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Hai I'm kinda doing an investor thing.
]You sell your dogs over for as low as possible.
I train (her/him/them) for how ever much it costs plus 600 dogz per dog to 80hs.
Then pretending on what cap u asked for, I will breed those dogs and train them up pretending on what u want.
Soo I'm kinda like a associate but I just help u for a small while
I have NEVER tried this out but I hope it will work. U can pm me if u wanna be part of my investing thing. I'm only doing it for less than a month and I'm going on holiday soon.
When I don't have a membership I won't be training any people's dogs.

Please ask if u have any questions!
I will sell them ALL back for the price it costed me and u will be happy because u have better cap dogs
I also do NORMAL dog training.
Also please msg back if u r intrested or think this is a good idea
Thanks y'all
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