Exceptional Dogs

Exceptional, extraordinary, dogs!
Founder: TheSassyStar
Ranking: 7,033th
Creation: 05/11/2017

Hello! I am TheSassyStar and in the game I own a dog named Phoenix and in real life I have a dog named Monster


Welcome to Exceptional Dogs, where all dogs are unique and amazing! No matter what color, size, or shape, or type, all the dogs in this groups are amazing in their own beautiful way! Create friends, help others, communicate, and most of all, have fun!  :)


  •   All dogs are accepted!
  •   Be Kind
  •   Don't Bully BULLYING IS A NO-NO!
  •   Help Others
  •   Have fun
  •   Love Dogs
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 TheSassyStar - 10 months ago New Post Update: Dog Mems GALORE!   Comment
 TheSassyStar - 10 months ago
Have fun guys!   Comment
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