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Form for a dog


Adult Dog Form







Personality:(detailed needed)

History/Past:(what happend to them before to now)

Skills/Flaw:(atleast 2 flaws)

Pack:(Dark Night or Silver Moon or The Farels or Loner)

Rank:(only for packs)




Family:(siblings & Parents)

Other:(anything else?)

Played By:


Puppy Form





Birth Pack:(dont need if loner)

Futrure Rank:(not if loner pup)


Skills/Flaws:(at least 2 flaws)

Family:(parents & siblings)



Other:(anything else)

Played by:


 Dark Nights Pack


Alpha female- Midnight Terror

Alpha male-Silver Knight

Beta female-

Beta male-Roku

Lead hunter's-shadow love

Hunter's- rags,hund ,ruby

lead warriors-demon

warriors- blade 



Omega's -rya,stormie 

Puppy's- dasker,rose,rusty,starlight,runt,buddy,roxy



Silver Moon Pack

Alpha female- 

Alpha male-

Beta female-

Beta male-

Lead hunter's-

Hunter's- Hund 

lead warriors-




Omega's -

Pups- Rusty , Starlight



The Farels

Alpha female- Kovu

Alpha male-

Beta female-

Beta male-

Lead hunter's-


lead warriors-




Omega's -

Puppy's- Lucky



Lone dogs-Ace & Vitani & Esteria


Dark Night Pack 

Image result for GSD

Name: Silver knight

Age: 2 years 3 months

Gender: Male

Breed: German Shepard dog

Personality: he is a smart city dog and is very fast and is loyal only to his pack and now one else

Skills / Flaws: very fast loves to be in charge will push others to there best will not take mean nest from other dogs

Pack: Dark knight

Rank: alpha male

Crush: midnight terror

Mate: midnight terror

Family: Runt

 Other: none

Played By: miniwolf13 


Name: Midnight terror

Age: 3 years 

Gender: female

Breed: black German shepherd 

Personality: do not push this dog she will put you back in place she is top dog and will not let anyone push her around

Skill/flaws: good leader and hunter but will start fights 

Pack : dark knights 

Rank: alpha female

Crush: silver knight 

Mate: silver knight 

Family: runt

Other: none

Played by: mniwolf13


Image result for GSD

Name: Roku

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Breed: GSD/Wolf mix

Personality: Roku is tough and is a good leader

Skills / Flaws: He is good at leading

Pack: Dark Night

Rank: Beta

Crush: None

Mate: None

Family: None

 Played By: Wolfdeluna

Image result for pitbull wolf mix

Name: Demon

Age: 1 year 7month

Gender: male

Breed: pitbull wolf mix

Per: nice never mean unless is in a fight

Skills/Flaws : jump .bite. speed. ear has a bit gone cause a gun shot .

Pack:dark night .

Crush: blade

Mate/pups: blade/not yet .

all has a owner he was abanded .

Rank: lead warrior .

Played by: smiledoggamer


Image result for brindle pitbull

Name: Ragnar (Rags for Short)

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Pitbull

Personality: Rags is kind and gentle. He doesn't like to fight or get in the way.

Skills / Flaws: He's a people-pleaser and gets nervous easily. Yet he can make friends really easy.

Pack: Dark Night

Rank: Hunter

Crush: None

Mate: Shadow

Family: Rose and Dasker are his pups

Other: No Played By: Wolfdeluna


Name: Ruby 'Ru'

Age: 2 years 1/2

Gender: Female

Breed: Border Collie

Personality: Ruby is very friendly but is shy as well. She will do anything for her pack. She is very agile and swift which means she the best at hunting. She will do anything someone asks her to do and only wants to please the pack

Skills / Flaws: Hunting and Swimming are her skills but she can't fight or climb well

Pack: dark knights

Rank: Hunter

Crush: None

Mate: None

Family: Has none

Other: She often hangs around the lake

Played By: tabbycat5 


Name: Shadow Love (short )-Shadow

Age: 1 year 6 mnths

Gender: Female

Breed: GSD wolf mix

Pups: Dasker and Rose

Mate: Ragnar

Played by: Minecraftfozy


Name: Rya

 Age: 3 Years

Gender: Female

Breed: Huskey

Personality: Rya is shy and quiet. She rarely speaks her mind and is never one to be very outgoing.

