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  1. Need Something? We'll get you it!
  2. The New Group On The Block *Human RP*
  3. Cole's Training and Border Collie Lovers
  4. Scruff's memory advertising and adopting
  5. Join the "Buy and Sell" group!
  6. Teen Life * RP *
  7. Into the Mountains *Animal RP*
  8. New and interesting group
  9. breeding for all people!
  10. Fox, Wolf and Human RP
  11. Dog shelter (please check it out, not an rp) :)
  12. Sophie's Sanctuary
  13. Red Wood Club - Bully Breeds!
  14. **New rule effective 04/07/13 - No offsite links/advertising permitted.**
  15. Contest for Manager
  16. wolves of ark forest
  17. Boy & Girl *Human RP*
  18. Group polls ( please participate! )
  19. Join my Group Dog Agility
  20. Midnight Blue Stables
  21. -New Group On The Block- **Dogzer Poll Group**
  22. Dogz Are Safe!!: The Group
  23. Story-line Competition! *The Wolf and Dog RP*
  24. the perfect pact new wolf rp
  25. new awesome, fantastic, and fun group!!!!
  26. Warm Pawz Rescue
  27. The German Shepard Dog Group
  28. Husky Group
  29. Group
  30. Dogs RP!!
  31. I think this is the right place...
  32. stop its the police dogs *RP*
  33. Ledgend Of The Husky! Looking for Manag. and Memb.
  34. GSD gems goup
  35. Join the New Group for dolphin lovers! Dolphin Supporters United!
  36. **Doggy-story**
  37. Dragon Riders R.P
  38. DeviantART Users group
  39. WriteMePup Gardens RP
  40. Living Together in Harmony...or Hatred? *Warrior Cat RP*
  41. My Little Friend :3 The Group
  42. I pat your back
  43. poll
  44. true!
  45. The Advice Group
  46. Moonlit Forests *Mythical Anime Wolf RP* Is looking for members
  47. Looking for members to join....
  48. Mystical Dogz ***THE ROLEPLAY***
  49. how to train your dragon 2!
  50. Czech Wolves U.S.A.
  51. Team Fun!
  52. go and win
  53. Shadow rescue
  54. my group
  55. need a friend
  56. German Shepherd Breeders group
  57. Save The Dogs! Today!
  58. 2 leaders, 2 packs, one destiny *Wolf RP*
  59. Group members needed
  60. Hi everyone
  61. Tokara's Rescue and Training Center - looking for Trainers and Fosters!
  62. PAWS FOR PUPS group
  63. Join the Wolves of the Wild- Canine RP!
  64. Somebody want to join my group; "Rottweiler-lovers" ?
  65. Rescue Group!
  66. Paws up *fox rp*
  67. old english sheepdog
  68. Looking for A Human Role play?
  69. Spirit inside
  70. Lion Role playing!
  71. Shadows of the forest *Wolf RP*
  72. Recruiting Members for Woodland Pack Roleplay Group
  73. Australian Legacy's
  74. Misunderstood *Dog and Wolf RP*
  75. Sophie's Sanctuary
  76. New Doctor Who club
  77. The trainers
  78. Howling for Freedom *Canine RP*
  79. Bear Cub Training and Adoption
  80. ~HYDRA~ Looking for Recruits
  81. The Willy Foundaion
  82. Do YOU love Goldern Retrievers? Or any other dogs?
  83. "The Doctor Who" Group - calling all Fans, Cosplayers and Steampunkers
  84. ~Second Chance~
  85. Western Adoption Group *please look* 200 dollars for sponcerers!
  86. Calling all 5sos fans!!!
  87. Two groups,please join them
  88. Breeding and Training Group, Earn Some Dogz!
  89. Royal Shelter Group Open!
  90. New group! "Rights For Dogs"
  91. S.d.f.c.s.
  92. Come Join My Dog (RP) Group!
  93. Some people join my group Wolf#doggie!!!
  94. someone please join my group
  95. Cavalier Lovers Group
  96. New RP and discussion group!!
  97. The Doggy Den
  98. New Role-Play Group.
  99. Gundogs united
  100. The Rescue & Training Group
  101. WAG(Western Adoption Group)
  102. Dogzer Dog Finder.com
  103. Dog Roleplay open to everyone
  104. Dog Roleplay open to anyone
  105. RolePlay Group: ~Dogs of the Beyond~
  106. Members
  107. The Defenders (Wolf Pack RP)
  108. The unwanted dog and puppy rescue and training group
  109. Bad Blood Dog RP
  110. Waggy Tails Adoption Group
  111. Thinking of creating a group
  112. Canis Lupus Gens
  113. Dog Rescue Club!
  114. Join the Poodle Lovers group if you love poodles!
  115. The Poodle Lovers group, Join if you have a passion for poodles!
  116. Nascar Rp
  117. The unwanted dog and puppy rescue and training
  118. New Wolf Rp
  119. GOOD DAYS DOG RESCUE please join
  120. Recent dog RP
  121. Dogz_R_US Training
  122. Dog Rescue Club
  123. New group for people that love story writing!
  124. Enter Da Shows
  126. Canine Hill Rescue Centre
  127. Introducing - the 'SWAP HOP'
  128. The City of Mongrels
  129. The latest Dog and Bonus SWAP Opportunities at the SWAP HOP Group
  130. Dog Rescue Club
  131. The Lone Survivors RP Group
  132. Introducing Riverside Cottage Dog Sanctuary
  133. October Swap Listings from the SWAP HOP Group
  134. Dog Rescue Club <Foster a dog month!>
  135. Heart & Paws Sanctuary
  136. This Is Real Love *Human RP*
  137. Forever A Wolf [RP]
  138. Come and join my group!
  139. Come check us out!
  140. President Position Open!
  141. Tidal Wave Rescue Center
  142. Noble Newfoundland Group
  143. WE Will help all dogs today
  144. Gateway Guardians
  145. The ultimate way to find the perfect pup! BreedZ 2 Buy
  146. The 80% HS doggies
  147. Sign up your dog for the ultimate pampering! @DaycareForDogs
  148. Introducing the Mutt Breeders Organization
  149. The Free souls (Wolf&Dog Pack RP)
  150. New Train and Breed Upon Request Group!
  151. Give to Save (SaveAdog group)