new dogs.

Dogs for sale with this bonus

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Dogs with this bonus

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Latest dogs to get this bonus

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adult - coat 8
Breeder: redneckliz44
Spanish Water Dog puppy - coat 65
Breeder: thunderclan44
Bernese Hound adult - coat 53
Breeder:  tash8
Irish Terrier adult - coat 2
Breeder: JPChin4L