Skills/Flaws: She is rather good at hunting and tracking, but her fighting skills could use work. She sometimes has trouble following directions, not cause she dosen't want to, but because of when her nerves get the better of her, she tends to forget. Her big Flaw is that she gets nervous very easily.

Pack: Dark Night Pack

Rank: Omega

Crush: None

Mate: None

Family: None

Other: Nope

Played by: babymirella


Image result for GSD

Name: Blade

Age: 1 1/2 years

Gender: female

Breed: German Shepherd

Per: very kind to all her pack and is very helpful when it comes to keeping the pack alive

Skills/flaws: very good at fighting but not very good at hunting and keeping patience at times

Pack: dark Knight


Crush: demon

Mate: demon

Puppies : not yet

Family: no family yet but siblings and parents died in a fire

Other: adopts buddy as her own until he is grown up

Played by : Hazelwind

Image result for border collie

Name: Stormie


Gender: Female

Breed: Border Collie

Personality: Sweet, Charming, Flirty and Attractive

Skills: Singing, Dancing, and Swimming

Flaws: Killing, Lying and Being Mean

Pack: Dark Knights

Rank: Omega

Crush: Silver Night

Mate: None

Family: All dead


Played BY :WolfLover292 



Name: Runt

Age: 4 months

Gender: male

Breed: black German shepherd 

Personality: he is a small pup that is not knowing all about the world but wants to find out if he is the son midnight terror the alpha of the pack he wants to be alpha leader one day just like his mum 

Skills/flaws: he has a good nose like his dad silver night and wants to be alpha one day loves to play to shy to talk to others that often

Pack: dark knights

Rank: puppy

Crush: rose

Mate: none

Family: midnight terror and silver knight

Other: none

Played by:miniwolf13

Image result for Wolf husky mix pup

Name: Roxy

Age: 2 months

Breed: wolf husky mix

Per: loving caring shy

Skills/Flaws : good runer and fighter.

Crush: dasker and runt also buddy

Other: was abandoned in a box.

Played by: spiritwoldog 


Image result for Boxer pup

Name: Buddy

Breed : Boxer

Age: 4 months .

Skills/flaws: he always fails at things at first .

Rank: Pup

Pack: dark nights

Crush: rose.

Other: he loves rose just is scared of dasker

Played by: DukeDoglover


Image result for rottweiler puppies

Name: Buster

Age: 5 Months

Gender: Male

Breed: Rottweiler

Personality: He is brave and tough. 

Skills / Flaws: He wants to lead 

Pack: Dark Night

Rank: pup

Crush: Rose

Family: Ragnars pup

Played By: Wolfdeluna


Name: Rose

Age: 4 Months

Gender: Female

Breed: GSD/Wolf/Pitbull mix

 Pack: Dark Night

Rank: pup

Crush: Runt,Buster

Family: Dasker is her younger brother ~ Mom is Shadow Love, Dad is Ragnar

Played By: minecraftfozy


Name: Dasker 

Age: 2 Months

Gender: Male

Breed: GSD/Wolf/Pitbull mix

 Pack: Dark Night

Rank: pup

Crush: It might be Delilah

Family: Rose is his older sister ~ Mom is Shadow Love, Dad is Ragnar

Other ~ Blind in one eye

Played By: minecraftfozy






personality:he is agresive he wanted to be alpha but no his older brother was

flaws and skills:great tracking and speed he has lost a eare in a fight



mate:none yet

famley:his ol pack was his called famley

other:Midnight became alpha and now he is in thare pack

played by:minecraftfozy


age:1year 1month


Personality:loving caring shy

Skills/Flaw:speed and sneeky he 3 leggs


Crush:i do not want to say

Mate:in her dreams

Familynone her famely were killed

other:does not like being around others much

Played by:miniwolf13



Age:2 months


breed:labrador retrever

personality:shy loving playful

Skills/Flaw:great hunnter and sneeky

Rank:to young 


Mate:hopes dasker

Family:they were in a pound

Other:her old pack was her own saftey

Played By:miniwolf13



Age:11 months


Breed:pit Rottie mix

Personality:playful hyper

Skills/Flaw:great bite


Crush:none will like him

Mate:meh to younge 

Family:none is alive in his famley

Other:he was a pet but not any more ( this is my real dog )

