Broken City {Dog RP}

Whoever may have told you you're never alone... they lied.

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Broken City


The date is unknown, and time is lost. The seasons, day, and night seem to have perished with the city. Nothing is left. What used to be stores and houses have been picked clean, and you're no likely to find sustenance there. Anything you will find is all rotten, and it's hard to get to it without having to fight. Everyone's either turned on one another or given up altogether. Hold on to the friends you have, but be careful never to put your full trust in anyone, because in this unstable world, when you're facing your greatest time of need, you are alone. No one can help you when they can barely help themselves. The city is broken.



A NOTE FROM JAY:  So, Kookie hasn't been on in a long time, and the RP has gotten kinda inactive   I'm gonna try to keep it running as best I can, but it might be a little hard for me to keep up with everything since I'll be in my Junior year this year and am likely to be busy and semi-inactive myself.   For now, however, a few things to note:

-I can't use pictures from DA unless you put them on your wall.

-Please don't pester me about stuff if I'm slow to respond- I do have a life outside of Dogzer, and it takes priority.

-Quite a few of the pictures have been broken since I last came on here.  I've done my best to replace them with accurate ones, but the likelihood of me finding the same pictures is very low.  If you're unhappy with the looks of your character now, please provide me with an alternate picture (see above).



- Don't join if you don't like role plays with the possibility of the following: Violence, blood & gore, death, birthing scenes, etc.

- Mating scenes are fine, as long as they remain as things like licking, pushing each other over, etc. You can also choose to skip them if you wish.

- Mating does not make you mates. One dog must ask the other to actually be mates. (sorry if wording is confusing there)

- None of that love at first sight junk. You may think they're attractive when you first see them, that's fine, but you can't ask to be mates when you first meet someone - take it at a somewhat realistic pace.

- Both people must agree to be mates/have pups.

- Limit of 4 pups per litter, 3 litters per she-dog. He-dogs may sire as many pups as they like (multiple mates, etc.).

- Dogs may have any number of crushes at any time, but only one mate at a time. You can leave your mate, or 'cheat' on them for added drama.

- You can't be your own mate/crush.

- Comment on a post until it is pushed down a good ways (preferably more than 5 comments in most cases). Don't make a million new posts please!!

- This is a dog RP - there can be purebred wolves, but you must have at least 2 dog characters first and you must always have at least one more dog than wolves. For example, if you have 3 dogs, you may have 2 wolves max.

- No playing other people's characters, and no using things from other people's form. I will create a character for you if you can't think of anything, or I can fill in certain categories for you, but no plagiarism.

- Check the rules again every few days, and I try to update the wall often.



- There are packs and groups, but not every dog has to be in a pack. Most dogs are on their own, or travelling in a small group. After all, friends in these times are few and far between.

- Please, please, PLEASE be realistic with the setting and storyline!!

- You can always look for 'open' dogs, I create them at random occasionally, or some dogs may become open upon someone leaving/being kicked out of the group.

- You may have as many dogs as you like, so please, create more than one!! The more the merrier!! (Though this isn't exactly a merry RP... you know what I mean!!)

- Check all this stuff often, I do a lot of updates. (including this section, rules, setting, important information at the bottom, etc.)




Nickname: (optional)

Gender: (she-dog or he-dog)

Breed: (optional, but if it's a mix-breed, please include a pic)

Appearance: (include fur colour, eye colour, and fur length/types at the very least) (fur lengths/types: short [weimaraner, shorthaired pointer], medium [border collie, german shepard], long [chow chow, husky/malamute], very long [afghan hound], wirehair [any wirehaired breed]

Size: (toy [like a yorkie or Chihuahua], small [like a beagle], medium [like a lab or border collie], large [like a Doberman, wolf dog, or Rottweiler], huge [like a Great Dane, mastiff, or Irish wolfhound])

Personality: (at least 3 traits)

Past: (at least a little bit)

Mate/Crush: (if you have a crush, just put 'Crush: ___', but if you have no mate or crush, put 'Mate/Crush: None')

Family: (please include whether they're mother/father, brother/sister, pups, etc.)

Talents: (limit of 4)

Flaws: (at least 1 or 2)

Other: (anything that doesn't fit above)

Played By: (Include this!!)



It's set in a post apocalyptic city some time in the future. It's huge, and there's no wilderness left. There are lots of places to use as shelter, but beware of those who may have gotten there first.


- The sky is always the generally the same: There's no way to tell the time, as the sun is a sickly pale disc, it's light barely visible between the clouds that shroud the sky. These clouds are always different shades of grey (on nice days), yellowish, orange, brown, etc. The amount of light is always like it's evening with lots of long shadows, and it's always about the temperature of fall: Cold, but not enough for the rain to freeze.

- There's a huge mall in the center, full of many stores. It could be used as shelter.

- The houses are at the south-west corner of the city, the two and three story ones closest to the center, the smaller one story ones farther away.

- There are many tall buildings (or used to be tall) surrounding the mall at the center with lots an lots of windows (or what's left of them).

- The rest of the city is mostly scattered with small stores, tall buildings, (or used to be, not as tall as closer to the center), and other places. There are uncountable alleys.

- Watch out, in some places the streets have split wide open, swallowing building whole, as well as any creature unfortunate enough to fall in.

- Most of the bodies from the 'disaster', as it's referred to most commonly, have been moved and buried by survivors, but don't be surprised if you find one, dog, human, or something else.



Almost every store, mall, and house is picked clean, and even trash bins don't always contain food. It's never easy to find.


- Any live prey you could catch would probably be rats, mice, crows, and occasionally a pigeon or even a raven.

- You might be able to find leftovers from another dog/animal's catch, or rotting things in the garbage cans, etc.



There are many dangers lurking in ever shadow, every alley, every corner. It's amazing that the number of dogs there are can manage to survive.


- There are raccoons, cats, other dogs, and even some humans who may be desperate enough for food...


- Living enemies are often the least of your problems. There're uncountable diseases, as well as other dangers.

- Rabies: Causes whoever is infected to go insane, suddenly having an overpowering desire to bite, but they never survive long. Either the disease gets them, or their lack of focus on the surrounding world. It's spread through biting or clawing, and can infect dogs, rats, raccoons, and cats. If a human gets it, they don't go insane, but they do still die within a week.

- Poisoning: Can come from toxic anything from the humans, which is no longer contained now that the disaster has torn everything apart, or food that is too rotten, or water with something bad in it. It may be minor and only cause vomiting, etc., or it may be worse and can cause extreme illness and/or death.

- Cold: Causes some loss of apatite, coughing, and/or runny/congested nose. Often caught if exposed to rain and cold for too long, and can escalate into a fever.

- Fever: Some symptoms are high temperature, lethargy, feeling cold (though they aren't), loss of apatite, vomiting, coughing, and/or runny/congested nose. Often caught if exposed to rain and cold for too long. Sometimes colds turn into fever.

- Infected/Festering wound: Sometimes, wounds received (especially from bites or if the wound is dirty) get infected, or even start to fester. Symptoms are redness, swelling, pain on touch, puss, a foul smell, and not healing. It's not lethal unless the wound is a bad one in a vital place, but it can cause other sicknesses that can be lethal.

- Most of the other diseases are unknown, how you get them, what they are, and what they do. There are infections of all sorts, as well as other illnesses.

- The Landscape: The streets are split wide open in some places, and they've swallowed human towers whole. Not only them, but there's broken glass, exposed wires, unstable structures, etc.




The Underdwellers - A pack of dogs living in the Underground, a series of tunnels beneath the streets. They are led by their alpha, Cardigan, and his brother Farkhaen, who is the beta.

The Sisterhood - A groups of she-dogs living in an old barn who are strongly against he-dogs. It is led by the alpha Duchess, and the beta Snow.


--The Dogs--

(Currently 68 all together.)

Remember, you can create as many characters as you want, so please, create away!!


~He-Dogs~ (currently 30)

Name: Jack

Nickname: Jack

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Foxhound/Labrador Retriever cross

Appearance: Short, tricoloured fur. Medium brown with a black patch that covers most of back, white toes, chest, and throat. Dark brown almond shaped eyes, long tail with slightly longer fur. Floppy ears with little patches of black, tall build with long legs.

