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  1. Find the dog hiding in the game and WIN prizes!
  2. Get free Dogz'!!
  3. Get Dogz' every time you log in!
  4. Get these mythical snakes and tame the Cerberus!
  5. New to Dogzer - go on missions and quests, win XP Points, many prizes and progress in the game!
  6. Mini Competition - Make your own polls!
  7. Did you win presents thanks to the bacon contest ?
  8. Want to learn more about your favourite dog breed?
  9. Write about your favourite dog breeds and win Premz'!!
  10. Presence days needed to convert Dogz' into Premz'
  11. The new Fantastic Coats are here!
  12. Something's in the air on Dogzer this weekend...
  13. Do you want the light version of Dogzer?
  14. April Fools' day!
  15. Come and learn about all these new dog breeds!!
  16. Are you one of the winners for the April Fools competition?
  17. New breed info on the Plott Hound, the Afghan Hound and the Shetland sheepdog
  18. Join the Easter egg hunt to win some great prizes!
  19. What do you think of our Easter decorations?
  20. New breed info on the Alaskan Malmute, Skye Terrier and Leonberger
  21. Employees can now earn Dogz' for their Kennel Club by taking care of all the dogs registered to their Club!
  22. Come vote for your favorite Chihuahua!
  23. The new dog breed you voted for is… The Border Collie!
  24. Redbone Coonhound, Boykin Spaniel, American Foxhound and Italian Greyhound texts!
  25. The new fantastic coats are here!
  26. "Cats and Dogs" wallpaper competition: make the best background and get the most votes!
  27. Forum and PM bug today
  28. Slight delay with the shows and championships today
  29. The Irish Setter, Australian Cattle dog, Rat Terrier and Welsh Terrier: new info!!
  30. New banners on Dogzer!! Use them and win prizes!
  31. Small change in the Championship...
  32. Make your wallpaper even better and win more prizes with these cat trees!
  33. Do you like laughing?
  34. Improved probability of winning the cat trees and even a Venus decor in the lucky bag!
  35. Did you win a lot of presents thanks to the landscape competition ?
  36. Springtime brings a forest full of prizes for you!
  37. The Miniature Pinscher is here on Dogzer
  38. Join the competition for Miniature Pinscher lovers!
  39. Congrats to the Czech Wolfdog - come and vote for the next new breed on Dogzer!!
  40. New breed texts on the Cairn Terrier and the Dogue de Bordeaux!!
  41. The new Fantastic Coats are here!
  42. A new wallpaper is here on Dogzer!
  43. The Water of the magic waterfall bonus is on sale for 3 Premz'!
  44. Introducing Horzer, the new game for all you horse lovers!
  45. The new fantastic coats are here!
  46. Congrats to the Brittany and time to vote for the next dog breed on Dogzer!!
  47. Woof! What is your dog saying to you?
  48. Speed of the site - your feedback?
  49. Learn more about the Border Terrier, new dog breed info!
  50. The Afghan Hound is here on Dogzer - the Whippet has some competition!
  51. Check out the Dreamzer Games merchandise available in the DreamzerShop!
  52. Vote for the next dog breed on Dogzer!!
  53. The new dog breed on Dogzer is the....
  54. Lots of dogs waiting to be adopted!
  55. 5 days membership to the Dogzer Club for free!
