President of a breed club

The president of a breed club specializes in his/her favourite breed. He/she must be a real expert of the breed and its standard.

How many Presidents of a breed club are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
Keeping a ratio of one president of a breed club for every 100 dogs, helps your kennel club climb the ranking!

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Information about the president of a breed club profession.

President of a breed club: the expert on dog breeds…

A president of a breed club is someone who is specialized in a specific dog breed. They could be thought of as an authentic expert on this dog breed and its standards. The mission of a president of a breed club is to recruit the best dogs of this breed to their club.

The president of a breed club has several roles:
- They promote the breed to dog breeders by referring to current standards.
- They promote the breed to club members, dog judges and the general public.
- They organize meetings between enthusiasts of this breed.
- They support the amateurs of the breed.
- They uphold, highlight and improve the qualities which draw attention to the breed.
- They organize annual canine exhibitions.
- They give advice to future dog owners.
- They put in place the scoring grid. This grading grid shows all the criteria needed for a dog to be classed with the best canine exhibition prize-winners.
- They also establish an ethical code whereby dog breeders who have a quality breeding system appear on this charter and respect certain norms concerning the well-being and the lifestyle of their dogs: hygienic environment for the animals, feeding, regular visits to the vet to make sure the dogs are in good health, etc.

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  Hello! CarlaSt's Club is looking for a Vet. But I wish that you can come and take care by the dogs. thanks CarlaSt P.S. Pm me if you want a private offert