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Hi I am IcePrincess000
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I <3 TMNT 2012(go to bottom for pics and gif:) i am also going to make a group filled with tmnt pics XD :D

Please vote for me and my animals:) if you vote me i will vote for you. I accept random friend request and feel free to pm me:)


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Ps. if you do not see your name it is because i have not updated my page yet
10 things about you & me
10 Things to know about me
  1. My favorite sport is ice skating
  2. I am in the 11th grade (even though i am younger than 13)
  3. My favorite color is turquoise
  4. I love to play dogzer
  5. I want to be an actress/archaeologist when i get older
  6. I have no dogs
  7. I am a Christian
  8. I have a bunny and 2 fancy rats
  9. I want you to vote for me and add me as one of your friends
  10. I can do a back handspring and a triple lutz4
10 Things I know about you
1.You are reading this
2. You are human
3. You cant say the letter "P" without separating your lips
4. You just attempted to do it 
6. You are laughing at yourself
7. You have a smile on your face & you skipped number 5
8. You checked to see if there is a #5
9. You laugh at this because you fell for it and everyone else does too
10. You are going to see who else falls for this.
My dogs are bred to be the best! Therefore, they have high prices all of my top breeds are 100% trained. If you would like me to train your dog to max here are my price offers.

PUPPIES: 1000 dollars/ You sell me a dog for 100 dollars and I train it to capacity then sell back for 1100 dollars.
DOGS: 1500 dollars/ You sell me a dog for 100 dollars and I train it to capacity then sell back for 1600 dollars.
My dogs are bred to be the best! Therefore, they have high prices all of my top breeds are 100% trained. If you would like me to sell you a puppy with a high inborn level the price is determined by adding the mother and father's prices.
GOLDIE: Any of goldie's puppies are at least 600 dogz
BROWNSUGAR: Any of BrownSugar's puppies are at least 600 dogz
ARRENDA: Any of arrenda's puppies are at least 700 dogz

COLBY: Any of Colby's puppies are at least 800 dogz
JOSHUA: Any of joshua's puppies are at least 750 dogz
MILLION: Any of Million's puppies are at least 500 dogz
My dogs are bred to be the best! Therefore, they have high prices all of my top breeds are 100% trained. If you would like your dog to breed with one of mine it is:
COLBY: 800 dogz
JOSHUA: 750 dogz
MILLION:  500 dogz
Summer in Hawaii

“Marco,” I yelled 

“Polo,” my friends called back.

“Caught you,” I yelled to Jasmyne

“No fair,” she yelled back, “you looked!” My friends and I play this game almost every day since we live by the beach. I asked I Michelle if she wanted to go in and get a snack. She agreed so we all went to her house and had lemonade and cookies.  “Anastasia,” she asked me, “wanna see my new dog?” I loved dogs, so I couldn’t resist. As I walked to her house I thought about how much I wanted a dog. My mother was allergic to dogs so I could not get one. Her dog was so cute, it was a black poodle with a pink sweater and bow, and it even had matching pink booties.

 I went back to the pool and hopped in, that water felt so good. Then I seen the most adorable thing, Michelle brought her poodle in a pink swimsuit. I thought,” What is it with that dog and pink?” When she got to the pool she had a pink inflatable, Fi-Fi, her poodle hopped right on and floated all around. She didn’t even get wet, weird. The sun began to hide behind the clouds and we headed home. When I got home lasagna, broccoli, steak, and mince pie was waiting for me. Many people think mince pie is gross, well it is, but I look at it as, it’s dessert so don’t say no thank you.  I finished dinner and took a nice warm shower, put on my PJs and hopped into bed.

 I thought about a dog, and how much I wanted one, I had dreamt about me with a small purse dog walking in the mall. But my dream just popped and floated away like a bubble. No matter how hard I thought the sensation of me with a dog vanishes. I wish there was a cure to dog allergies. Even if there was I still couldn’t get a dog. My parents came in to say good night, I thought this is my chance. “Dad can I get a dog?”