  56. English Springer Spaniel and Lakeland Terrier dog - new breed texts!
  57. The new dog breed you voted for is… The Basset Hound!
  58. Do you want to sell your bonus dogs? Now you can!
  59. Discover Farmzer: take care of farm animals and create your own virtual farm!
  60. Now you can modify the price of your offers while they are on sale
  61. Improvement to how the missions are displayed
  62. New fantastic coats now available!
  63. Vote for the next dog breed on Dogzer for September!
  64. New dog breed on Dogzer this month!
  65. It's holiday time so get out your goggles, snorkles, spades and beach balls!
  66. The Alaskan Malamute is hiding in the Lucky Bags!
  67. Get thousands of Dogz' for free!
  68. Learn more about the Tibetan Terrier - new breed info from a player!
  69. Dreamzer Games: the official site!
  70. Learn more about the Gordon Setter - new dog breed info from a player!
  71. New: play with a rabbit, mouse, squirrel, guinea pig...
  72. Spoil your dogs with 25 new coats!
  73. Rodents have snuck into the game - find them to win presents!
  74. Get ready to go back to school and win prizes!
  75. The Japanese Chin and the Bearded Collie - new texts from players!
  76. Dive into the deep, blue sea and discover the underwater world of Oceanzer!
  77. Playful, loyal and sweet - adopt a Leonberger!
  78. Dive into the ocean and win prizes!
  79. Important if you've ever mentored another player
  80. New Feature for the Sled Races
  81. Alaskan Malamute: now for sale in one simple click or on the market!
  82. New Ranking of Dogs by their Number of Competition Wins
  83. Big Improvement in the Photos
  84. New on Dogzer: Take your Dog to School with you
  85. Improvement for your Breedings
  86. The Samoyeds have invaded the Sled Races!
  87. New: See every Dog's Ranking in the Competition Wins on its Page
  88. This Weekend Only: the Bonus Dogs are hiding in the Lucky Bag!!
  89. 1 month of Club membership offered to all Club members
  90. Soft, sturdy and intelligent: the Coton de Tuléar is here on Dogzer!
  91. New ranking for players by number of XP Points
  92. New Coats for your Dogs!
  93. Discover Lionzer, a game that will make you roar with pleasure!
  94. Come see the new Dogzer banners!
  95. Warning! The Lionzer animals have escaped from their cages! Find them and win prizes!
  96. Simplification of the site menu
  97. New & convenient: give objects to your dog in one click!
  98. New text on the Komondor dog - write your own text and win 2 Premz'!!
  99. Watch a slide show of all your favorite animals!
  100. Spoil your dogs with these new coats!
  101. Your favorite game is haunted! Hunt witches, spiders and ghosts to win prizes!
  102. Your favorite game is dressing up for Halloween
  103. Only for Halloween: adopt the exceptional Dracula Sheepdog
  104. A Dracula Sheepdog for free!
  105. Improving the Dog Images
  106. Improvement to the ranking of kennel clubs
  107. Send your Dogs into Space!
  108. Automatically accept new registrations to your group
  109. This weekend only: a Bobtail for everyone!
  110. New coats for your dogs!
  111. Find all the Thanksgiving images and win great prizes!
  112. There's more to life than just dogs, there's turkey too!
  113. Come celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog!
  114. Adopt a Red Tibetan Mastiff - the most expensive dog on the planet!
  115. New dog breed pages: American Water Spaniel and Mexican Hairless
  116. Get presents every day by giving your dog its own Advent Calendar!
  117. Parla italiano? Launch of the Italian Dogzer!
  118. What new dog breeds do you want on Dogzer?
  119. New texts: Akbash dog and Saarloos Wolfdog. Write your own text and win 2 Premz'!!
  120. Spoil your dogs with these new coats!
  121. This December, it's Christmas every day on your favourite game!
  122. Want to go for a hike in the mountains? Discover Anisnow, the mountain animals game!
  123. The Anisnow animals have invaded your favorite game - find them to win great prizes!
  124. New: Get lots of free Premz' with your online shopping!
  125. Let your dogs enjoy the magic of Christmas!
  126. It's Winter!
  127. Adopt and play with a Christmas Bloodhound!
  128. Warning: Santa is watching over Dogzer so be good :-)
  129. Immerse your dog in the magic of Christmas with these Christmas objects!
  130. Merry Christmas!
  131. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  132. Santa has arrived on Dogzer! Come and open your presents!
  133. A free Landscape of Venus for all dogs!!
  134. Adopt an adorable, white, fluffy Westie!!
  135. Your dogs want to celebrate the New Year too!
  136. Lots of improvements and new features on your dog's page
  137. Dogzer is getting in the mood for New Year's Eve!
  138. Happy New Year!!
  139. Welcome in the New Year with some great present on Dogzer!
  140. Free membership to Dogzer Club after bug yesterday
  141. Kick off the New Year in style: get thousands of dogz'!
  142. Kick off the New Year in style: get thousands of ~~MONNAIE[1][NOM_PLURIEL]~~!
  143. Free Bloodhound - offer extended by 1 week!
  144. 1st New Year's Resolution: Spoil your Dogs with these New Fantastic Coats!
