Deluxe Advent Calendar

Give this incredible bonus to your dog and come back every day to open the calendar and receive a surprise:
- dogz';
- premz';
- hourglasses;
- items from the shop;
- bonuses: Water of the magic waterfall, Magic clock, Landscape of Venus, Phoenix feather, Eternity ruby, Sap of Olympia, Fantastic coat, Feeding bottle...

And above all, all the exclusive breeds of 2016, with an exclusive Christmas coat!

Dogs for sale with this bonus

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Dogs with this bonus

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Latest dogs to get this bonus

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Siberian Husky adult - coat 1340000112
Breeder:  Frost1232
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog adult - coat 1340000481
Breeder: ruffian7
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog adult - coat 52
Breeder: quail123
Groenendael Belgian Shepherd puppy - coat 420
Breeder: JayZX535