Ring of Isis

Ring of Isis

Do you want to breed to take in new dogs?

Before you get started, offer this bonus to your dog and it will give birth to 2 times as many new dogs!

The bonus goes away once it has been used, but you can give it to your dog several times during its life in order to get more dogs each time.

Additionally, you can combine this bonus with:
- one Sap of Olympia, so that the capacity of the new dogs increases;
- and/or one Exceptional instinct bonus, to raise the level of the new dogs.
Used by:  Breeding.

Dogs for sale with this bonus

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Dogs with this bonus

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Latest dogs to get this bonus

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Yorkshire Terrier Adult - coat 56
Breeder: silly.fun
Dingo Adult - coat 1257
Breeder: Lexx666
Dalmatian Puppy - coat 35
Breeder: brian-us
Siberian Husky Adult - coat 52
Breeder:  1409natalia