Kennel club: Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Creation: 07/03/2017
Owner:  Frost1232
Overall Ranking: 9th
Club Dogz' : Array

Hello and Welcome~! 

Any employees that perform their jobs will be sure to get a little reward for that extra bit of effort. That includes the "Take Care Of" button 3 times as well as your respective role:


Professional Breeder: "Ask for the Paw"
Dog Handler: "Take a quick look"
Dog Educator: "Whistle"
Dog Trainer: "Teach a Command"
Groomer: "Pamper"
Behaviorist: "Strengthen the Bond"
Vet: "Examine"
Cobbler: "Check the Accessories"
Dog Judge: "Check the Teeth"


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Collie adult - coat 34
Siberian Husky adult - coat 39
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adult - coat 8
Collie adult - coat 57
Labrador Retriever adult - coat 13



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