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~Rome, 117 AD. Augustus is the currently the Emperor of one of the greatest empires ever known to humankind. (Shapeshifters are unnatural, so many hide their ability - are comfortable around other shifters though)  ~

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Obey all Dogzer rules
I know photos will be hard to find for this rp, so just find something that fits your charries.
Be realistic/No "God-moding"
Not all historically accurate so bear with me
Have Fun!
General - Leads the region in a military sense, They received their rank from the emperor himself. (1 allowed)
Senators - Chosen by the people, consist of nobles. They serve as both the court and lawmakers. (5 Allowed)
Priests - Chosen by the Gods. They heal the injured and sick (2 Allowed)
Nobles - Families of high power. They are rich and own large pieces of land (limited)
Young Priests -Chosen by the Gods. They are training to be Priests. (2 Allowed)
Soldier - Commanded by the general. They protect the borders and fight in the name of Rome. (Unlimited)
Commoner - Make up the bulk of the region. Choose a job below. (Unlimited)
Apprentice - Children of age 16+ that are training for their line of work. (Unlimited)
Child - Children younger than 16. (Unlimited)
Merchant - Sells goods in the market place
Fisherman - Fish for a living. Are out at sea a lot and sell their good on the docks.
Farmer - Farm for a living. Sells goods at market place.
Artist - Either a poet, painter, sculptor, etc. Not well respected, but are appreciated.
Blacksmith - Forge weapons, armor and sometimes jewelry
(More coming soon.... feel free to recommend ideas for more lines of work)
The Gods 
 Name Signs of Power/ Representation Name Power
Jupiter King of the gods; Lightning, sky Vulcan God of the forge - blacksmiths
Juno Queen of the gods; Marriage Apollo God of the Sun
Neptune God of the Sea; storms, horses - Fishermen Mars God of War
Minerva Goddess of Wisdom & strategical war Mercury Messenger of the gods; trickery, thieves - Merchants
Venus Goddess of love Bacchus  God of Wine; party
Ceres Goddess of Harvest - Farmers Diana  Goddess of the moon; hunters
Pan God of nature  Muses  Goddess' of Art - Artists
Name: (Please keep it accurate to the times)
Job: (If Commoner)
Personality/Bio: (Please be specific)
Affiliation: (Which god do they follow; choose whichever fits the characters personality)
Other: (Optional)
Played By: 
Meet the people of Dacia:
The General
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Name: General Maximus Agricola
Age: 32 Years
Gender: Male 
Rank: General
Personality/Bio: The general is a stiff, fast-acting man who does not hesitate to put his foot down. He makes little to no mistakes, but when he does make a slip, he covers it up as quick as possible. Max is full of pride and stubbornness; his two great flaws that might just as well be the end of him. He enjoys the company of his people and can often be seen in his carriage as he heads to meet the senators, occasionally sharing a wave with the children.
Looks: Tall, broad, barrel-chested man with an old, tired face. His eyes are a sharp blue, his hair short, curly and colored black and white.
Affiliation: Minerva
Crush: None
Partner: His job demands a lot from him, so he doubts it
Children: Maybe one day
Form: Large, all black wolf with a greying muzzle
Played By: Wolfdeluna 
The Senate
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Rank: Senator
Personality/Bio: Easy-going, humble, happy. Augustus is quick to play a joke or ease the nerves. Though he might seem like he is serious enough for his position, he is great at making quick decisions. He spends a lot of his time with the people of the city and does not see himself as better than others because of his rank.
Looks: Short, round man with a clean shaven face. He doesn't have a lot of hair, but what he does have is curly.
Affiliation: Bacchus
Crush: None
Partner: Antonia
Children: Julius and Aelia 
Form/Power: Owl
Played By: Wolfdeluna
Image result for long dirty blonde hair
Name: Cassia
Age: 17 Years
Gender: Female 
Rank: Noble
Personality/Bio: Born into a noble family, Cassia never had to go through what many commoners do, such as caring for herself or having to work to support the family. She grew up an only child with many servants who attended to her every need all of her life, so she tends to take a lot of things for granted. Stubborn, hot-headed, confident and bratty, Cassia does not know how to keep her mouth shut. It's not that she's mean, she just speaks her mind a lot of the time as no one has ever shown her otherwise. She has gotten whatever she has wanted in life. Her Father is hoping to be made a senator, and she is rooting for him.
Looks: Short and thin, with dirty blond hair and green eyes.
Affiliation: Venus
Crush: None
Partner: Her family hopes that she will marry a high ranking noble, they may make an arranged wedding
Children: Doesn't want
Form/Powers : None at the moment
Played By: Wolfdeluna 

