Wandering Wolves *Wolf RP*


~Wandering Wolves~



Once, A gray wolf named Athena, met a black wolf, named Fang. The pair made a friendship, and soon became mates. Being the great family of the white wolves, Athena was forbidden to be mates with a black wolf, just like gray wolves had to be with brown wolves. She defied her father, and he got enraged and waged war. Her father was killed by the Alphas of all the families, and her mother included. Athena became Alpha, and revoked the law that kept them apart. However, Fang was ill, and passed away. Athena saddened, named her new pack the wandering wolves. Soon, years passed, and she joined Fang in the heavens




-Dreamzer Rules Apply

-No plagiarism will be tolerated

-No asking to be manager

-No Cussing/Swearing (Kids play this game)

-No God-Modding (EX. Garth lunged at Bob. He bit so hard, Bob's neck fell right off)

-Portray your wolf as you write their personality (EX. Mary's Personality: She's very kind, and sweet, and never snaps st anybody. If it's like that then don't portray it as: "I'M SO PERFECT!" Mary yelled, and killed her brother) *If You Portray Them Opposite You WILL Be Banned from the group* 

-1 Runt out of TWO litters (Player with Female automatically gets the runt)

-Unlimited Characters, but play them all

-They MUST have TWO negative personality traits

-Hate the character, NOT the player

-10 Pups per litter.

-Have fun, Obey the rules, and stay on our good side ~*Seamus10 & Isha


The group welcomes a new member: MiaDP1

5 years and 10 months ago

Could you make a form so I can make a wolf

5 years and 10 months ago

I'm still coming up with one. Please be patient.

5 years and 10 months ago

Oh sorry my bad, I didn't know the group was so new... If you want I can help with the form, I've had wolf groups before ^_^

5 years and 10 months ago

Well, I have the Idea, And what it will look like, I just don't know where the proper positions for each thing (I normally write it out before I post it.) I'll try and write it out ASAP. Thanks for the offer though

5 years and 10 months ago

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