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  • AffixCreationDepositorDogs
    A .Cowgirl. Husky06/25/2012.Cowgirl.1
    A A A Premier GS04/15/20120123111
    A amazing affix05/08/2015yesgameboy0
    A arielle.paredes Mixed Breed01/18/2014arielle.paredes4
    a Baby Basset02/06/20132
    a barking good tme 4alaskan mala.11/05/2018nowarealprincess2
    A basket of Bassett02/09/20140
    A Beagle Buddy Best09/03/2012livylou991
    A Beautiful Day05/19/2014poday1
    a champ11/27/2011Sar550
    A Christmas Miracle11/24/2013BiteMeLol5
    A CowgirlBestFriend......03/12/2013Bullet224
    A Cullen Dog12/18/2012Angelface256990
    a Cute Cocker11/03/2012TKiwi1
    a dog08/15/20121
    A dog that has a heart!06/23/2014Silvspider2
    A Dog to Remember10/26/2013ownerofdolly5
    A Doggy Friend For Everyone!04/27/2013n_rock00620
    A Dogs Glory01/20/2012AllyDogSailor3
    A Dogs Legacy10/07/2013PonyBrony6642
    A Dogs Purpose12/24/2011pepika1
    A dream come true03/20/2013Wencia5
    a Fishman's Companion08/26/2015German_Shepherds_Rock23
    a forever dog....11/09/2012QuackSylvie1
    A Friend For Life01/05/2012Playfulpup0
    A Gentle Giant06/05/2013bordercolliefan10116
    A gift for all who believe12/09/2012sjkcoco0
    A Girls Best Friend11/07/2015HiddenLake3
    A Great Dane05/13/2012guineapigzrule0
    A great doggie!06/23/2014Oilslick3
    A Guardian's Hope03/14/2013JayZX5357
    A heart of gold04/25/2014Doglover41012
    a Heavenly Hound08/24/2012tobymrboy123652
    A home for my dogs01/05/2013soccerrocks10045
    A Home To Dogs01/31/2015MR10GothPunk0
    a Honeypot Lane Dalmatian03/12/2012ShinyBlueberry2
    A Howling Friend03/17/2015WolfBreeder222
    a Huntress12/31/2012FyreFaclon1
    A Huskyful One04/18/20120
    a Høllandse Herder øf the Nether.03/24/2013Charlotte082
    A Leaf In The Golden Oak07/22/2013GoldenOak1
    A legacy legend12/27/20121
    A liga dos Colies05/03/2013EmanuelyKamile.Dog0
    A Litle Dream~04/06/20121
    A littile darling12/21/2011f9999999990
    a little angel12/21/20122012bestbreeder0
    a little cuteness02/27/2014ghkemd0
    A Little Place In Heaven02/24/2013CasandraLover1
    a Living Legend02/25/2012LoyalBuddy57
    A Lovable Lab by TKiwi01/06/2013TKiwi5
    a lovatic04/05/2012Lovatic3
    a lovely place for dogs04/28/2013rachel...yu0
    A Lucky Dog Productions`s Star10/14/2015REALDOGLOVER1
    a male for breeding10/13/20132022doggielove1
    A Midnight Wolf04/03/20127
    A mixed breed06/24/2014Pocchepea1
    A Mystic Legend03/14/2012Mystic-Wolf10
    A MYSTIC WILD PACK10/02/2012swiftiegirl131
    A New Start*04/27/2014arielle.paredes3
    a newbegginings dog11/15/2013newbegginings0
    A Newfoundland Explorer02/27/2014Newfoundlandexplorer0
    A place to call home04/09/20160
    A pup forever05/25/2013Doglover41010
    A puppy for ever11/09/2013pumpkin340
    A Purdypup Product08/17/2015Purdypup1
    a Real Dog of mine10/14/2015REALDOGLOVER2
    a Resçue Lab øf Çanada03/23/2013Charlotte081
    a Retrieving Døg øf Sçøtland03/23/2013Charlotte081
    A Ripple in Time08/26/2015German_Shepherds_Rock11
    a Røseneath Terrier øf Sçøtland03/11/2013Charlotte0826
    A Sable-Hearted Beauty10/28/2018Megbrd1
    A Second Chance04/22/2012livylou999
    a second chance dog08/26/2012puppyluv100
    A second chance for WWE dogs10/06/2012lovepups200
    A Second Chance, A New Life08/03/2014JayZX5357
    a Shadow Hylian by Yuudai03/06/2012Yuudai1
    A Shepard's Promise04/25/2013BorderCollieLover975
    A Shepherds Weather Glass12/02/2011DogWatcher0
    A Shining Star08/25/2012Starrise14
    A Slayerette07/12/2015vengeance.demon1
    A Song to Sing Along01/07/2012amrussell150
    A Spark of Magic10/22/2012NightOfMagic0
    A Special Dog04/11/2012ezzie040
    a stealthy dog01/03/2015Dogomego0
    A Stormy Night05/16/2018Phoebeez3
    A SuperStar12/16/2014iceprincess0000
    A sweet dog!06/23/2014Paleright1
    A Swiftly Tilting Sky05/29/2014krpm23
    A Team11/26/2014TonrarAmarok1
    a teaspoon over perfect11/27/2011missycat112341
    A TKiwi Pup11/21/2012TKiwi46
    A Touch Of Class09/27/2015waterhills1
    A Touch Of Destiny05/26/2012Hedly-Hetalia0
    A touch of Sparkle06/19/2012Sparkle12340
    A Tropical Pickle04/28/2015Tropickle0
    a Tropical Retriever03/23/2012LoyalBuddy9
    A Twilight Dog12/07/2012Angelface2569918
    A Twilight Morning12/14/2013sunshine24680
    A Twist in the Tail12/27/2016Makomaster4