Size: Medium/Large

Personality: Cautious, intelligent, kind. Doesn't trust strangers easily, and is always aware of his surroundings. He has a way of building walls around his heart, knowing that it can be dangerous to get too close to someone, or to let grief and loneliness get to him.

Past: He was born to a dying mother, and was the only of his litter to survive. An old dog took him in and cared for him until she died of old age. He'd learned just enough from her to be able to survive on his own.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: None

Talents: Finding scraps to eat, persevering, endurance, avoiding others.

Flaws: He's not good at fighting, as he tries to avoid it. Doesn't know how to hunt very well.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Benji

Nickname: Benji

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Basenji

Appearance: Short silky tricolour fur with soft hazel eyes. His left ear is torn in a deep 'V' shape.

Size: Small

Personality: Kind and caring, but knows how to fight.

Past: His mother was abandoned after she became pregnant, and the pups were born the night after. She only had to pups, Benji and Pogo. The next year their mother was hit by a car and killed, so Benji and his brother were alone. Then Pogo got seriously ill and was losing weight. He could not eat and soon, he died too.

Mate/Crush: None

Talents: Fighting and hunting.

Flaws: Keeping out of trouble (gets into fights a lot)

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: spartanhorse

Name: Napa (begotten by a wolf)

Nickname: Nap or Nappy

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: German Shepherd

Appearance: Medium length black and tan fur, thick build for his breed, triangular ears and an intimidating golden gaze. Slightly wolf-like in appearance, though there's no mistaking him for one.

Size: Large

Personality: Not friendly to any strangers, can be quite intimidating or aggressive. If he loves someone, he'll do anything for them.

Past: He had an elderly owner who loved him, but one day his owner went out and never came back for him.

Crush: Alexandra

Family: None that he knows of.

Talents: Protecting, fighting, hunting, talking to she-dogs.

Flaws: Can't speak about his past.

Other: Wants to meet Alexandra.

Played By: Percynutella 

Name: Juda

Nickname: Juda

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: German Shepherd mix

Appearance: Shortish medium length, brown fur with black and white patches.

Size: Large

Personality: Quiet but kind, level headed and very protective. He doesn't like to lead, but would make a great right hand man.

Past: He used to live on a farm with his person, but then his person left. He's been wandering around ever since.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: None

Talents: Running, hunting, and guarding.

Flaws: Swimming. Can't stand being in tight places.

Played By: vihuff 

Name: Renjiro

Nickname: Ren or Jiro (prefers Jiro)

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Akita Inu/Collie cross

Appearance: Golden/orange and white fur, dark eyes.

Size: Medium/Large (will grow to be huge)

Personality: Optomist, in stark contrast to his father. Still has many fears and doubts, but is still young and naïve and doesn't always know enough to be pessimistic. Doesn't totally understand why other dogs are so unfriendly. Like his father, he still dreams about the rabid dogs, always hunting, always hunting...

Past: After fleeing from a pack of rabid dogs at seven months, Renjiro found himself in a new part of the city where he started a new life.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: His father Akeno, but he doesn't know he's still alive.

Talents: Good at scavenging and taking down prey. Has an unusual ability to sense storms. Moderately good at fighting, but not nearly as good as his father.

Flaws: Can be naïve, and can get angry if pushed too far.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: JayZX535


Name: Akeno

Nickname: Aki (only for close friends)

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Akita Inu

Appearance: Short grey, black, and white fur. Dark eyes that have a haunted look to them, and a small scar over his right eyebrow.

Size: Huge

Personality: Akeno was once a caring and loving dog, but his time on the ruined streets has hardened him into a cold and distant warrior who cares little for anyone else. He has become bitter and angry and has often sought death, but never found it. He keeps a calm visage, but inside he is terrible afraid and haunted by nightmares. His worst fear is not being able to protect those he loves, so he avoids loving to avoid pain. Still, if he ever found the heart to love again, no one could find a more loyal friend.

Past: Akeno loved his owner above all else, but when the apocalypse began and his owner never returned he was forced into the streets. After waiting almost a week for his owner to return and surviving on the little he could find in her apartment, he was forced to seek food and shelter elsewhere. On the streets he was mocked and abused by former street dogs who had been homeless even before the disaster who called him a coward and a "pet". Several of them attacked him, and he was almost killed, but a scrappy young collie - whose name he later learned to be Melissa - intervened and drove them away. She acted as a bodyguard and trainer to him for several months, and during that time their friendship grew. Eventually she became his mate and bore for him a litter of pups, but only one survived its first three months. That pup was Renjiro. Akeno and Melissa raised Renjiro as long as they were able, but near his seventh month they left him behind at their home to gather food. When they returned a pack of strays had surrounded the den and were trying to get in. Akeno and Melissa drove them away, but Melissa was badly wounded and Akeno sustained a bite on his muzzle. Renjiro was nowhere to be found. The parents mourned the loss of their pup, but within months their troubles only worsened. Melissa contracted rabies from her wounds from the fight and went mad, forcing Akeno to flee. She pursued him for seven days and seven nights before she finally died. Akeno mourned her loss bitterly and wept over his own wound, knowing that it could just as easily been him who was taken and wondered why he could not have died too. But death was not his fate, and never had been. Not at that time nor any other since then. For weeks after, he mourned so bitterly that he barely ate, drank, or slept. He sought death, but could not find it. His heart grew cold, and he fought and even killed those who attacked him. Phantoms haunted his dreams and found him even in the waking world in the form of hallucinations. He avoided all contact with other dogs save those who fought him, and became one of the most famous fighters the city had ever known. He never talks about his past.

Mate: Isabelle

Family: Melissa, his old mate (deceased), and his sole surviving pup, Renjiro, who he just found out is alive.

Talents: Fighting, hunting, and staying alive.

Flaws: Angry and bitter; doesn't want to live but survives anyway.

Other: He has the uncanny ability to 'cheat death', even though he doesn't want to.

Played By: JayZX535


Name: Cujo

Nickname: Joey (if you call me this you're dead, unless I really - and I mean REALLY - like you)

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Thai Ridgeback

Appearance: Short, fiery copper fur with a distinctive ridge (fur growing the opposite way) along his spine. Black on muzzle, eyebrows, and tail tip. Sturdy, muscular, streamlined body with especially strong shoulders. Pointed prick ears, and his face can wrinkle in a way that shows extreme emotion - that is, if he lets himself feel any. Fairly loose skin on shoulders and ruff, quite big for his breed. Wears a heavy chain around his neck.

Size: Medium/Large

Personality: Particularly dominant, strong-willed, loyal, protective, and aggressive. He usually seems to have about the same amount of emotion as a rock, but beneath his hardened exterior is a very passionate dog.

Past: He was used as a guard dog, and spent his whole life chained up in the front and back yard of his master's house. He was fiercely loyal to that man. Though all the attention he ever really received was the occasional "Good boy.", pat on the head, or even a quick chin scratch, he knew his master cared deeply for him too. The disaster occurred when his master wasn't home. Cujo managed to break free of the chain as it was severely rusted by the rain (his master hadn't gotten him a new one because he knew Cujo wouldn't try to escape, or at least under normal conditions), and set out to find his master. He never found him, but he never gave up either.

Crush: Hazelnut

Family: None but his master, who he refuses to admit - to himself or anyone else - is probably dead.

Talents: Skilled fighter and protector, and great at enduring the harshest conditions.

Flaws: Can be too strong-willed or stubborn, and can hold grudges.

Other: If you so much as imply that my master is dead, you will be.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Lucky

Nickname: Luck

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Norwegian Lundehund

Appearance: Short, fairly soft light brown fur with dark brown and black tones, as well as white markings. Sturdy, husky-like build with a fluffy tail that sometimes curls over his back. Wide triangular ears, kind brown eyes. Unique extra dewclaws due to his breed - two on each forepaw rather than one, and one on each hind paw, rather than none. Also, he has extremely flexible joints.

