Time Diamond

Play with your dog for longer and grow its abilities more quickly: its virtual days will start at 7:30 AM rather than 8:30 AM.

During this extra hour you'll be able to do whatever you like, such as take part in dog shows in order to improve its level.

This bonus can be combined with 1 Triangle of Twilight for even better results.

Dogs for sale with this bonus

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Dogs with this bonus

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Latest dogs to get this bonus

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Siberian Husky Adult - coat 51
Breeder:  Kindi0806
Leonberger Adult - coat 1340000188
Breeder:  pinkey280
Leonberger Puppy - coat 2
Breeder:  Sneasel
Groenendael Belgian Shepherd Puppy - coat 51
Breeder: smiledoggamer