Exceptional instinct

Are you going to breed?

If the average hereditary Strength of the two dogs is greater than 50%, the new dogs will have some bonus level points as soon as they are born. These bonus points will eventually allow their global level to surpass their global capacity.

By offering this bonus to your dog before, you will multiply the number of level bonus points of the new dogs by 2.

This is a great way of taking your dogs and your breedings to the very top!

This bonus can be combined with:
- one Sap of Olympia, to evenly increase the capacity of the new dogs;
- and/or one Feeding bottle, to increase the number of new dogs that benefit from its effects.

Dogs for sale with this bonus

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Dogs with this bonus

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Latest dogs to get this bonus

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Dalmatian adult - coat 35
Breeder: thegoodgoddess
Akita Inu Hatchy adult - coat 757
Breeder: Greater.Dane
Whippet puppy - coat 9
Breeder: thewildwind3
German Shepherd Dog adult - coat 30
Breeder:  agapegrace