Size: Small

Personality: Kind, friendly, positive, intelligent, bright, but knows better than to trust just anyone. Very loyal and protective of those he cares about, and can be brave, stubborn, and defensive.

Past: He was abandoned at around eight months, and barely survived, but figured out how to hunt and fight on his own. He remembers which house he lived in before getting dumped on the street, but nothing more about his time with the humans.

Crush: Kula

Family: None

Talents: Fighting (at least, for his size) and hiding (because of his size and outstanding flexibility). Amazing climber and bird hunter (bred for it).

Flaws: Can get a little too confident in his fighting abilities.

Other: Nothing else really.

Played By: Kookie99


Name: Seiko

Nickname: Seiko

Gender: He-dog

Breed: Dachsund/Boston Terrier cross

Appearance: Skinny body, gloomy black eyes, black ears, ginger fur, scar on his front right paw

Size: Small

Personality: Shy, cunning, mysterious, gloomy.

Past: He and his owner stayed together, until his owner passed away one night. He looked at his owner, licked him, and ran off into the wild. Until he found this place...

Mate/Crush: None

Family: He never knew his family, yet he can imagine them.

Talents: Hunting, being quiet.

Flaws: Speed.

Other: Nothing here.

Played by: roxieanimals

Name:  Cardigan

Nickname:  Carter

Gender:  He-dog

Breed:  Whippet

Appearance:   White with dark greyish-brown patches.  Has a fading scar that cuts through his right eyebrow.

Size:  Medium

Personality:  Mysterious and enigmatic, Cardigan is the leader of the Underdwellers, a pack of dogs that live in the old sewer system beneath the city which they discovered feeds into natural caves.  He is very brave and noble, but both him and his pack are fierce enemies if you get on their bad side.

Past: Cardigan slipped into a sinkhole several months prior and has been living underground ever since.  Over time he met other dogs who had fallen into a similar plight, and together they formed a community underground hunting rats and drinking water that trickles in from an underground stream.  They seldom venture aboveground, although they have several escape routes, and, consequently, are unheard of by the outside world.  Rabies has not yet spread to the realm of the Underdwellers, so they live in greater safety than many of the dogs from the outside.

Crush:  Razi

Family:  His brother, Farkhaen, who is also an Underdweller.

Talents:  Staying hidden, hunting even the largest sewer rats.

Flaws: Can be shy and awkward around those who make him feel uncomfortable, especially she-dogs.  Can be overly bossy around his pack.

Other:  Leader of the Underdwellers.

Played By:   JayZX535

Name:  Farkhaen

Nickname:  Kane

Gender:  He-dog

Breed:  Whippet

Appearance:   Grey and white patches

Size:  Medium

Personality:  Farkhaen is Cardigan’s younger brother and the Beta male of the Underdwellers.  He isn’t as domineering as his brother can be and is also more outgoing, but also somewhat naïve.  He’s more relaxed than Cardigan, but also avoids speaking his mind.

Past: Pretty much the same as Cardigan’s, except that he stumbled upon the Underdwellers a few months after Cardigan did.  He was overjoyed to be reunited with his brother!

Mate/Crush:  None current

Family:  Cardigan, his brother.

Talents:  Tracking, staying hidden (as most Underdwellers are)

Flaws:  Doesn’t always speak up, can be naïve.

Other:  Beta male of the Underdwellers.

Played By:  JayZX535

Name: Azrael

Nickname: Rael

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Anatolian Shepherd

Size: Large/Huge

Personality: Very protective and can seem aggressive. Tries to take care of others, and is very take charge.

Past: Was a shepherd in the mountains, but when his person stopped coming to check on the flocks, he left.

Mate/Crush: None

Talents: Running, herding, fighting.

Flaws: Swimming and fitting into tight spaces.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: vihuff


Name: Apollo

Nickname: Apollo

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

Appearance: Short white fur with brown markings and a peppering of brown spots.

Size: Small

Personality: Quiet, always listens to his mother. Usually doesn't speak to strangers. A good judge of character.

Past: Has always moved around with his mother and sister. He has never met a human before.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Leto (mother), Artemis (sister)

Talents: Predicting things, hunting, detecting lies.

Flaws: Running (short legs) and getting to know others.

Other: Nope.

Played By: vihuff

Name:  Rex

Nickname:  Rexy (only Kate calls him this, or else he gets mad)

Gender:  Male

Breed:  German Shepherd

Appearance: Typical German Shepherd markings.

Size:  Small (will grow to be large)

Personality:  Like Kate, Rex is an adventurer.  He is much more suspicious and untrusting than Kate, however he is still loyal and friendly to those he knows.  As her brother, he feels a responsibility to look out for Kate.  He’s not as reckless as she is, but (when he is older) he rarely turns down a challenge.

Past: His mother died when he and Kate were 7 months old.  His father died before they were born.

Mate/Crush:  None yet

Family:  Kate (sister)

Talents:  Hunting, will be good at fighting

Flaws: Can be suspicious and untrusting even when there isn’t any need.

Other:  Nothing

Played By: JayZX535


Name:  Jake

Nickname:  Jake

Gender:  Male

Breed:  Husky mix

Appearance: Grey and white fur and brilliant blue eyes

Size:  Medium

Personality:  Jake is enthusiastic and exuberant.  He is a pacifist, but will fight if he has to.  He doesn’t like when other dogs fight, and wants the dogs to work together to survive instead of fighting and competing.  Other dogs often think he’s “weird” because of this.

Past: Pretty normal- he was born shortly after the Disaster.

Mate/Crush:  None yet

Family:  None

Talents:  Peacekeeping, scavenging

Flaws: Prefers to avoid a fight at all costs, even when it is inevitable.  Can be naïve.

Other:  None

Played By:  JayZX535

Name: Daniel

Nickname: Dan (only for my father thanks), and his sister calls him Danny.

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Border Collie cross

Appearance: Short/medium length silver and black mottled coat with white chest, lets, underside, and stripe on face. Lean muscled yet sturdy build, prick ears, partially curled tail, pink and black spotted nose, icy light aqua eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Loyal, fiercely protective, cautious, loving, and would do anything for a pup, whether it belongs to him or not.

Past: He was born shortly after the Disaster, and his mother died giving birth to him and his sister. Their father raised them until he got in a fight with Rabids. He got bitten and drove his pups away in case he got sick. He had lived in an old barn with his sister until Rabids found them too. One of them bit him when he was protecting his sister, but it healed.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: Eclipse (sister), Kofi (father) who he doesn't know is still alive.

Talents: Running, fighting, scavenging, jumping.

Flaws: Swimming. He can be overly aggressive when his sister or anyone else he feels he needs to protect is around.

Other: Don't call me Dan, that's what my father called me, and I don't know if he's still alive.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Kofi (pronounced koh-fee)

Nickname: Kofi

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Border Collie

Appearance: Medium length, typical black and white border collie fur. Deep brown, almond shaped eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Often depressed since the loss of his pups, wary, distrustful, and angered easily. The only reason he goes on is because of the hope of finding his pups alive and safe. Won't let himself fall in love again - that would be disloyal to Linnea, wouldn't it?

Past: He lived on a farm with his mate Linnea, a pretty blue merle mix-breed. Soon after the Disaster struck, she gave birth to their two pups - Daniel and Eclipse - and died in the process. He mourned her loss deeply, but moved on to raise their pups. Before they were fully grown however, a small pack of Rabids attacked. He fought them off, but got bitten in the process. Afraid he would become a Rabid and attack his own pups, he forced them to leave, then went into hiding to await his death. When it did not come, and the bite healed, he went in search of his pups.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Daniel and Eclipse (pups)

Talents: Caring for pups, scavenging, fighting, finding shelter.

Flaws: He's depressed most of the time.

Other: Nope.

Played By: Kookie99


Name:  Kenji

Nickname:  Ken, Kenny (does NOT like being called Kenny by anyone but his closest friends)

Gender:  Male

Breed:  Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (is actually a purebred grey wolf)

Appearance: Pale grey and white fur, gold eyes.

