Do you dream of designing and creating an original new look for one or more of your dogs?

The Artist Palette can make your dream a reality!
Design your own coats by hand or on a computer, then post them with the Artist Palette.

Your designs will be reviewed by our team within a few days or weeks.
You’ll be informed by PM as to whether or not it has been accepted.

The accepted designs will be published on Dogzer and will be available to all through the Fantastic coat.

In other words, not only will you be able to use them, rather than the game’s default coats, for your dogs, but all of the breeders will be able to do the same. And that will earn you dogz' and premz'!

If your design is refused due to not respecting the conditions of publishing, you’ll get a new copy of the bonus. In this way you’ll be able to make the necessary changes and re-submit your work for free.

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When other breeders on Dogzer offer, through the Dogzer, a coat that you created to one of their dogs (a piece of work that you submitted previously through the Artist Palette), you will earn dogz' and premz' without any time limit!

In fact, you get 100 dogz' every time another player chooses your creation. On top of that, you win 1 premz' every 3 purchase of your creation (with a limit of 10 premz' for each creation).

So you can win a lot of premz' with the Artist Palette, as long as your work is of quality!
When you submit an original coat design through the Artist Palette, your work must fulfil certain criteria in order to be accepted and offered to the other breeders on Dogzer:
- be on a transparent background—no color in the background;
- not reproduce or counterfeit the work of another artist, whether it be a drawing, photograph or tracing.
- Photographs are not accepted.
- Drawings can be based on the original illustrations of the game, but in this case, must be sufficiently different than the original.
- You can start from a picture taken privately to do an illustration but it must be relevant to the game.
- No items should feature beside, above or below the dog.
- Any tracing/coloring/lineart taken from the Internet to create an illustration is not allowed.

In any case, we reserve the right to refuse illustrations that do not match our criteria, which can be subjective and unjustified.

In cases of evidence of fraud (counterfeiting, etc), a sanction of 2 reputation points will be applied.
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Artist Palette

Create and post new coats to replace the default coats of Dogzer.

After they have been accepted, you can offer them to your dogs, and other breeders will be able to do the same by using the Fantastic coat bonus: this will earn you dogz' and premz'.

Will you become a famous designer on Dogzer?