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  1. good care
  2. The diamond kennel classic club
  3. Fishers Cottage
  4. "Forever collies" for those collie lovers!
  5. Puppy Luv Forever
  6. Doggy Cottage
  7. Bark Paradise
  8. Happy Dogs!
  9. Hearts of Gold
  10. "90210" 20 dogz only
  11. **New rule effective 04/07/13 - No offsite links/advertising permitted.**
  12. TAILZ club
  13. Best dogs they can be
  14. DSMM Kennel Club
  15. best kennel club
  16. Scratching Paws and Waggin' Tails!
  17. ArcticDream Kennels
  18. my center (all dogs heaven)
  19. Breezy Trails Kennel Club
  20. How to start a kennel club
  21. My Kennel Club
  22. Cute Paws!
  23. Koolielovers Kennel Club
  24. A Dog's Escape!
  25. Breezy Trails Kennel Club (8th ranking!)
  26. Dog drag
  27. Come and join Toshiba's Kennel club
  28. Join the pack today!
  29. Join! :) ChampDogs-Husky
  30. Join Puppy Luv Forever
  31. Doggi World
  32. Introducing Sophie and her pals kennel club!!
  33. joining clubs
  34. Freedom
  35. Dark River Kennel club
  36. Puppy bells
  37. Mutt Mansion
  38. Best Friend's Animal Care
  39. dogs like to jam too!
  40. We are the best :)
  41. Greek kennel club
  42. what
  43. ok
  44. Kira's Pack
  45. In Loving Paws***
  46. Kira and Eagle's Kennel Club
  47. hot dog
  48. American staffies wanted
  49. The pet party place is now open for buiness
  50. My club: Working Retrievers
  51. my kennal club is awesome!!!!!!
  52. Doggy Cotage - welcome back !!!
  53. my kennel Camp Dogzer
  54. Join my kennel club!
  55. My Kennel Club
  56. Employees
  57. The 'Bark Bark' Kennels
  58. Dogs for life not just for now
  59. Please join my kennel club
  60. hey
  61. Once Upon a Dog
  62. Diamond kennel club classic
  63. Bright Kennels
  64. ~KiteKennels~
  65. <Koby: Moderated Thread Title>
  66. Frozen lovers
  67. Please leave your dogs at the HappyDogClub, I will take great care of your dog!!!
  68. Doggy Play Day
  69. pretty pooches great home!!!!
  70. pups 2nd happy home kennle is open
  71. Misty Dreams
  72. pet party place now accepting dogs
  73. Dogs 4 Carers Kennel
  74. The Opera House
  75. Pisces Kennel Club
  76. Ultimate Dogs
  77. Wolf resort
  78. New kennel club
  79. The wolf resort
  80. Night wish club
  81. leangermins club
  82. the cheepest club
  83. Animal_girls kennel
  84. plz put ur dogs in my club
  85. Kennel club
  86. Sweet Haven
  87. please put your dog in royal pup place
  88. Barking bones kennel club now open for business!
  89. Cali Canines club
  90. Dog family
  91. PAWS FOR PUPS kennel club
  92. puppy classes kennel club
  93. Dogs needed
  94. my kennel Claires special dogs kennel
  95. kennel club with grooming and vet clinic
  96. Come and join Elizabeth’s Best Doggies Club
  97. com all to the tiffany' kennel for dogs
  98. Newly Opened Kennel Club: Snouts and Kisses
  99. come to the tiffany's place for dogs
  100. Join my Kennel Club!!
  101. Mavericks Club! Surfers welcome.
  102. Kennel Club Fun!
  103. Join ultimate dogs!!
  104. Any dog welcomed at The Agile Theives kennel with a kibble discount of $£10%£$
  105. Playful Paws Kennel Club
  106. Join the *Doglovers Kennel Club*
  107. ~Hudson Bay~ Kennel Club
  108. Hi ~!Dusk till dawn!~ looking for boarders
  109. join this club
  110. Black Foxes Kennel Club
  111. [EAC] Every Animal Counts!!!! Kennel Club open for buisness.
  112. Happy Canines Club
  113. Labrador Retriever. club
  114. Important read
  115. Come to the Keep It "Ruff" Kennel
  116. Club for all dogs
  117. NEW! Some Legends Are True
  118. Warm Hugs Club
  119. Tisha's Puppy Playland
  120. ~Hello Puppies~ open now!
  121. royal pup place is back open
  122. All Dogs Kingdom
  123. The Understanding Dog is open to EVERYONE
  124. join now today!!!!
  125. join now today!!!!
  126. blueberry hill kennel club
  127. The Caring Club is OPEN!!!! WHOAH
  128. Spirit club
  129. Winter's Rose Kennel Club
  130. join doggz kennel club please
  131. WeLoveOurDogs kennel club
  132. join today
  133. North land kennel is open
  134. Go register in my kennel club now cuz i dont have money to even feed my dog
  135. black storm cloud kennels are open!