Size:  Huge

Personality:  Kenji is still young, and so is somewhat rambunctious.  This often aggravates his surrogate mother Astrid, who is much more mild-mannered.  He’s somewhat naïve,  but is fiercely loyal and will fight to the death to defend those he loves.

Past: Kenji is actually a full-blooded grey wolf, however his ancestors moved into the cities before the Disaster and were mistaken for stray dogs.  Many interbred with dogs and created wolf-dog hybrids, but his parents were both fully wolf.  In order to protect him from those who might mistreat him for his ancestry, his friend and caretaker Astrid has told him that he is a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.  His parents died when he was still young, and Astrid, who had been living with them and raising her own litter, took him in as one of her own.

Mate/Crush:  None yet

Family:  All are deceased.  Astrid has become his adopted mother, but she isn’t actually related to him.

Talents:  Fighting, hunting.

Flaws: Talking with others, knowing when to be serious.

Other:  N/A

Played By:  JayZX535

Name: Oar
Nickname: Oar
Gender: He-dog
Breed: Chocolate lab/husky mix
Appearance: Shaggy, brown fur with amber eyes
Size: Medium
Personality: Brave, short-tempered, kind to most she-dogs
Past: He was born with humans, but when the distaster started he had been outside. He saw the house cave in and thought his sister was dead. Terrified, he ran as far as he could from his memories. He found a small shack that was falling apart, but was sturdy enough that he could live in. He's lived there ever since, only going out to find food and possibly a mate.
Mate/Crush: Wants
Family: Carma (mother; deceased), Jasmine (sister; unknown)
Talents: Fighting, finding food
Flaws: Swimming, dealing with his emotions
Other: He longs to have a mate and some pups
Played by: dragonluver9

Name:  Rai

Nickname:  Rai

Gender:  Male

Breed:  Border collie

Appearance: Brown and cream fur, brown eyes.  Numerous small scars on his face, and one big one across his throat that is only visible when the fur parts in a certain way.

Size:  Medium

Personality:  Rai is energetic and exuberant, and is very protective of his friends.  He doesn’t trust easily, but he has a certain uncommon bravery about him.

Past: Rai was almost killed by wild dogs when defending his sister Myst and their flock of sheep shortly before the disaster.  He was left for dead, but was taken in by another pack of wild dogs and nursed back to health.  He has partial amnesia and doesn’t know that Myst is still alive.  He’s often driven by compulsions that he doesn’t understand because of his partial amnesia, but those compulsions are what drives him to keep seeking Myst.

Mate/Crush:  None current

Family:  Myst (he doesn’t know she’s still alive)

Talents:  Fighting, hunting

Flaws: Knowing when to stop and back down.

Other:  None

Played By:  JayZX535

Name: Adolphus (meaning 'noble wolf')

Nickname: Adolph

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Mix (mostly unknown, but his mother was a shepherd and his grandfather was a wolf)

Appearance: Short, smooth, light brown fur with white underside, white stripe up back of neck, white tail tip, and chocolate fleck here and there on his back. Broad, muscular shoulders, and a strong neck and chest. Powerful legs, semi-prick ears, half curled tail that sometimes goes straight. Deep brown eyes, black collar with tags.

Size: Huge

Personality: Kind, confident, brave, loyal, and always tries to do what's right. Loves pups, pretty smart, extremely protective, sensitive, but can also be strong-willed.

Past: He was a working dog, and pulled things during the day, then he would come home later and protect the house. He spent his life in the backyard. He was fiercely loyal to his humans, especially a very young human pup named Emily. When the Disaster hit, he saved her from a fatal fall into a chasm and brought her to safety. She was the only of his humans to survive, and he is still trying to keep her alive.

Crush: Myst

Family: Emily the human pup (not blood related obviously)

Talents: Fighting, hunting, hearing, enduring.

Flaws: Scavenging - he never trusts his nose.

Other: Nope.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Oni (meaning 'born in sacred abode')

Nickname: Oni

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Purebred Wolf

Appearance: Soft brown, black, and white flecked fur, fairly muscular, milky blind eyes.

Size: Small/Medium (will grow to be huge)

Personality: Excitable, loving, curious, doesn't listen well, friendly. Gets into absolutely everything he can.

Past: He was born after the Disaster, and was the only of his litter of three to survive. His mother died giving birth, and Neera took him in.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Neera (he believes her to be his mother, but she's not)

Talents: Tracking, making friends, scavenging.

Flaws: Hunting and fighting - it's hard when you're blind.

Other: He travels with Neera, who he thinks is his mother.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Dodge

Nickname: Dodge

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Australian Kelpie

Appearance: Short, flat, chocolate coloured fur with tan markings and some tiny white markings on his chest. Long upright ears, well muscled, grey eyes.

Size: Medium (on the smaller side, will grow a bit bigger)

Personality: Brave, independent, strong-willed, outspoken, and will often act and think later. He's intelligent, but doesn't always use his head before diving into a situation.

Past: He was born shortly after the Disaster, but not much else.

Crush: Kate

Family: Ayana (mother), Lorita (sister), and Aida (adoptive sister).

Talents: Fighting and agility. He's a quick learner, and great at puzzling things out if he puts his mind to it.

Flaws: Has trouble hunting and finding food. Often worries about what he'll do when he must leave his mother's side.

Other: Nothing.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Tajo (meaning 'day')

Nickname: Taj

Gender: He-Dog

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

Appearance: Short, smooth, golden copper fur, light brown eyes, large floppy ears. Lean but very well muscled, especially in his legs and shoulders. Wears a green collar with tags. Has a lanky, tall build.

Size: Medium/Large

Personality: Forthright and assertive, Tajo is intelligent, and always tries to take matters into his own grasp. He's good at settling arguments, but can become obstinate when frustrated. He is loyal and protective of those he's close to, and has a strong sense of what's right and wrong. Adventurous and inquisitive.

Past: He was born just before the Disaster, and a building collapsed on top of him and his family during it. He had started to wander off, and was lucky enough to have the piece of roof that fell over him get propped up by another chunk of rubble. By the time the Disaster was over, his family was dead. The next dogs to find him were two Rabids - they dug him out and he narrowly escaped, sustaining a bite on the hindquarters. Again he was incredibly lucky, and didn't catch the foaming mouth disease. By this time he was half-starved and too young to find food on his own, but then an elderly he-dog gave him some food and taught him just enough about scavenging to keep him alive. He went by instincts and taught himself how to hunt as well. He eventually learned how to fight since he got so much practice with raccoons and other dogs.

Mate/Crush: None at the moment.

Family: All deceased.

Talents: Hunting, scavenging, fighting, agility.

Flaws: Sometimes he just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

Other: Nope.

Played By: Kookie99


~She-Dogs~ (Currently 38)


Name: Alexandra

Nickname: Alex or Lexi (prefers Alex, her sisters called her Lexi)

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Border Collie/Golden Retriever cross

Appearance: Medium length silky brown fur with patches of black with some darker brown, brown eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Kind and persevering, since she was the oldest of three sisters, she knows how to take charge and care for others. Will sacrifice her life for someone she loves.

Past: Her parents died when the disaster hit. Only her and her two younger sisters survived out of her parents two litters. She was only eleven months when she was suddenly forced to take care of both her sisters. Her and her sisters lived in an old house until it caught fire for and unknown reason. The youngest sister was trapped in the house, and died from the fire and poisonous fumes. She thinks the other sister died, but she got away. Alexandra barely managed to escape herself.

Crush: Napa

Family: Two younger sisters (one of which is dead), Lily and Rose. Parents died when she was 11 months old, and she never knew them.

Talents: Making quick decisions, taking care of others, being strong, and running.

Flaws: Fighting and relaxing.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: Starhine232


Name: Your Heart's Chosen

Nickname: Sangha

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Australian Shepherd/Kelpie cross

Looks: Reddish brown fur with lighter spots, bright blue eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Has learned how to control her emotions, would love to be everyone's friend, but that's not possible. Can be harsh sometimes, but not usually. If she likes you she'll show it, is able to recognize if someone is lying, tries to speak only the truth, can be flirty. It takes time to get to know the real her, pretends to be tough so she doesn't seem weak, doesn't get angry easily, but if she does get angry, beware.

