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Ruffianfan - Dogzer dog breeder

XP points: 1890


Overall Ranking: 218th
Reputation points: 152
Certificates: 10/10
Job: Cobbler. Unemployed
Ruffianfan doesn't have a kennel club
Dogz': Array


Pup for Colliebreeder345- Border Collie purebred pup, unspecified gender.
Breeding Prices
For my LOD dogs w/ 60%+ NSI: 150-900
For my non LOD w/ 60%+ NSI: 100-850
Sale Prices
Fixed Prices
LOD dogs: 600-950
Non LOD dogs: 500-800
Dogs w/ Bonuses (LODs and Non LODs)
1000 + # of Premz
LOD dogs: 700
Non LOD dogs: 550
Other... Things
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No winks please. They are annoying and take up space in my pm box.
No spamming on my wall.
Do NOT steal anything on my page without permission. Otherwise you will get reported.
Do NOT harass me and all that, it will not be welcomed.
No bullying others or me on my wall, you will be reported.
Beware, if I don't look at the PMs that I get as soon as they are it's because I can't get on here as much when it's school time or that I forget to check them.
No cursing/cussing/swearing.
Please, don't beg me to buy your dogs or ask me to buy one of my own.
Breeding Partners (One at the moment)
Siberian Husky:
German Shepherd:
Australian Shepherd:
Labrador Retriever:
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog:
Collies: cocosnowy
<(In the future) Wolf>
<(In the future) Dingo>
About Me:
I accept random friend requests :3. I'll most likely check out your page at first because I have had experiences on of players violating rules at one point etc.
I have 4 cats to deal with at home.
I play other Dreamzer games under the same user.
My interests are rping, watching YouTubers, drawing, music, daydreaming, anime, animals, food, reading, bands, gaming, constellations, Zodiacs, and nature.
I am a geek gaming nerd mix.
I may press the wrong thing at times or ignore/forget things... It's a habit so I apologize for that.
I am a female between ages 11-15.
You may call me Ruffy for short unless you have a greater alias for me... lol.
I can do edits/collages for you and put your user etc. in the photo ^^ and yes I do anime and cartoons as well :)
I am the Queen of Cats.
I can draw well... Not much of realistic though actually, more anime-style. But I CAN do realistic if I try XD. Sometimes both ways can end up horribly.
YouTubers I watch: BananaPieLord/Mr Hewbz, Cryaotic, jacksepticeye, Markiplier, TheRPGMinx, LordMinion777, CinnamonToastKen, PewDiePie, CutiePieMarzia, Yogscast, Tyler Oakley, Ricky Dillon, danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Matthias, Amanda Faye, NateWantsToBattle, MatPat, and more.
I am an rping nerd if you haven't figure that out already. :p
My Friends
Ishabella2 ~ Let's just say we have some insane convos before. She's also a great RPer and a fun friend to talk to. ^^ And let's just say that she's more sane than me... *cough cough* 
Chase66 ~ My timezone pal and crazy cat lady friend. An awesome RPer and I talk to her a lot. We had one too many crazy talks before so I'm not going to start where. And we had some crazy talks about other things that I don't want to delve into... 0-0 But she's not just a friend. She's my BEST FREN. *starts singing Coconut Sharks In The Water*
Gigglebox23 ~ Fun friend to talk to and another great RPer ^^ We can have strange conversations sometimes... Oops XD
irenew ~ My other great fren. She's awesome! :D And fun to talk to. :3
germanshepherdgirl ~ She's fun to talk to and an awesome RPer. We had weird talks before :p
countryrebel ~ She's my other friend on as willa34. She's an awesome person to be around! :D
~Dunno who else to add yet, rip~
Some pics for rps and whatnot...
Leopard Spotted Appaloosa. photo misc-flowers-horses-baby-thunderhea.jpg
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Collie ##STADE## - coat 34
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German Shepherd Dog ##STADE## - coat 51
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 Ishabella2 - 3 months ago
The The Mountain Song [Wolf Roleplay] group welcomes a new member: Ruffianfan   Comment
 2horses - 1 year and 1 month ago
Hey Ruffy! Could you please send your form in for 'A Time to Remember'? Thanks :) (also how you doing?)   Comment
 Ruffianfan - 1 year and 1 month ago
Ruffianfan celebrates 600 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
 cocosnowy - 48 years and 4 months ago:
A very belated congrats!!!  Comment
 Ruffianfan - 48 years and 4 months ago:
Thank you! ^^ I'm getting old, haha.  Comment
 dogsonthego - 48 years and 4 months ago:
Very belated congrats!! ^^  Comment
 Ruffianfan - 48 years and 4 months ago:
Thank you!! :)  Comment
 piyisgood135 - 1 year and 2 months ago
Hey, do you want to rp?   Comment
 Ruffianfan - 48 years and 3 months ago:
My school assigns books to grades and if you're in honors or not. You get to choose one of two books to read for the summer reading. Surprisingly, none of the freshman were actually annoying. The girl that I find annoying didn't try to engage in a conversation with me. Okay but if that kid ever tried acting like that around my school's band, they would probably murder him. My teacher (he conducts both band and orchestra) would discipline the crap out of him. No one as far as I'm aware of gets special treatment in the music classes whatsoever. No one. So if he acts like that if he was here, he would have the snot kicked out of him and probably be shoved in a locker. I've made people stop talking and be quiet if I find them highly annoying because I terrify them sometimes. So if he acted like a butt to me, oh he's getting some respect slapped into him and some manners. My school's band can be vicious, even on accident *cough cough* mellophones *cough cough*. 97-99% of the woodwinds in band are absolute pricks and the only woodwinds I can remember who are actually nice are the saxes. Heck, my teacher despises the clarinets with a burning passion and just me and my friend's luck, my friend plays the mellophone and her squad is right next to the clarinets. Poor sods that the mellophones are.  Comment
