Star Dog

Choose an image from your computer to represent your dog: this will be displayed instead of the default picture from Dogzer, both for you and for all of the breeders that visit your dog!

You’ll be able to change the image at any time, or even deactivate this bonus and return to the default picture for your dog.

Dogs for sale with this bonus

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Chihuahua adult - coat 55
Price:  0

Dogs with this bonus

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No dog.


Latest dogs to get this bonus

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Azawakh adult - coat 40
Breeder: Clairebear19
American Staffordshire Terrier adult - coat 1
Breeder: dukedoglover
German Shepherd Dog adult - coat 52
Breeder: fnaf161
Tibetan Mastiff adult - coat 40
Breeder: Shilohginger