  145. New for dogs in a kennel club
  146. It's time for the sales: check out these exclusive breed packs!
  147. Take to the skies and discover Birdrama, the bird game by Dreamzer Games!
  148. Exotic birds on Dogzer??
  149. Exotic birds on Dogzer??
  150. New: open a Lucky Bag and win the new exclusive breed, the Griffon!
  151. The Bobtail can now breed!
  152. Send your dog to the North Pole!
  153. Enjoy new coats collection for many different breeds!
  154. Des reptiles se promènent sur Dogzer !
  155. Shiba Inu can now breed!
  156. The jungle animals of Tropicstory have invaded Dogzer: find them and win surprises!
  157. Cherish your ~~ENTITE[1][NOM_PLURIEL]~~ for Saint Valentine's Day!
  158. Find love and win gifts!
  159. Valentine Day background & logo on Dogzer!
  160. Free 5-day subscription for Dogzer Club members
  161. Take your dogs away to play winter sports!
  162. Gear up your dog for winter sports with these exclusive items!
  163. Buy and sell Leonbergers and earn a month's subscription to the Dogzer Club!
  164. New! Reptiles have landed on Reptilzer!
  165. Lots of new beautiful coats for your dogs!
  166. Reptiles walking around on Dogzer? Catch them quick!
  167. Dreams do come true! The Dutch Shepherd has arrived on Dogzer!
  168. Buy and sell the Red Tibetan Mastiff and win 5 Premz'!
  169. Dogzer is all dressed up in St. Patty's colors!
  170. New season, new gifts on Dogzer!
  171. Dogzer is donning spring colors!
  172. New coats now available on Dogzer!
  173. A new image for the Dutch Shepherd to replace the original!
  174. Discover thousands of new animal pictures!
  175. Rottweilers, rottweilers, read all about it!
  176. This week-end, it's Easter every day on Dogzer!
  177. Egg hunting is open on Dogzer!
  178. The Dutch Shepherd can now reproduce and win you an awesome gift!
  179. Missing the heat of summer? Take your dog into the desert!
  180. New version of the breeder page: clearer, more complete and faster!
  181. The timid Shetland Sheepdog joins Dogzer, help it come out of hiding!
  182. Insects are buzzing around Dogzer : Catch them!
  183. Breed your Wirehaired Pointing Griffons and receive an awesome gift!
  184. Change your dog's appearance: April's fantastic coats are out!
  185. You can now have up to 20 breedings!
  186. New breed! Dobermans have joined the Dogzer community!
  187. Background creation contest! Submit your artwork and win awesome gifts!
  188. Celebrate World Laughter Day on Dogzer!
  189. New breeds added!
  190. Homepage redesign!
  191. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is now on Dogzer!
  192. New real dog and animal pages, and a blog for each one of your real dogs!
  193. More than 15 new Fantastic Coats! Give your dog a new look!
  194. A new feature for displaying the capacity and level of dogs.
  195. New versions of the breeding and affix pages!
  196. New: Treat yourself to a beautiful background and present your breedings in detail!
  197. A 3-day subscription given to all members of the Dogzer Club!
  198. New version of the group page
  199. New version of the kennel club page!
  200. Legendary dog in Japan—the Shiba Inu—now available for 1 Premz'!
  201. New Dogzer banners!
  202. A new batch of coats for your dogs!
  203. Small display improvement for your dogs on the homepage
  204. New version of the breed page: come and check it out!
  205. New version of the show page
  206. The Irish Setter just ran onto Dogzer! Adopt one today!
  207. Your dogs are going to bring the house down with their music!
  208. New breed description: the Mudi!
  209. Let your dogs be pop stars!
  210. Dogzer's logo is dressed for summer!
  211. New: sponsors now shown on breeder page
  212. Improvements made on several hundred dog images :-)
  213. It's sale time on Dogzer! Get these deals while they last!
  214. New info about your dogs
  215. Wear and tear reduced on musical instruments
  216. Treat yourself to some music bonus packs at bargain prices!
  217. Guess and win the next breed on Dogzer!
  218. Celebrate the 4th with your dogs, too!
  219. A new breed to adopt—get a free Chow Chow!
  220. New version of the Dogzer shop page
  221. Background contest: It's up to your vote!
  222. Let your dogs relax on a beach paradise!
  223. Let your dogs have fun in the sun! New items & exclusive actions!
  224. Discover new coats collection for many different breeds!
  225. Photo contest! "Your Animal on Vacation"
  226. The Dogue de Bordeaux just landed its big paws on Dogzer. Adopt one today!
  227. Come discover and take advantage of two competition winners in June!
  228. A great gift offered to all Dogzer Club members!
  229. Bring your dog to the mountains or to the seaside!
  230. New: Chose your dog’s nap duration
  231. Great news! Now you can personalize your dog display, your breedings and your player profile even better
  232. Increase in the Irish Setter’s breeding limit
  233. New: Ask your dog to shake a paw!
  234. New: Get a doghouse or a basket for your dog!
  235. New: Pick up your dog
  236. New images for many actions
  237. Find the fireworks and leave with gifts!
  238. Come and vote to determine the winners for the photo competition of this summer!
  239. Catch butterflies and win presents!
  240. Improvements on the walks & take your dog for a walk through the forest!
  241. New coats now available for your dogs!
  242. The butterflies are coming on Dogzer, to amuse your dogs and cheer up your party!
  243. Dogzer invites you to prove your dog training skills on an American pit bull terrier!
  244. Major changes to your dog’s sleeping arrangements as well as to baskets and kennels
  245. Back to school means… a special back-to-school logo!
  246. Not to be missed!
  247. New: get your dog to guard the house
  248. New: scold your dog!
  249. With Dogzer, Back to School means gifts aplenty!
  250. Discover the new-look Dogzer shop!