Past: She was owned by an old man who was really kind, but didn't have the money to buy food for her, so the old man set her free.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Mother died of heart disease, father died in a car accident, sister died to hunger (her owner didn't feed her), brother's owner put him down (they thought he was aggressive, though he wasn't), other sister drowned as a pup.

Talents: Hiding, jumping, controlling her emotions.

Flaws: Fighting, hunting, self-defense.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: Neapsu_

Name: Dappled Shade

Nickname: Shade

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Large Munsterlander

Appearance: Slender, longish legs, earnest deep brown eyes. Medium length, jet black fur, white patches filled with black spots, white patch on side of muzzle, long fur on floppy ears and half docked tail. Wears an old, battered, faded, pale brown collar, still with tags.

Size: Medium

Personality: Kind, shy, can be nervous, defensive, fierce if you get to close. Always seems to be stressed.

Past: Her owner was killed in the disaster when she was still a young pup, and she stood guard over her young master's body for a long time. When her old house failed to provide any more shelter or food, she reluctantly left, and began to roam the city.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: None

Talents: Great hunter (bred for it), pretty good fighter, great swimmer (though there's nowhere to swim) and tracker.

Flaws: Trusting others, dealing with her emotions.

Other: She misses her owner, but tries not to think about her, and doesn't dare go back to where they used to live.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Leah

Nickname: Lee

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Appearance: Long tricolour fur, stumpy tail, triangular, rich brown eyes, floppy ears.

Size: Medium

Personality: Energetic, enthusiastic, light spirited, positive, bright, bouncy, caring, trusting, outgoing. Pretty childish, and easily upset by fighting of any kind.

Past: She lived with a very active family and they always took her to fun places. When the disaster hit, they were killed, crushed beneath the roof which fell in.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: None

Talents: Herding (bred for it), lifting spirits, keeping the mood positive, avoiding her feelings.

Flaws: Finding food, hunting, fighting, handling arguing.

Other: She knows deep down that her owners are dead, but she doesn't let herself acknowledge it, and often hides from her feelings behind her always positive personality.

Played By: Kookie99



Name: Noir

Nickname: Noir

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: German Shepherd mix

Appearance: Medium length, jet black fur, kind brown eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Very sweet, loving, and caring, but is also fearful and nervous much of the time. She hides from any humans she sees, as well as most other dogs. She prefers to be alone, and hunts at night when her fur blends into the shadows to avoid being seen.

Past: Even before the disasters shook the city, she was abused by her owner. After she was abandoned, she started a life on the streets.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Talents: Stealth, good at hunting and finding small prey.

Flaws: Too fearful to want to trust, sometimes naïve.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: JayZX535

Name: Shadow

Nickname: Shadow

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: German Shepherd

Appearance: Medium length, dark mottled brown coat, white tipped hind legs and tan forelegs.

Size: Medium

Personality: Fierce, can be very mistrustful, bit is friendly when she knows you well. It takes a long time for her to get used to others, hates people, has a quick mind, enjoys working things out.  Desperately wants to be reconciled to Snow, but would never admit it to herself or to anyone else.

Past: Her parents were bred to be police dogs, but were the wrong colours. She was born behind a dustbin to a mother who hated her (she was too dark in colour). An old he-dog took her in and taught her how to fight, but nothing else. When he fell into a collapsed building, he died, leaving her alone. As all she knew was fighting, she stole food from other dogs and fought them for everything until she figured out how to hunt and scavenge.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Her mother (named Skypaw) hates her, her father Albino has been missing since he was abandoned, her brother Sparky and sister Snow are still alive in the city. None of them like her.

Talents: Fighting, working things out, hunting, good memory.

Flaws: Can't understand others, is quite aggressive.

Other: Is very mistrustful of others and takes a long time to forget any wrongs.

Played By: JayZX535


Name: Ebony

Nickname: Ebony

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: German Shepherd/Husky cross

Appearance: Sleek, medium length, black and cream fur with some white and tan. Large, triangular ears, piercing icy blue eyes, lean muscles, strong shoulders. Wears a blue collar.

Size: Medium

Personality: Intelligent, clever, fiercely loyal and defensive, strong-willed.

Past: She was in her humans' backyard when the ground opened up and swallowed their house. She barely managed to escape by jumping the fence.

Crush: Jude

Family: None

Talents: Running, endurance, fighting, finding food/hunting.

Flaws: When she loses her temper, she has a hard time getting it back and can make reckless decisions.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: Kookie99

Name:  Jenna

Nickname:  Jen

Gender:  She-dog

Breed:  Shepherd mix

Appearance:   Medium-length tan fur with grey and white patches.  Dark brown eyes.

Size:  Medium

Personality:  Shy and quiet most of the time, but has a brave heart.  Wants a friend, as most young dogs do, but is afraid to try and find one in the fierce world.  Rarely speaks her mind, and is often fearful.

Past: Fairly normal- was the sole surviving pup in her litter, and her mother died shortly after Jenna’s 7-month birthday.

Mate/Crush:  None

Family:  All are deceased

Talents:  Finding food even in desolation, good intuition.

Flaws: Very, very shy, doesn’t speak up often

Other:  Not really anything.

Played By:  JayZX535

Name: Isabelle

Nickname: Issy or Bell (both are only for close friends, and can get angry if you use it too soon)

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Border Collie mix

Appearance: Scrawny, lanky, and unkempt fur most of the time. Medium length, white fur with big black patches, and little black spots on her face and legs. Guarded dark brown eyes, and large ears that are sometimes floppy, sometimes perked, and occasionally (not as much since the disaster) both. The left one has a deep, V-shaped tear down the middle, her muzzle bares many small scars, and she has a long, ragged one on her right shoulder left over from a deep gash.

Size: Medium (the runt of the litter)

Personality: Intelligent, clever, likes to make jokes, but has never trusted anyone since her mother died. She can be touchy, extremely defensive, fierce, and easily agitated. She's learned to build hard, sturdy walls around her heart to block out her feelings, and tends to be very aggressive.

Past: She was born into a filthy house, which was in terrible condition. Her owner - who she resented - had too many dogs in a small space and didn't really take care of them, just putting out whatever food scraps they happened to have and some foul tasting water. She was always getting attacked by the many frightened and aggressive dogs in that house, despite her mother's valiant efforts to defend her. Her one brother died early on from some sort of sickness, and she never really knew him. She'd somehow pulled through every time she'd gotten sick herself, though she'd never tried, and frankly didn't care whether or not she lived. One day a bunch of starving, desperate dogs - including her father - attacked her mother. She did her best to fight them off, but her mother later died of her wounds. She was furious, and thought all other dogs to be the same. From then on, she always fought with the other dogs, and even killed a few (only partially by accident). They grew to fear her and keep their distance, though some of them still challenged her occasionally. Finally, all the dogs were taken away by other humans. She managed to slip away without being noticed, and ran away into the streets. The disaster happened not long after, and she had to learn to survive on her own. She never knew that one or two of the dogs who approached her had been trying to help her, having been instantly aggressive to anyone she saw. She nearly starved, but finally taught herself how to hunt and scavenge. Since then she's lived alone, avoiding everyone else.

Mate: Akeno

Family: Her mother (deceased).

Talents: Amazing stealth, and can pretty much disappear when she wants. Amazing fighter, as she's been doing it her whole life, and a fair hunter/scavenger, though it's not her strong point.

Flaws: Once she's riled up she can't seem to calm down, and she doesn't think that anyone can be trusted.

Other: She secretly longs for companionship, but won't let herself think about it, nor feel it. She's always lived in solitude, and won't let herself want otherwise. On top of that, she's afraid that anyone she'd get close to would turn on her.

Played By: Kookie99


Name: Sky Lilly

Nickname: Lilly, Sky, Lillyana

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Appearance: Sleek, medium length white fur with brown, grey, and black patches. A soft smile and sweet hazel/amber eyes.

Size: Smallish-Medium

Personality: Usually shy unless she likes you - then she's flirty. Frightened by a lot of things.