Played By:minecraftfozy


Silver Moon 

Image result for GSD

Name: Hund

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: German Shepherd.

Personality: People think she is serious when she isn’t, Cares for somethings like kids. Enjoys eating and sleeping.

Skills / Flaws: Clumsy, Kinda Lazy, Hunter

Pack: Silver Moon

Rank: Hunter

Crush: None

Mate: None

Family: None

Other: Based on me.

Played By: Lego50 



Age:6 months


Breed:Irish Setter

Personality: Rusty is usually kind and brave and always trys to do the right thing. She named herself Rusty because she loves the color of rust and it was easy to remember for her.

Skills: Being honest/trustworthy, making plans, and being kind.

Flaws: Trusting someone after betraying her, finding lost objects, and remembering names.

Pack: Silver moon.


No crush or mate.

Family: unkown.

Played by hanna6351 

Image result for Border collie pup

Name: Starlight or Star.

Age: 6 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Border Collie

Personality: Shy and takes a little while to open up to someone. Smart and is a quick learner. Will usually sit away from the pack.

Skills: Herding animals, learning new things

Flaws: Her shyness, her isolation and her tendency to be unable to speak to many people

. Pack: Silver Moon

Rank: Puppy

Crush: N/A

Mate: N/A

Family: N/A

Other: She was named by a passing Loner.

Played By: XenoCougar001 


The Farels

Name: Kovu

Nickname: Kove

Gender: Female

Age: 2 years

Breed: Husky x Wolf

Personality: Kovu is very kind to some dog when get to know her, but if u do mess with her or her pup/pack she will harm u, Kovu has trust issues after loosing so many.

History/Past: As a puppy Kovu was borned on the streets, her mom was killed by a car ramming into her. HEr dad didnt even know she was alive, siblings killed by prediders. She trusted a dog before he forcefully mated with her while she was younge, after that she ened up loosing trust easily.

Skills/Flaw: fast and strong, trust issues

Pack: The Farels

Rank: Alpha Female

Crush: Wolf

Mate: None 

Pup/s: Lucky

Family: Dead

Other: Nope

Played By: Minecraftfozy

Name: Lucky

Nickname: Luck or Blue

Age: 1 year

Gender: male

Birth Pack: The Farels

Futrure Rank: not sure yet

Personality: Lucky is very agressive towards strangers, he is kinda goofy and loving towards friends

Skills/Flaws: slightly death

Family: mom is Kovu never met dad, no siblings

Crush: not sure

Bf/Gf: eh

Other: eh

Played by: minecraftfozy




Image result for Belgian Malinois


Age:3 and 1/2

Gender: Male

Breed: Belgian Melinios

Personality: Ace is a sly,intelligent dog who has street smarts. He can trick other dogs

but only does it if he is needing food. He can be quite chatty but usually keeps to himself.

Skills / Flaws: Very intelligent and quite fast though he can be stubborn.

Pack: Loner

Crush: No

Mate: No

Family:His relatives are all deceased

Other: Nothing else,though he injured his back leg so he has a slight limp

Played By: EclispeAngelWolf 



Name:  Vitani

Age:  5 years 3 months

Gender:  Female

Breed:  Portuguese Podengo

Personality: Vitani is very intelligent. She is a strategist, and is very cunning and sneaky. Vitani isn't ver trustworthy, and she likes to trick other dogs into giving her food, siding with her, sharing secrets with her, and doing her dirty wor. Vitani is short tempered, hot headed and impatient. She is very revengeful, and often plots revenge against other dogs.

