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  5. shows
  6. I cant enter my dog in shows
  7. How do you train for Agility?
  8. My dog
  9. help
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  19. championship
  20. championship
  21. can't enter shows anymore
  22. Champion competing in Class 2 shows
  23. hi
  24. Glitch, my dog went up a level in agility but hasn't been showed today.
  25. Two more required for Whippet Champs
  26. Cant participate in more than ten shows a day.
  27. My entered more shows that what he should have been with his strength.
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  29. Boxer Comps
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  36. Sled race
  37. Sunday Championships
  38. Not Winning Many Shows
  39. Champs needs one more person, please!
  40. Need one more dog!
  41. If I enter a dog in the Dogzer Champ,then sell it who gets the money if the dog......
  42. How many wins?
  43. Who is awake, please clear the lvl b and lvl 1 shows, thank you.
  44. Warning For Users Intentionally lowering Health to Drop Show Levels
  45. Please fill sled racing!
  46. Please fill Obedience and Truffle!
  47. Whoever is online, please fill in the level 1 and B categories in all shows!!
  48. Please fill in Obedience, Agility and Truffle in Level 1 !!!
  49. enter the dogzer championship!
  51. Anyone up with Wippets to fill the Greyhound Races
  52. What show is best for a...
  53. Please fill in the DOG Races (Whippets, Afghans and Wolfhounds)
  54. Champs not running
  55. Help!
  56. Show Wins Glitch
  57. Dog now losing more energy in shows???
  58. championship
  59. Ican'the create any show
  60. shows
  61. Championship
  62. Whippet, Borzoi and Afghan breeders..
  63. champs
  64. Chmp minmum
  65. Questions.
  66. Championship
  67. Champs assistance please ^^
  68. how do i win
  69. Rising Show/sled Dogs tips & advie please!
  70. Need Whippets, Borzois and Afghans
  71. Calling all WHIPPET, AFGHAN & BORZOI Breeders
  72. Dog's Needed
  73. Dog's Needed For Shows
  74. Sled race
  75. Help
  76. how
  77. Can't Enter Competition
  78. Please Help
  79. B shows need entering
  80. how do you teach your dog to do the things requiered to win the dog show?
  81. Sled racing entrants, please!
  82. Please may someone enter in b catagory shows
  83. Show bug
  84. Enter my show truffel please
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  86. Champs
  87. Greyhound Races
  88. Championship?
  89. What's the best sow for Shiba Inu's?
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  96. **Help with shows**
  97. Entering shows
  98. B agility
  99. B truffle
  100. Categories-What are they?
  101. Lvl 1 and B Agility
  102. Show level question, how long does it take for a dog too 'level up'.
  103. Dogs leveling up, while still having lower level shows to complete, what happens?
  104. Show grayed out, still earing slight skills.
  105. My dog
  106. Truffle shows B and 1 entering.
  107. Dog Not Leveling Up in Shows?
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  109. Can't register in Championship
  110. Is It Normal For 3rd At First?
  111. Please fill B Level Obedience and Truffle Shows
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  114. Agility questions
  115. championship
  116. Please enter in agility shows
  117. please enter disk dog 1 shows