Past: Was owned by a lovely girl. One day the girl went to the market - or at least she thought she did - and never came back. The girl's father was still there but he tried to kill her... she still has a scar from the outcome - and it was way worse than the little scar.

Crush: Napa

Family: None she remembers.

Talents: Jumping, running, swimming (though there isn't exactly a place to swim), and howling.

Flaws: Trusting (sometimes she does too easily, sometimes not easily enough), talking to he-dogs.

Other: Loves a good howl. Is really confused about the world around her and why it turned against her.

Played By: em062100.

Name: Razi (meaning secret)

Nickname: Zi or Zizi

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Whippet

Appearance: Very short, dusty coloured fur with a faint tiger brindle. Very lanky, and a bit gaunt, with the curved back of a running dog. A long tail, semi-pricked ears, round light brown eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Extremely nervous, jumpy, anxious, and overly cautious. If you can get to know her (meaning you'd have to be able to approach her, good luck with that) she's very sweet, loyal, and surprisingly protective. If it's someone she cares about, she becomes very brave and can forget her fear.

Past: She was born in a pet store, and adopted by a man who used to smoke constantly and beat her whenever he was drunk (which was most of the time). Finally she was taken away from him and put into the pound, and that's when the disaster happened. The building nearly caved in on top of her.

Crush: Cardigan

Family: None

Talents: Amazing runner (bred for it), jumper, and hunter.

Flaws: Though she can hunt, she has trouble finding food in dumpsters, etc. She's a terrible fighter most of the time - she couldn't fight to save her life. But she could to save someone else's.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Kula

Nickname: Kula

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Kooikerhondje

Appearance: Silky, medium length red and white fur with long fur on tail and ears, black on ears. Dark brown eyes, long, pluming tail. Left hind leg is lame.

Size: Medium

Personality: Kind, caring, but careful. Clever, thoughtful, reasonable, and level-headed.

Past: Her owner abused her severely, so she ran away.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: None. Her owner killed them.

Talents: Good with other dogs but she knows how to stand up for herself.

Flaws: She finds it hard to hunt because of her lame leg.

Other: She is lame in her left hind leg because of her owner's beatings.

Played By: spartanhorse

Name: Asta (meaning 'star')

Nickname: Ast

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Carolina Dog/American Dingo (two names for same breed)

Appearance: Medium length, dense, grey and white fur with light blue eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Outspoken, straight forward, and a bit too readily friendly with strangers. She just wants a friend, and often forgets to think practically.

Past: She was a bit spoiled by her owners, but was separated from then when the disaster happened.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: None

Talents: Running and endurance (bred for it).

Flaws: Too friendly with strangers, and not great at fighting.

Other: Nothing to say here.

Played By: germansheperdgirl357


Name: Saraki
Nickname: Sara
Gender: She-dog
Breed: Brittany Spaniel
Apperance: Skinny body, black and white fur, solemn misty grey eyes.
Size: Small
Personality: Shy, curious, independent.
Past: Her owner abandoned her in the forest, so she hunted and fought for herself. One day, she came here...
Mate/Crush: None
Family: They all died of food poisoning.
Talents: Has yet to discover herself
Flaws: Has yet to discover herself
Other: She knew dog food wasn't supposed to have legs, so she didn't eat it. Thats why her family had food poisoning
Played by: roxieanimals


Name: Alicia

Nickname: Ally

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Collie

Appearance: Dark brown, light brown, and white long fur. Brown eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Smart, creative, loyal, very aware of what's going on.

Past: Lived with her people happily until the incident.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Two brothers.

Talents: Good tracker and hunter, good hearing, agile.

Flaws: Sensitive ears.

Other: Second of her litter.

Played By: ZPuppyLover

Name: Leto

Nickname: Leto

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

Appearance: Short white fur with brown markings and brown freckles. Brown eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Stern. She has a tough exterior, and has the heart of a warrior. She doesn't like to show emotion. She has a soft spot, but it's almost impossible to reach. She would do anything for her pups, and doesn't trust anyone around them.

Past: Her and her owner were hunters, and she was being used to breed, but then her owner died and she was left alone with her newborn pups.

Crush: Jack

Family: Artemis (pup) and Apollo (pup)

Talents: Running, hunting, swimming, and fighting.

Flaws: Jumping and trusting others.

Other: Nope.

Played By: vihuff

Name: Artemis

Nickname: Artie or Missie

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

Appearance: Short pure white fur with bold brown markings.

Size: Small

Personality: Very kind and energetic. She loves to play and make new friends. She pushes her mother's boundaries and adores her brother.

Past: Has always moved around with her mother and brother. She has never met a human before.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Leto (mother), Apollo (brother)

Talents: Tracking and making friends.

Flaws: Running (short legs), giving people space.

Other: Nope.

Played By: vihuff

Name: Rose

Nickname: Rosie

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Appearance: Medium length tricolour fur, amber eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Calm, friendly, and good-natured.

Past: Used to live in a loving family.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: None

Talents: Hunting, swimming, and fighting.

Flaws: Fitting into small spaces.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: puppy 12543

Name: Kiara

Nickname: Kiar

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: German Shepherd

Appearance: Fluffy white fur, blue eyes.

Size: Large

Personality: Calm and loving, but can get scared sometimes; clumsy.

Past: She got lost.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Dead.

Talents: Swimming and jumping.

Flaws: She's nervous.

Other: Negative.

Played By: germansheperdgirl357


Name: Shiloh

Nickname: Lolo

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Papillon

Appearance: Long brown and white fur and blue eyes.

Size: Toy

Personality: Calm and loving, but fearful.

Past: Has always been out on the streets.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: William, her step brother.

Talents: Swimming

Flaws: Fighting

Other: Nothing.

Played By: chihuahuabreeders

Name: Snow

Nickname: Snowy

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: German Shepherd

Appearance: Silky white fur and rich, dark green eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Confident, can get cocky and arrogant, maybe a little conceited, careless. Doesn't feel things too deeply and she knows it. A flirt.

Past: Her parents were bred to be police dogs, but were the wrong colours. When she was born her mother hated her sister because she was the wrong colour, but tolerated Snow however, because she reminded her of her mate Albino. She was raised until she was just old enough to survive on her own, then dumped. That's when Disaster hit. Afterwards, she quickly met a muscular malamute named Boulder and they became mates, but he soon left her for a pretty retriever mix. She spent a lot of her time going from he-dog to he-dog, not really caring, until she met Duchess. They got along, and when Duchess invited her to become beta of her pack, she accepted. They called it the Sisterhood.

Crush: Almost any he-dog.

Family: Her mother Skypaw who doesn't care much for her, her father Albino who's missing, her brother Sparky and his sister Shadow who are still alive in the city, but she hates them (she doesn't recall why, but refuses to admit it).

Talents: Swimming, hunting, running, jumping.

Flaws: Fighting, caring for pups, or caring at all.

Other: Beta of the Sisterhood.

Played By: Kookie99

Name:  Kate

Nickname:  Kat

Gender:  Female

Breed: German Shepherd

Appearance: Typical German Shepherd markings.

Size:  Small (will grow to be large)

Personality:  Much like her brother Rex, Kate is adventurous and bold.  She rarely looks before she leaps, and doesn’t always think before speaking.  She is very smart and loyal.

Past: Her mother died when she and Rex were 7 months old.  Her father was killed before she and Rex were born.

Mate/Crush:  None yet.

Family:  Rex (brother)

Talents:  Good at being quiet, very fast

Flaws: Too impulsive, can be too trusting

Other:  Nothing

Played By: JayZX535

Name: Eclipse

Nickname: Clipse (her brother calls her Clipsie)

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Border Collie cross

Appearance: Medium length, blue merle fur with white and brown markings, including white tipped tail. Golden coloured eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Kind, clever, loving. Usually normal, but on occasion she can seem a bit insane.

Past: She was born shortly after the Disaster, and her mother died giving birth to her and her brother. Their father raised them until he got bitten while defending them from Rabids. He drove them away, afraid that he might get sick and attack them. She was living in an old barn with her brother until they were found by more Rabids.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: Daniel (brother), Kofi (father) who she doesn't know is still alive.