 piyisgood135 - 48 years and 3 months ago:
I totally would but I can usually get away without even talking to him so I do that to avoid getting sucked into his loads of drama. My band directs hates out trumpets. It's kind of funny, he will spend all class yelling ast them for one wrong note and if any other section gets it wrong they will be reminded once. Our flutes are the talkative ones but they sit right in front so they always get yelled at and so do out clarinets. Our mellophones are the quiet sections with only 3 or 4 so they don't usually get acknowledged by the rest of the band. Precision talks all the time but the band director only yells at some while others he favors. My section (low brass) sits in the back and so usually we can get away with just about everything. We are pretty chill (but we talk way to much -mainly trombone). The same with out band - the saxes are the nicest, but also the favorite section to out director.  Comment
 Ruffianfan - 48 years and 4 months ago:
As far as I am aware of, my teacher simply hates the clarinets, possibly the flutes and piccolos as well. All are filled with dramatic people >.> In orchestra, he favors no one and hates no one. We're mainly chill but we're quite restless for some odd reason and little does the band know we are crazy people. We also rant a lot either about our conductor or other people. Band does the same but they do not know how much talk the orchestra has. There are people you can avoid in band or orchestra, just have to stay clear of their path and you're good. Though as soon as someone talks smack about anyone, drama goes down. I'm not interested with drama that involves me but other people's drama on the other hand... *sips tea* it's very interesting hearing about drama happening from the band kids. In orchestra, it can be a war zone sometimes if stuff does go down. Violins are the most talkative of the entire orchestra. We have issues, oops. Freshman don't help, as the don't know the meaning of 'be quiet'. You have to be sneaky and clever as a fox or coyote to get away with something in band and/or orchestra. My teacher is like a hawk so you have to watch out for it. Though he does not know about him being the butt of so many jokes. My friend has a prank when it's Senior Prank Day, and I am going to be terrified and anxious when it is time. She plans on putting crickets in his desk drawers and letting them loose as soon as she puts them in there before running away asap.  Comment
 cocosnowy - 1 year and 2 months ago
Can you just send a private offer? Just send her to me even though I'm not online :)   Comment
 Ruffianfan - 48 years and 4 months ago:
Holy smokes I forgot to reply to this o-o school has consumed my time. Anyways, how are your Icelandic Sheepdogs doing? ^^  Comment
 cocosnowy - 48 years and 4 months ago:
Hiya!! It's been way too long o-o They're doing great, I now have two progress stars and hopefully I'll get a third soon. :) How are you?  Comment
 Ruffianfan - 48 years and 4 months ago:
Oh dang o-o congrats on that! I'm good, you? Think I might drop out of choir though, made a big mistake of not changing my schedule. Freshman push at my patience and temper too much.  Comment
 Troicstory2000 - 1 year and 4 months ago
Hey Ruffian ^-^   Comment
 Ruffianfan - 48 years and 1 month ago:
Got distracted by petting my lil kitties. Anyways, I'll check them out ^^ hmm, what kind of ideas/themes you're going for for the other group?  Comment
 Troicstory2000 - 48 years and 1 month ago:
I have no clue tbh with you and i cleaned my room ahah xD  Comment
 Ruffianfan - 48 years and 1 month ago:
I need to fix my bed again @-@ hmmm, I'll spark up some random themes/ideas from this one place on tumblr that I go to if I can't think of anything for a rp  Comment
 2horses - 1 year and 10 months ago
It has been to long my friend!! How are you?   Comment
 Ruffianfan - 48 years and 2 months ago:
So many people in my school have popular names while mine is like nonexistent because it's not as popular. In my family, names like Mohammad are common so Mason and Noah are two names that give us a break from that (my cousin has a son named Noah and he is adorable). Names, meanings, etc give me life honestly, not gonna lie. O.O 5 years?! Well, on horzer it's been like 3 while others have been on for a very long time. My friend has lice (pretty sure it's lice) so I'm like staying far away from her as possible to avoid getting it. I think she got it from her little cousins she babysits and/or her younger siblings.  Comment
 2horses - 48 years and 2 months ago:
Ya, I am saying in general (Mason I know is in the top 100 and at one point I believe the top 10 for the US) because I know that Mohammad and Ali are very popular in the Muslim culture, and so I like Mason and Noah (I ADORE Noah) but to me they are popular and I just am not a fan of super popular names (at least top 20 I tend to lean away from) but that's cool, I love hearing different names from different cultures and different places and learning meanings. And ikr?! Hehe, ya and here it's not long at all XD and oh, ya, that's NOT fun  Comment