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  2. Help...
  3. how do u report dogs?
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  5. buying dogs
  6. where do you go to see the private offer and do you get a pm first
  7. How do you send a private offer?
  8. Dog not showing up- trying to sell my dog
  9. Newfie Puppy
  10. How do I withdraw an offer?
  11. help
  12. help
  13. report a dog
  14. Heeeeelp please
  15. Reselling dogs question
  16. Fixed price offer when membership ends
  17. My Jackrussel
  18. Dog for private sale, gone missing
  19. How many days is it before a reported dog goes up for adoption?
  20. Showing I have already clicked max times but not even clicked?
  21. Put a dog up for sale at flat price and Put a dog up for sale at flat price
  22. it will not let me sell dogs for premz
  23. Help in buying a dog
  24. Won't let me sell my dog
  25. Selling Most Dogs
  26. Money Problem - HELP
  27. yyyyyyy
  28. Reporting a dog?
  29. selling dogs help
  30. report dog 90 times
  31. Question
  32. Received warning after adopting a dog from the Sanctuary
  33. Sanctuary Adopting dogs
  34. Trying to sell dog - not working.
  35. Sancutary not working?
  36. Selling a dog and bonuses?
  37. report
  38. Can't buy dogs from friend ?
  39. I adopted a dog from the sanctuary
  40. Market question
  41. Help!!!!!!!!!!
  42. Bidding *I am pretty confused*
  43. hi
  44. i really need an answer
  45. the market doesn't work
  46. Sanctuary
  47. Limits?
  48. Limits?
  49. Santuary
  50. Help me
  51. Help
  52. Reserve Sales
  53. how do u report an abandoned dog
  54. Why cant i sell some of my dogs??
  55. Bug on Private Sales
  56. How often can you adopt a sanctuary dog?
  57. how can i get a dog from the sanctuary??
  58. hi
  59. it's still around my puppy husky capacity 408 !!!!
  60. many thanks
  61. Is it just me or...
  62. Help!
  63. Thank you Sneasel!
  64. Help
  65. How to adopt?
  66. help
  67. Help fast
  68. How long?
  69. need help with sancuwary
  70. This dog should be reportable
  71. Market & Santuary~I can't sell.
  72. Error When Buying from a Private Sale- Please Help.
  73. How can you get a second dog with only 1 day?
  74. Are there limits on how often you can buy a dog?
  75. Can't sell my dogs for fixed price
  76. Im confused
  77. new Dog reported
  78. How low does a dog's health have to be to be able to report it?
  79. buying a dog
  80. I can't adopt a dog
  81. Help me PLEASE
  82. question
  83. Sanctuary Reported Dogs
  84. Adoption problem
  85. Potential Fraud Detected?!?
  86. How?
  87. Trying to buy a dog
  88. Question
  89. Help please
  90. Can't Sell a German Spitz?
  91. How do you buy a dog?
  92. Can't get a second dog?
  93. how do you worm
  94. Thanks
  95. Two dogs of mine taken to the sanctuary without giving me a warning.
  96. Sales Offers - can designate another breeder whom you do not want to purchase our dog
  97. Passed behaviourist certificate but can't sell dog
  98. 1001 Limit?
  99. Reserved A Dog
  100. How to adopt from sanctuary?
  101. How do I buy a dog
  102. .....
  103. I just want a dog
  104. I don't know how too get a dog
  105. How do I get another dog?
  106. Sanctuary
  107. Dogs are dead
  108. Reporting a dog
  109. I have negative 3,355 dogz coins how did this happen?!
  110. Sanctuary bug
  111. auction bug is bugging me
  112. Adopting a dog
  113. How do I get another dog without using premz or becoming a member????
  114. Can't buy dogs
  115. Can you rename a dog which you have bought at a fixed price?
  116. cant sell
  117. Why does it say I only have one dog?
  118. problem
  119. Buying at fixed price.
  120. Can you buy/sell Pekingese's?
  121. Dozens of Adoptable Dogs ready in Sanctuary
  122. Does Adopting from Sanctuary Affect Fixed Price Buying?
  123. Does anyone buy Samoyed dogs anymore?
  124. Just bought a dog and it died?!?
  125. Can't Sell a Dog
  126. Dog has bid but didn't sell?
  127. What happens to an exclusive breed of the breeder deletes their game?
  128. question- exclusive breeds
  129. No dogs for sale at fixed price?
  130. General question about buying dogs and selling for profit.
  131. mistake sale
  132. Sanctuary times
  133. bonus/exclusive breeds
  134. I can't get a dog from the sanctuary?
  135. missing puppy???
  136. Can't price dogs?
  137. Trying to Buy a Private Sold Dog
  138. Can you report a bonus dog?
  139. Sanctuary adopt problem
  140. buy for premz
  141. Can't purchase dog
  142. Can't Find Page c
  143. Cant purchase dog from private offer
  144. Selling dog
  145. Multiple Dogs listing at Auction when you list one
  146. Is There Any Way to Report This Dog?
  147. Report dogs?
  148. Reporting Question