Talents: Stealth, hunting, running.

Flaws: Tracking, scavenging, swimming, and she's deathly afraid of Rabids.

Other: N/A

Played By: Kookie99


Name: Gale
Nickname: Gale
Gender: Female
Breed: Border Collie x Husky
Appearance: Pure white fur, one ear up and one down. Still has her collar on.
Size: Small/Medium
Personality: Skilful, shy.
Past: Her mother died when she was young. Her father taught her everything about surviving. Her father died of starvation by giving her the last food. Gale always feels guilty about her fathers death.
Mate/Crush: None
Family: None
Talents: Hunting, fighting.
Flaws: Can't speak about her past.
Other: Nope.
Played By: melodymagic
Name: Duchess
Nickname: Duchess
Gender: She-Dog
Breed: Border Collie cross
Appearance: Medium length, red merle fur with plenty of white, very slender with long, graceful features, lush pluming tail, frigid silver/blue eyes.
Size: Medium
Personality: Very full of herself, confident, dominant, commanding, dainty, regal, irritable. Despises pups.
Past: She lived in a mansion with a very rich elderly couple. When the disaster struck, she left the mansion and went in search of company. She met a he-dog, a Tibetan mastiff, and he led her to believe that he loved her for a long time. One day however, he disappeared for reasons unknown to her, and she never forgave him. She started up the Sisterhood after finding Snow to be the beta, and decided that it would be a pack made up entirely of she-dogs.
Mate/Crush: Pfft, of course not!
Family: None.
Talents: Speed, fishing (not that there are any fish), finding shelter.
Flaws: Hunting, scavenging, fighting, caring.
Other: She is alpha of the Sisterhood, which lives in an old barn, and she hates he-dogs.
Played By: Kookie99
Name:  Astrid (means “Divine Strength”)
Nickname:  Astri- only Kenji calls her this
Gender: Female
Breed:  Finnish spitz
Appearance:   Coarse copper fur and dark eyes.
Size:  Large
Personality:  Astrid is fiercely protective and a tough fighter, despite being a girl.  She doesn’t let ANYONE - not nobody, not no-how - look down on her because she’s female, but she doesn’t hate he-dogs either.  She detests Duchess and Snow for what they are doing, having raised Kenji and her own litter of puppies with her mate Kuno, who loved her until the day he died.  She’s very tomboyish and somewhat bossy, but is less hyperactive than Kenji.  She feels guilty about lying to him about his true identity, but justifies it by reminding herself of what might happen if she told him…
Past:  Astrid ran away from her abusive owners as a young dog and grew up on the streets even before the Disaster.  When the Disaster struck she met Kuno and Kenji’s parents, and the foursome formed a band.  After the chaos had begun to settle down, both she and Aryana (Kenji’s mother) birthed litters of puppies, but sickness took Aryana, her mate, and Kuno.  She raised Kenji along with her own litter, and Kenji has stayed with her ever since her own pups dispersed.
Mate/Crush:  None current
Family:  Kuno (deceased), several pups that she doesn’t know where they are, Kenji (adopted son)
Talents:  Fighting, hunting.
Flaws: Knowing when to back down, is often bossy/overly assertive.
Other:  If you mess with Kenji, you mess with me.  Don’t talk back, or you WILL be sorry.
Played By:  JayZX535
Name: Jasmine
Nickname: Jazz
Gender: She-dog
Breed: A black lab/husky mix
Appearance: Long, black fur with golden eyes and a red collar and only one eye
Size: Medium
Personality: Smart alec, short-tempered, kind to some
Past: Jasmine lived with humans since she was a pup, but when the diasaster started the roof to her home caved in, and Jasmine lost an eye due to this.
Crush: Phoenix
Family: Carma (mother; deceased), Oar (brother; unknown)
Talents: Climbing, running, fighting
Flaws: Swimming (her long fur drags her down) and dealing with her emotions
Other: Nothing here
Played by: dragonluver9

Name:  Myst

Nickname:  Mystie

Gender:  Female

Breed:  Border Collie

Appearance: Black and white, medium length fur, brown eyes.

Size:  Medium

Personality:  Myst is shy and reserved and is afraid of most other dogs, but is friendly and loyal when you get to know her.  She dislikes fighting, but will if she absolutely has to.  She can be very defensive if others are critical of her, and still feels like a traitor because she was unable to protect her brother.

Past: Myst lived in a small farm outside of the city, but was blamed for attacking her flock of sheep and killing her brother, another sheepdog, when it was really the fault of wild dogs.  She was taken to be euthanized, but the Disaster struck as they were on their way to the vet.  The car she was in flipped, and  Myst escaped through a broken window.  She’s lived on the streets ever since.

Crush:  Luke

Family:  Rai (her brother, supposedly deceased, but who actually survived and was taken in by a pack of wild dogs)

Talents:  Hunting and finding food

Flaws: Fighting, shyness

Other:  None

Played By:  JayZX535

Name: Neera (Indian name meaning 'powerful')

Nickname: Neera

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Saarloos Wolfhond (created by backcrossing the shepherd with the wolf)

Appearance: Generally looks a lot like a wolf. Short, thick, reddish orange fur with white markings on the underside, chest and face, darker red on the back. Lean, very noticeable muscles. Wolfish build and facial features, penetrating golden eyes that strongly resemble a wolf. Second smallest of her litter.

Size: Medium/Large

Personality: Confident, forceful, forthright, honest, brave. Extremely strong pack instinct, distrustful of any and all strangers.

Past: She lived with a man who was secretly breeding purebred wolves, even though it was illegal. He was trying to save them, since there weren't any left other than the ones a few select people had in secret. They claimed that they were all hybrids. Neera learned to be able to tell if a 'hybrid' is really a pure wolf.

Crush: Kenji

Family: None

Talents: Fighting, hunting (feral instincts help quite a bit), tracking, hearing.

Flaws: Once she gets into a fight, her wild instincts take over and she stops thinking properly. Otherwise, however, she's learned to control them.

Other: Travels with a small wolf pup, Mingo.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Selene (meaning 'moon')

Nickname: Moon (Only for those she really likes can call her this)

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Appearance: All white, short but thick fur. Light chocolate eyes. Larger than average ears, which are light pink inside.

Size: Medium

Personality: Very kind, can be shy or outgoing, depending on who she's with. she is very loyal and loving. She doesn't like conflict. She is very caring and romantic. She likes to have fun, and loves to make others smile. She likes to take care of others as long as they can protect her.

Past: She was born not long after the Disaster. Her mother passed from sickness. She never knew her father.

Crush: Daniel

Family: None that she knows of.

Talents: Running, tracking, and swimming.

Flaws: Fighting. She has trouble standing up for herself.

Other: She's just looking for someone who cares. Hard to find in such a harsh world.

Played By: vihuff

Name: Lily Petal

Nickname: Lil' Petal or Lil' Flower

Gender: Female

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (?)

Appearance: White and gold fur with warm hazel eyes.

Size: Hold on...

Personality: Friendly, clever, and cautious.

Past: She was born during the Disaster, and then abandoned. She learned to scavenge herself.

Crush: Rai

Family: Deceased.

Talents: Seeing the bright side of things, scavenging, making friends, stopping fights.

Flaws: Swimming and fighting.

Other: Wants a mate to defend her and her future pups.

Played By: LilyGoldie13

Name: Kenya

Nickname: Shanty

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Appearance: Typical wolfdog with silver eyes.

Size: Large

Personality: Funny, kind, good leader.

Past: Was at home one day when she got brought outside. Her owner pushed her in front of a car. Luckily, she got away.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Esme (mother)

Talents: Hunting and caring.

Flaws: Swimming.

Other: N/A

Played By: Oliviamarie123

Name: Ayana (meaning 'beautiful flower')

Nickname: Aya

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Australian Kelpie

Appearance: Sleek black fur with tan markings. Bright, fiery, brown/orange eyes.

Size: Medium

Personality: Caring, fiercely protective, motherly, loving, passionate.