“No, maybe when you get older, plus your mom is allergic to dog hair,” my dad said as he went down stairs. As I slept I thought about a life without dog allergies. I saw myself with a dog together. And I saw my friend’s dogs playing with my dog. But in the midst of all of that I seen myself just watching other dogs play as I sit on the curb. It is like I am dogless, without hope of ever getting. As if I have given up on getting a dog.


I am a Siberian husky named Jermany. I was born in Alaska and that is where I planned to live. Well, my plans changed in the month of November.  It was morning and i was just a puppy. I would follow my mom for food, and any where I went.   The name I got was strange because I did not live in Germany I lived in Alaska. We knew that November was a dangerous month. I did not know why, my mom told me that they shoot in November to catch wild turkey. She also said they could accidently shoot us.

One night as I was sleeping I heard a loud BANG! I snuggled close to my mom but she looked frightened as well. She led me to a large tree with a dry hollow. Lucky for me there was a sleeping squirrel inside for me to have a meal. With a full tummy I went back to bed. Then I heard the BANG again this time louder. The ground felt as if it was shaking, I yelped. In the morning my mom and I were scavenging for food when I heard a blast behind me. I ran as fast as I could until I bumped into a figure, it was a hunter.

The hunter picked me up and put me in a crate. I did not know where I was going but wherever I was going, this was my new life. I found his name was Homer and his wife’s name was Becky. And from that time on I lingered around their yard. When I got bigger and stronger he hitched me to a big heavy wood thing. And he wanted ME to pull it. I thought he was crazy, I cannot pull this. Then he cracked the whip I let out a cry of alarm. First the sled now the whip what could be worst. Then I found out what, he got on it and said mush and started yelling human language. I got the picture and I started running as fast as my legs could take me which was nowhere. He was way too heavy for me to pull. At night he unhooked me, I found this as an opportunity. I bolted out of there and into the forest. I ran until I could run no more and I panted and drooled. Then I collapsed on the ground and fell asleep. In the morning I walked close by to his house. I seen him talking to a metal object, now I knew he was crazy. I walked closer when I heard him say, “I will be shipping it today, yes, ok, call you back, bye.”

“Shipping,” I thought, “On a ship?” The next day I heard a whirring sound. I seen a huge shadow, as I chased the shadow I realized it got bigger and bigger. I looked up and seen a huge, white and blue figure. When it landed a lady stepped out and went to my old owner’s house.


I was curious so I snuck inside it. I seen some metal jingly things, as I pawed at them I seen a pedal. I jumped down on it to check it out when I felt a bump; I also felt a cool breeze. I climbed on the seat when I realized I was in the air. It was such a thrill. But my fun soon ended, I started to go down I jumped down for shelter when I rised again. I figured any time I went up I fell down and any time I jumped down I went up.

I realized the door was open so I tried to close it. I stretched and got hold to the handle I pulled it in carefully. Now I could consider myself a helicopter driver. I continued to rise when I realized a T looking device I hit it and I moved to the right. I hit it the other way and it moved to the left. I continued to steer until I decided I would take a nap. I curled up on the seat.

    In a few minutes I heard an alarm and seen clear blue all around me. I wondered why the alarm was sounding in such perfect weather then I plummeted into the blue water. I realized I could not breathe my nose stung and there was no escape I searched for the door and pushed it as hard as I could I went through and swam to the surface. I took many breaths of air until I was back to my normal self.

As I looked around me there was nothing. I felt hopeless, and I swam around for hours until I could swim no more. I started to sink when I seen a blueish figure. I swam just to in and rested on top. It swam for a while when it stopped near an island I swam at full speed towards the island. I landed with a thud and fell asleep in the grainy sand. When I woke up I was in a hut, this man was stirring this stuff. It smelled terrible; I thought I was going to faint.  Then he poured some in a bowl and motioned me to drink it. I looked at him in disbelief; I was not going to drink that for any thing. I tried to run but my leg throbbed with pain.

