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These are the right answers for dog trainer certificate:
  • During the training, does the trainer have to be the only person to take care of his/her dog? Yes
  • Is playing essential for the well-beig of your dog? Yes it is essential for his training
  • To train a dog well, one must: Favor short teaching periods
  • To train a dog well: one's must be firm (I don't remember the exact words)
  • To perform training exercices: I must make sure the dog has already been well trained
  • Sounds and visual signs must be used to train a dog: At the same time
  • Which one of these senses is most efficient in dogs? The sense of smell
  • It is important to start a lesson in a friendly and trustful mood: yes
  • The dog trainer's task mostly consists in: To improve the training of the dog's acquired bases

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Thank you so much for supplying! Locking and stickying thread
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