  136. Were Back
  137. Dog Delights Kennel Club is open!
  138. The Border Collie Buddies is happy to help!
  139. Playful Paws Kennel is now open!
  140. Dogs of Eden is open and needs workers ( the pay is fairly good )
  141. Welcome the new Kennel ~ Doggie Daycare Paradise ~
  142. Sunkist dogs kennel!
  143. For The Animals!
  144. CAVENDISH HILLS - all dogs welcome…
  145. TCDU.Dogs welcomes new members for that that good owners.
  146. Snow Days
  147. Black T-Shirts with White Letters and Paw Prints Kennel Club
  148. Kennel club
  149. Dogs R Us Kennel
  150. Salon grand opening - cavendish hills
  151. Opening of new kennel club
  152. Panda Kennel
  153. Re-Grand opining of the island of mezza
  154. Aqua's Dogs!
  155. The Kennel Club of England
  156. New Club!
  157. proffesinalz
  158. my new Kennel club!
  159. Kennel club with Clinic and looking for a few jobs to open saloon.
  160. New Club! Howler's Club!
  161. ReOpen- Premz kennel (the only kennel when you can earn premz)
  162. new club: DARLING DOGS CLUB
  163. The Pup House
  164. Willow Creek Kennels
  165. Please Join: Starlight Club
  166. Western Trail Kennels. Kennel Information.
  167. please Join: To The End *Pups*
  168. The opening of 'Black & White Feather Kennel'
  169. New Kennel Club: King's and Queen's Kennel
  170. Rainy days Kennel
  171. Blue eyed canines
  172. New kennel club: Silver Kennels
  173. ~Doggie Paridise~
  174. New Kennel Club - The Pup House
  175. The Razmokets
  176. Caring for K9s :)
  177. Please
  178. New kennel club:Dawgs club
  179. Can at least 1 person join my Daylight Fire Club?
  180. Newish kennel club: Keep calm and love dogs
  181. Send your dogs to Bingo Canine Kennel Club
  182. TheBestDogs kennel Club
  183. Alaskan Kennel Club
  184. hey
  185. kennel club
  186. Kindly Canine Kennel Now open!!!!
  187. please join in on my new kennel just opened
  188. Hey!!! I just opened a kennel club!
  189. H.b.k
  190. Sheperd and spaniel care center!!!
  191. About shepherd & spainel care center!!!
  192. new Kennel Club ~Dogs Rest~
  193. Awesome kennel club opening!
  194. Need dogs in kennel club
  195. Please come to my kennel club!
  196. Puddy puddy please join Kindly Canine Kennel!
  197. Need a kennel club?
  198. german shepherd
  199. Dog Paradise Dream Kennel club loads of money ready to spoil your dogs
  200. Please join my kennel club!
  201. My first kennel, DOGS NEEDED!!
  202. Join my club
  203. Help me out. Please.
  204. RelaxEaseLove
  205. Doggie Dress-up PRIZE week at Cavendish Hills
  206. My first club Please join
  207. be brilliant
  208. COME AND JOIN MY KENNEL CLUB!- dogs at best kennel club (jobs for all)
  209. Please join my kennel club!
  210. Sweet P.U.P.P.Y. Love Kennel Club! Join Now!
  211. Join my kennel club. All dogs welcome at Dog Of Love Kennel
  212. Mucky Pups Club
  213. Join meh first club please
  214. Join my kennel club The wolf pack!!!
  215. Be Wild! my new club :D
  216. The Water Hills! Now Open!
  217. Shepherd care centre now updated
  218. clubs
  219. The Cavendiish Hills Club is back
  220. TheLegendaryPugs kennal club is open
  221. Cosy Kennels Kennel Club
  222. plz join the Amazing Puppies Club
  223. New Kennels open to public
  224. Dreaming dogzer pals kennel open! :)
  225. Crystalwood Kennels
  226. Dogs of RiverClan
  227. club
  228. Plz join Guardian Of Wolves Kennel club
  229. Please join Disney Dogz Kennel Club!!
  230. Dog's just want to have fun
  231. please join my kenal club
  232. The swag dawg club
  233. Wrenwood Kennel Club GRAND OPENING
  234. Wrenwood Kennel Club Needs Boarders!
  235. Join Disney Dogz Kennel Club!
  236. Lil' Re-treat Club
  237. Please join my Kennel Club
  238. dogs in our care kennel club
  239. Paradise Paws Dog Kennels! <3
  240. Disney Dogz Kennel Club
  241. The Kennel Club!!!
  242. new kennel club
  243. To all the surfers!!!
  244. Staffies Trust Kennels
  245. All Dogs and pups are royality here is open now
  246. The Stardogs
  247. My Kennel Club
  248. House of Canine Kennel Club
  249. DoggieWorld
  250. Hotel Cortez