Past: She was used for breeding, and was pregnant with her second litter of pups when the Disaster happened. Her mate and previous litter of three died, swallowed by the ground. She mourned their loss, but soon after the Disaster was over she gave birth to a litter of four, only two of which survived.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Lorita (pup), Dodge (pup), and Aida (adoptive pup).

Talents: Has especially strong senses, is great at noticing the small and subtle things, good at scavenging.

Flaws: She is extremely protective of her pups and won't let anyone near them, even if they need someone's help.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Lorita

Nickname: Lori

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Australian Kelpie

Appearance: Sleek black fur with pale brown markings, semi-prick ears. Almond-shaped, warm brown eyes.

Size: Small/Medium (will grow to be medium)

Personality: Very quiet, rarely speaks unless spoken to, mysterious - only her brother is ever able to tell how she's feeling, not even her mother can.

Past: She was born shortly after the Disaster, but not much other than that.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Ayana (mother), Dodge (brother), and Aida (adoptive sister).

Talents: Tracking, hunting, keeping secrets, and running.

Flaws: She doesn't like to speak her mind, and when she's going through something hard, she always goes through it alone.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: Kookie99

Name: Hazelnut

Nickname: Hazel (only for friends or dogs she likes)

Gender: She-Dog

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Appearance: Short, deep chocolaty brown fur with a small white patch on her chest. It smooths out to hazel, then a chestnut-like colour. Hazel eyes, and wears an amulet her owners amulet that she gave her before they never met again.

Size: Medium/Large

Personality: Loyal, kind, caring, independent, sometimes shy, fun, determined, and gentle.

Past: She was a military dog and lived with her owner for a while, but when the 'incident' happened they were separated and she found herself with no trace of her owner.

Mate/Crush: None yet

Family: She had a brother and a sister as a pup, but they were separated as pups when she joined the military forces.

Talents: Endurance and fighting (doesn't like it though).

Flaws: Speed and hunting (no sense of smell).

Other: Nothin' here.

Played By: em062100

Dog Aida -   (1 year)Dog Aida -   (1 year)

Name: Aida

Nickname: Aida

Gender: Female

Breed: Mutt (Doberman/ridgeback/husky/Akita/shepherd mix to be specific)

Appearance: Short, sleek fur which is light brown on her underside, and richer brown on her head and face, and black on her back and tail with some white flecks on her shoulders. Extremely large and expressive ears (sometimes upright, sometimes folded back), very slender and willowy with long legs and a slightly streamlined back, long, narrow face, deep brown eyes.

Size: Small/Medium

Personality: Extremely loyal, loves to play, is always positive about things. Also extremely protective of her adoptive family, and will oppose anyone who dares to come near. She's very intelligent and quick to learn, and she can almost always sense what another dog is feeling. Is very affectionate and loves to be close to others.

Past: She was born after the Disaster, and when she was a pup and her mother disappeared, she was adopted by Ayana. She found out recently that Ayana wasn't her mother, and hasn't spoken much to her adoptive family since, but she's still fiercely loyal to and protective of them.

Mate/Crush: None

Family: Ayana (adoptive mother), Lorita (adoptive sister), Dodge (adoptive brother), and Lucy (real mother, she doesn't know that she's alive somewhere).

Talents: Running (speed and endurance, nearly as fast as a whippet), fighting, and hunting.

Flaws: She's extremely aggressive towards every stranger, and will pick a fight with anyone, whether or not she can win.

Other: Nothing here.

Played By: Kookie99


Name: Kazan

Nickname: None

Gender: Female

Breed: Border Collie

Looks: Sable and brown eyes medium fur

Size: medium

Personality: Cautious, frightened of many things, loyal, always alert, aggressive towards strangers (just cause she is scared), likes to be with another dogs.

Past: Bought by a drunk guy in a pub who was cruel towards all animals (why Kazan is so frightened). When she was 1-ish she was tied up behind a shed and left there she managed to chew through the lead and lived on the streets till now.

Crush/mate: None

Family: Unknown

Talents: Fast, agile, can jump high

Flaws:  Frightened of big objects and humans.

Other: None

Played by:  amazonvixen


--Other Important Characters--

Now these characters have their own set of rules - don't worry, they're not hard to follow.
~ Still follow the rules for the regular characters.
~ You must have at least one dog before creating one of these.
~ You cannot create one of these characters unless you have already role played with a dog.
~ You must ask permission from me, Kookie99, if you want to have one.
~ You may have 3 of these characters MAXIMUM.
~ These characters can be deleted if they are no longer being used for the RP, or you can ask to have them left there, but no longer played. Your choice.
~ Please don't create them unless you already have a crucial role planned out for them.
~ Of course they're special, but no super powers, etc. Let's be reasonable here.
~ No killing someone else's character without permission.
Nickname: (optional)
Gender: (just male/female)
Species: (maybe it's a raven, raccoon, cat, human, etc., just not a dog)
Appearance: (more detail the better)
Importance: (Why is this character crucial to the story? What do they do? Who do they help? Or maybe they did the opposite of helping?)
Unique Traits: (abilities, personality, etc.)
Other: (anything that doesn't fit in above)
Played By: (include this - I don't care if it shows your username when you post/send it, just INCLUDE IT)
 = Male
 = Female
Name: Corbin
Nickname: Corbin
Gender: Male
Species: Raven
Appearance: Glossy black feathers, small for a raven, piercing silver eyes with a slight tint off blue.
Importance: He helped Kofi find his lost pups, and is still helping him track them.
Unique Traits: He can understand simple sentences spoken by dogs, though he cannot speak the language himself. He's surprisingly intelligent and can figure out puzzles, and he can almost always detect what someone is feeling.
Other: Nothing else, really.
Played By: Kookie99
Name: Tip Tap
Nickname: Tip
Gender: Male
Species: Mouse
Appearance: Soft, glossy black fur that contrasts greatly with Selene's white fur. Light brown ears.
Importance: He has helped Selene find food and steared her clear of other dogs. He scouts for her and she protects him.
Unique Traits: He can understand most things Selene says, but has trouble understanding others. He can also understand some cat and bird. He tries to be as helpful as possible, but is intelligent and amazing at foiling other's plans.
Other: He is protective of Selene and though he can't fight physically, he does find a way.
Played By: vihuff



- Sorry to advertise, but if you like wolf role plays, check out "Touch the Sky {Wolf RP}", and if you like the warrior cats, check out "A Moment's Shadow {Warriors RP}"!!


- I'm writing a story based off of this group!! Check it out at the link below:





I found it on another website with the same picture, name, story, form, and more. The other person's characters were also exact copies of mine. Whoever copied it also used my username (Kookie99), and MY EMAIL is "currently in use". I am extremely annoyed about this to put it lightly, so if whoever did this is in this group, then please step forward and contact me however you like. If possible, take it off of the other website. Thank you.
(P.S. I probably won't be able to make it on much during the Summer. Please accept my sincere apologies.)
I made an account on the other website ( and sent the person a message, explaining my feelings and such about the plagiarism. Within minutes of hitting send, the thread was taken down completely. I found one of my old groups (Touch the Sky {Wolf RP} on the same website, copied by dragonluver9 (if I remember the number[s]correctly). I sent them a message as well, and this thread was then locked. Please people, STOP COPYING MY WORK DANGNABIT!!
P.S. (again) I'm going to be deleting all open characters, as well as my unused characters in order to clear up some space.
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Name kazan nickname none gender female breed border collie looks sable and brown eyes medium fur size medium personality cautious frightend of many things loyal always alert agressive towards strangers (just cause she is scared) likes to be with another dogs past bought by a drunk guy in a pub who was cruel towards all animals (why kazan is so frightend) when she was 1 ish she was tied up behind a shed and left there she managed to chew through the lead and lived on the streets till now with shadow crush/ mate none family unknown talents fast agile can jump high
flaws frightend of big objects and humans other none played by amazonvixen

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Alright, two things- please ask permission before involving other peoples' characters in your backstory, as Shadow is already being used elsewhere, and please choose a different picture, sorry. I can't do DA.

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oh right I didn't realize there was another dog called shadow I was just using the first name that came to mind

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