Skills: Fighting, especially fighting large dogs, making evil plots,good at planning strategically. She uses her intelligence as an advantage. Vitani is also very good at catching mice, and is often seen feasting on a massive pile of them.

Flaws: She is simply terrible at being patient. She is extremely stubborn. Vitani always wants things to go her way, and if they don't , she can make the biggest fuss about it.


Crush: you kidding me right?

Mate: killed him

Family:  one daughter estrela 

Other: Vitani dotes on her daughter, Estrela, and teaches her her ways

Played by : KatrinaV


 Name: Estrela 

Age: 5 months

Gender: female 

Breed: Portuguese pondengo 

Personality: Cunning and clever, Estrela is like her mother in every way.Shae is learning to be a strategist. Estrela strongly hates the pack dogs. "Pack filth," she calls them. Estrela is unusually intelligent for a pup her age, and is impatient with other puppies, because they act " So immaturely "

Skills: Intelligence is her number 1 skill. She is a strategist like her mother.

Flaws: She is very selfish and can be a little arrogant sometimes. Estrela is very stubborn like her mother.

Pack: loner

Rank: loner

Crush: no way!

Mate: I'm way to young, and when I grow up, I don't intend to have a mate anyway 

Family: my mother is Vitani 

Other: none

Played by: KatrinaV

Name: Batch (Butch, Butcher, Batchy). Age: 6 years old. Gender: Male. Breed: Pitbull X American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Personality: Aggressive to all dogs, can't handle stress, can't handle packs, smart, devilish. Skills: fighting, hunting, killing. Flaws: Being nice, caring, liking other dogs. Pack: Loner. Crush: No one! Mate: Grr.. Family: Don't have one. Other: Do not take the picture as it's Blackwolf059's actual dog. Thank you. Played By: Blackwolf059. His photo is also on my breeder page above the name 'Batch'

1 year and 10 months ago

Name: Wolf (No Nicknames). Age: 5 years old. Gender: Male. Breed: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Personality: Aggressive to dogs he doesn't know, strong, very tall for breed (90cms), Sort of smart, cunning, understandable, very loving-despite his nature. Skills: Fighting, Hunting. Flaws: Being kind to strangers, sharing food, meeting new dogs. Pack: Dark Knights. Rank: Belta Male. Crush: None, I'll find one thank you. Mate: Don't have. Family: I don't have, here. I was born into a different pack with different rules until I was placed into this one. Other: Do not take the picture as it's Blackwolf059's actual dog. Thank you. Played By: Blackwolf059. His photo is in my breeder page above the name 'Wolf'

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Stormie was splashing in the river.

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She saw Stormie and walke dover

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She looked at her and smiled

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"hi"Roxy barked

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(Wow, you took your time ;)). "Hi", she replied

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https://e ncrypted-t bn3.g /images?q=tbn:ANd9 GcQNJdNnb ukpXwh9KRu_J1Skb WrxYDhiT mMW0oa jTxUqGdU gpkyB6A

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Name: Raina
Age: 2 months
Gender: Female
Breed: Akita
Personality: Raina is a sweet and kind dog, and will only fight if she has to.
Skills / Flaws: Is very good at swimming but is afraid of heights.
Pack: Dark Nights
Rank: Pup
Crush: Buster
Mate: Too young
Family: None, but considers Sadie her cousin.
Other: None
Played By: WolfLover292

2 years and 8 months ago

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Name: Sadie
Age: 2 months
Gender: Female
Breed: Siberian Husky
Personality: Sadie is a tough, aggressive pup, but she also has a nice side. Dogs tend to try not to provoke her because of her fierce temper.
Skills / Flaws: Is very good at fighting, but her quick temper sometimes causes her to lash out at the wrong dogs.
Pack: Dark Nights
Rank: Pup
Crush: Dasker, Ranger, Runt and Duke
Mate: Too young
Family: None, but considers Raina her cousin.
Other: None
Played By: WolfLover292

2 years and 8 months ago

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