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  2. Pitbull capacity gains per generation with + 10 % cap bonus is not working right.
  3. Breeding Limit with German Shepherds.
  4. how do you predict a cap?
  5. What does Sterilize mean?
  6. What happens if your dog doesn't whelp the day it's supposed to?
  7. it wont let me breed mini moo
  8. How do I make my dogs hereditary strength go up?
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  10. LOD and Non LOD
  11. how to take care of pregnant dog
  12. A Breeding Ofer
  13. Whats the best time to breed a dog?
  14. Wont let me breed
  15. breeding group for cezchoslovakian wolfdogs
  16. Hereditary Points
  17. How do you breed?
  18. Brrreeding questions!
  19. Breeding?
  20. Breeding male dogs
  21. Private Sales
  22. No whelping option???
  23. Breeding your dog - How long do you have to wait to breed again?
  24. got a question!
  25. Creating a Breeding?
  26. Do you sterilized your dog?
  27. Forgot To Whelp
  28. Puppy question
  29. instinct bonus
  30. help!!
  31. Breed my two dogs
  32. cross breed
  33. Breed two own dogs
  34. How to breed 2 dogs
  35. Age
  36. Prestige Medals?
  37. I sent a breeding offer to a breeder...
  38. Double Instinct Bonus
  39. health
  40. Can't send an offer to breed
  41. Dogs
  42. Breeding
  43. Breeding Error: 1 puppy instead of 2?
  44. Inbreeding?
  45. Question about breeding a dog at the end of its day.
  46. Lod x non-lod = ?
  47. breeding
  48. help
  49. Cute doggies
  50. HS and Cap
  51. How many times can a Border Collie Female breed????
  52. How many times can a female German Shepherd Breed?
  53. What determines colour coats when puppies are born?
  54. Just a random, geeky question about progress stars
  55. improve breeding
  56. Breeding Limit
  57. Dog That Have Breeding Limits
  58. If I vaccinate my dog, can she still breed?
  59. Accidently sterillised my dog, what to do?
  60. Breeding and presence days
  61. just breeded
  62. How many times can Kira breed?
  63. help can't breed
  64. how many times can a samoyed breed?
  65. Just for fun
  66. How do you increase the cap?
  67. What is the best age to sell your dogs and how much should I sell them for?
  68. Fantatic coats
  69. Is there an age at which your dog cant breed anymore?
  70. help!
  71. Breeding my dogs....
  72. First Golden Paw?
  73. Bred?
  74. Affix
  75. Breeding
  76. Can non-members breed dogs?
  77. Help me plz plz plz plz!
  78. Publishing breeding offer
  79. How do you improve heredity strength faster?
  80. I've sterilised my dog by accident!!!
  81. How does maximum breeding work in this case..
  82. My puppy died
  83. Affixes
  84. I want to reset my game
  85. What age is your dog too old to breed?
  86. How many puppies do Poodles have?
  87. It says I abandoned my puppy
  88. Breeding Price raised?
  89. Наслед сила
  90. What is a golden paw?
  91. No whelping option
  92. What is global capacity PLEASE ANSWER ASAP
  93. cant see pups
  94. How do you raise the HS?
  95. help
  96. Can't Whelp the pups
  97. prestiege medal?
  98. Not old enough to breed
  99. baby auto-born with a bounus?!
  100. How do I get the doubled instinct?
  101. Instinct Bonus
  102. Breeding a Female 2 times in one day
  103. Sterilization
  104. Cross-breeding
  105. Can only breed 3 times?
  106. The breeding button has disappeared...
  107. Ring of Isis?
  108. Won't let me breed?
  109. How much improvement
  110. Wanting advice on border collie breeding
  111. "Dog" versus "Dogs"
  112. can't breed, why?
  113. no females
  114. New born dog doesn't appear anywhere
  115. can't breed my husky
  116. Minature Pinscher
  117. Trying to breed my female but it wont let me!
  118. I created a breeding of Australian shepherds but I can not register my dog.
  119. Whelping Action
  120. Why can I not mate HELP PLEASE
  121. How are puppy caps calculated?