Would you like to change your dog's appearance?

Offer it one Fantastic coat, so that you can replace its original coat with an authentic design from another player. You can choose from over 1,929 unique designs!

Not only will this change its appearance, but it will also increase its level!

And even if your dog already has this bonus, you can offer it a new copy in order to change its coat again.

You can also browse and note all of the available coats.
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Fantastic coat

Change the appearance of your dog by offering it a new coat and replacing its current picture.

In addition to transforming your dog into a unique and exceptional dog, this bonus increases its level!

You can also submit your own coat designs straight away by using one Artist Palette.

Dogs for sale with this bonus

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Chihuahua Adult - coat 1414
Price:  0
Boxer Adult - coat 1340000115
Price:  0
Labrador Retriever Adult - coat 223
Price:  0
Pug Adult - coat 1401
Price:  0
Jack Russell Adult - coat 925
Price:  0

Dogs with this bonus

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Saint Bernard Adult - coat 88
Price:  0


Latest dogs to get this bonus

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American Staffordshire Terrier Puppy - coat 1340000263
Breeder: alexy002
German Shepherd Dog Adult - coat 1089
Breeder:  superjohn
German Shepherd Dog Puppy - coat 1340000150
Breeder: Stocken
Saint Bernard Adult - coat 1340000204
Breeder: J-Ink