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Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Original Name: Coban Köpegi
Anatolian Shepherd Dog ##STADE## - coat 2
Also known as the Anatolian shepherd, the Kangal is originally from the plateau of Anatoliain Turkey. Accustomed to extreme changes in temperature, it is a very hardworking dog.

Its muzzle is slightly shorter than its skull and hides an extremely powerful jaw. In fact, it has the reputation for being the most powerful dog in the world.
Used as a guard dog with herds of sheep, it will not hesitate to attack a wolf to protect its herd.



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Anatolian Shepherd Dog ##STADE## - coat 2

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The Anatolian Shepherd breed, also known as the Karabash, is perceived as a large, fiercely loyal guard dog. The Anatolian Shepherd was originally bred in Anatolia, Turkey around 6,000 years ago as a livestock guardian dog. This breed was used to protect livestock from wolves, jackals, and bears with its superb strength, keen hearing, and remarkable eyesight. Having existed in an isolated part of Turkey, the breed hardly changed in its specific characteristics from the very first Karabash that was bred. The breed is believed to be a mix between a Kangal dog and some sort of mastiff due to the breed's massive size and close relation with the Kangal.

This dog breed is recognized for its noteworthy guarding skills in the protection of livestock in Africa against cheetahs. This actually saved the endangered cat species from extinction because the farmers were killing the cheetahs that attacked their livestock before the Anatolian Shepherd dog was there to prevent this from happening.

These dogs are able to get along quite well with both animals and humans if socialized at a young age, this is the same for obedience training since the breed can become stubborn as it gets older and more self-reliant.

Some physical characteristics of the Anatolian Shepherd include their broad heads, tall stature, thick necks, and long, thin muscular bodies. These physical features give the dog great endurance, ability to reach top speeds, and exceptional force, giving them the confidence to take on various predators. Most Anatolian Shepherds are known to live up to 10 years, depending on the type of care they receive from their owners. The coat color could range from brindle to piebald but the most common is a fully fawn coat with a black mask. Having a double coat, these dogs need to be groomed often due to heavy shedding each year and high temperatures that could endanger the dog's health.

As for the temperament, this dog was bred to be independent and forceful but also caring. This gave the breed an advantage when guarding herds because their instinct makes them take responsibility of its herd and ensure their safety without any assistance or guidance from its master.

A popular media appearance of an Anatolian Shepherd would be Butch from "Cats & Dogs" and "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" who was training novice spies for investigation purposes against mischievous cats who were planning to destroy all dog kind.

Overall, the Anatolian Shepherd is a trustworthy companion who will protect its herd at any cost and you can be sure that the ones the dog cares for are safe.
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Anatolian Shepherd Dog picture
Anatolian Shepherd Dog picture
Anatolian Shepherd Dog picture
Anatolian Shepherd Dog picture
Anatolian Shepherd Dog picture
Anatolian Shepherd Dog picture