Welcome to THE DOG LOVERS club!

This group is strictly created for the soul purpose of not leaving a dog behind. That is why once a month, I will be collecting sanctuary dogs once a day and will post links to them. You can win them.


{ | Please do not fool around or post spam | I really love dogs and will delete any spam | }

{ | Do NOT EVER make fun of people that work or care for the animals | I am doing this my entire summer... don't make fun. | }

{ | Do not cuss, swear, animal swear, use bad language, post inappropriate things, or misbehave | All posts will be deleted | }

{ | I accept everyone! | }

This Months Dogs;

Bella - A 11 month old female collie. Health, Mood, and Cleanliness to be 100% when given to you. 




I currently have 1 Sanctuary dogs for this months give away



Sanc dog giveaway;

These dogs have been neglected and abandoned. I will collect them for a month so there should be over 10, and you can post or pm me to enter. It is very simple. All dogs are getting health up to over 80% and everything. These dogs will be sent through private offer for 500dogz {Minimum}. All enterents will be drawn from a hat.


Lets say for example I have 30 dogs by the 31st of this month, and 69 people entered the draw, the first name that is picked will win the first dog link posted. I will keep an offsite list of all enterents. You may only enter once. You can win 2 months in a row. I will write your name on a slip of paper and then draw the name and you win!



{ | You may only enter once | }

{ | You can win more than one month in a row | }

{ | No begging to win | }

{ | Do not complain about the 500 dogz tax. | }



Everyone is welcome to compete that is a member.




Thanks for reading guys, hope you enter! Thanks, bye!


Sincerely your Dutch Sheperd Breeder,




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Hi, does anyone know where to buy the anti-flea treatment?

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Can I join you

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Sooo..Do I just ask to enter? If so, then I would like to enter the contest.

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