The Landscape of Venus allows you to completely personalize your dog's page, both for you and for anyone who visits its page, by changing the panoramic landscape in the background.

There are locations inside and outside, towns, monuments and famous locations around the world: in all, you'll find more than 96 new and exclusive landscapes available to you. Your dog is bound to enjoy discovering all of these wonderful places!

Whichever landscape you choose, you’ll be able to include all of the items and bonuses that your dog owns, as well as the items and bonuses of its kennel club when possible.

This gives you everything you need to turn your dog into a unique and memorable star on Dogzer!
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Landscape of Venus

Replace your dog's default landscape with an exclusive one : choose from 96 new places.

By offering this bonus and different objects to your dog, you can produce magnificent staging that make your dog unique!

This will help it to become famous, receive lots of visits and votes, and climb up the rankings!
Effect of this bonus on the dog:
 Mood: +100        

Dogs for sale with this bonus

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American Staffordshire Terrier Adult - coat 51
Price:  0
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Adult - coat 857
Price:  0
Belgian Malinois Adult - coat 1445
Price:  0
Saint Bernard Adult - coat 1340000204
Price:  0

Dogs with this bonus

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Basset Hound Adult - coat 60
Price:  0


Latest dogs to get this bonus

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Groenendael Belgian Shepherd Puppy - coat 51
Breeder: ruffian7
Spanish Mastiff Puppy - coat 452
Breeder: JPChin4L
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Adult - coat 52
Breeder: WolfWarriorCatz
Cocker Spaniel Adult - coat 299
Breeder:  baci1114