Name: Claudius Tulius

Age: 20 years old

Gender: Male

Rank: Soldier

Personality/Bio: Claudius is aggressive on the battlefield but kind to those he meets. He is stubborn and fiercely loyal to his friends and the other soldiers. He can be hotheaded sometimes, and that sometimes causes him to retaliate. He looks out for people and is friendly to commoners, but a little uptight around nobles. Claudius grew up in a poor family, who often times struggled to put food on the table. He learned to hunt and fight from a young age, but for a time that wasn’t enough. He turned to pickpocketing and stealing to keep himself and his family alive, and he managed to never get caught. When he was old enough he left the house to start a life of his own. With no formal education, the only place he thought to go was to the military, so that’s where he went. It turned out to be a good fit for him because of his knowledge on fighting, and occasionally his knowledge of stealing and lock picking .

Looks: He has short, light brown hair with a few blond highlights. He has a variety of battle scars, but the most prominent one is across his left eye. He has dark brown eyes and is fairly tall.

Affiliation: Mars

Crush: None

Partner: Doesn't think he’ll have one for a while

Children: Doesn’t really want any yet

Form: A large lion

Played By: Gecko319 



Name: Cassius
Age: 19
Gender: Male 
Rank: Soldier
Personality/Bio:Strong and independent, Cassius isn't easy to get along with. He is strong-willed, observant, and very loyal to his people. He uses force over intellect, and would rather fight than talk when it comes down to it.
Looks: Tall and built, with black hair and very light green eyes.
Affiliation: Mars
Crush: None
Partner: None
Children: None
Form/Power: Black wolf with white spots and light eyes
Other: None
Played By: babymirella
Image result for long brown hair boy
Name: Octavian
Age: 17 Years
Gender: Male 
Rank: Commoner Apprentice
Job: Fisherman
Personality/Bio: Definetly not as confident in real life as the photo above. Octavian is clumsy, awkward and shy. He gets flustered easily and fumbles about a lot. After you get past all that, he is a sweet, innocent kid who just wants to fit in. He wishes that he could be a soldier, but he doesn't have the guts.
Looks: Thin, frail and tall. He had long light brown hair, with brown eyes and freckles.
Affiliation: Pan - He loves nature and feels like the forest is always there for him
Crush: None yet
Partner: Hopefully one day....
Children: Too young
Other: Doesn't have any gifts or powers
Played By: Wolfdeluna 
Name: Sabina 

Age: 18

Gender: Female 

Rank: Commoner 

Job: Artist

Personality/Bio: Sabina grew up as a commoner, but her family wasn’t the poorest. Her family had some money, but no where near as much as the novels had, but it was enough to give her a decent childhood. She grew up painting things such as buildings and people, and she took a liking to it. She was always out at the marketplaces, trying to sell her art to help keep her family alive and well. Few people paid her any mind, but a young artist took an interest in her work and helped her perfect her skills. She now works as an artist, drawing and painting pictures for others. Sabina has a fiery personality and she is so stubborn she can’t admit she’s wrong. She is usually anxious and nervous about being around strangers, but her drawing helps calm her down. She has a bit of a nasty side and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. 

Looks: Sabina has long brown hair, and light brown eyes. She is fairly short and has a small tattoo of a flower on her wrist.

Affiliation: Muses 

Crush: None

Partner: Maybe someday

Children: She wants them later

Form/Power: None

Played by: Gecko319 


Name: Gaia
Age: 17
Gender: Female 
Rank: Commoner
Job: Farmer
Personality/Bio: Obsessed with the illusion of love, Gaia always looks for her perfect one. She is kind, sweet, and humble having been born with very little. Gaia is intelligent and caring, and she tries her very hardest to bring everything she can to the table.
Looks:Average height with a lanky build. Ashy blonde hair and green eyes.
Affiliation: Venus
Crush: None
Partner: None
Children: None
Other: Non-magical
Played By: babymirella

Gaia picked up the pail she had filled with water from the ocean beside her. She would boil it when she arrived home and then water the crops her family had been growing since the early spring. She blew the hair that had fell into her eyes, starting to lug the bucket along the short trip she had home. (wolf)

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