I turned around to the worst thing in the world it was Fi-Fi, Fi- Fi is a poodle who lives in Hawaii. She came to Alaska last summer with her owner Francine. Why I don’t like her, simple. Fi-Fi thinks it is a game to pull tufts of my fur leaving me practically bald. Then it occurred to me that I must be in Hawaii. How I managed to make it to Hawaii I don’t know but it happened. I rested there at the man’s hut until I got better.

The dog

I forced myself to wake up so I could get my morning bike ride in. I threw on some clothes and had some breakfast. I packed some sandwiches and hopped on my bike. Honestly I did not know where I was going so I just rode. I decided to ride down to the store. In Honolulu there are many stores, most likely because of the tourist. The mayor must think we will bring in tons of money over the tourist.

I went into the store deciding whether I should go ahead and pick up my new bike or get a surfboard. I had 50$ to spare so I chose the used surf board. I paid the clerk and went off on my adventure. As I was walking down to the beach I passed Mr. Kyler’s hut I figured I could stop by. “Mr. Kyler” I yelled”Are you home?” I heard a muffled reply and a whine. “Mr. Kyler” I asked “Are you alright” Certainly there was something wrong. I rushed in to see him petting a large dog and giving him a treat. I was speechless. “She’s a beauty isn’t she” He said

 “Yes” I stuttered. “Can I pet her?”

“Be my guest”

I petted her shiny, silky coat and realized that she had short fur. My mom was allergic to long haired dogs because of there shedding. “Can I take her on a walk?” I asked

“Sure” he stated “she doesn’t get much physical activity around here.”

Filled with glee I jumped all around shouting WOO-HOO, WOO-HOO!

“Does he have a leash?” I said excitedly

“No” he replied “I got her with no leash and she stays with no leash, I don’t think she would be happy with one any way.”

I went outside and the dog followed me. As I was walking I figured that this wonderful dog needed a name.  I was thinking hard, I chose the name Jermany after Germany, the place that I have always wanted to go to.


I thought she might want to go surfing with me so I asked her. She did not reply, just stared at me with confusion. I decided to decide for her I said “wanna go surfing, yes, that’s great” Then off we went to the crystal clear ocean of Hawaii. I rubbed on my sunscreen and ran to the sea, while Jermany rolled in the sand. I was catching some waves, when I realized that each wave was getting bigger and bigger I think Jermany noticed something strange too because she was barking at mezzo forte.




I seen the size of the waves and was terrified I have never seen something so big. If that was not enough the girl was laughing at me barking in alarm. I wished I was back in the hut away from all the terrifying noises and sights. I knew that my owner wouldn’t laugh at me.

The ground started shaking furiously beneath my feet. I knew too well what was going on and I had to warn her. With in minutes an earthquake would erupt. There was only one thing I could do I had to rescue her. I ran full blast into the water, yelped and ran out. BBBRRR the water was way too cold but I had to save the girl.

I plunged in and doggy paddled to her, I hopped on her board and I told her “Run earthquake alert, tsunami wipeout, move out of water, hurry now!!!!!!” despite my efforts to communicate with her she just laughed and smiled as if I said something funny. But then I got really serious and let out the biggest, sharpest bark in my life, then she got the message DANGER. But it was too late.

The waves went loco, all over tossin’ and turnin’ all they needed was a disco. Though it was an interesting sight I hid. But suddenly I began to elevate. I went higher and HIGHER and HIGHER and HIGHER. I was so scared we went forward and back forward and back the girl was screaming at the top of her lungs. We looked down and realized we were on a wave, but when we stood the city looked like ants. I thought how interesting that was when it occurred to me that we were riding a tsunami. I felt like I was riding a rollercoaster.

Our ride was nearing to the end and we heard a crash, we both knew what was about to happen and down, down, down we went destroying everything in our path. But then the worst happened the girl couldn’t keep her balance and fell off. I jumped off to rescue her but realized the current was too strong. Swimming hard I managed to pull my self up on a ledge. The girl was coming closer. I grabbed a stick and held tight for her to pull herself up with. She made it.







I could not believe it this dog just saved me. I looked at the dog closely and realized one of his eyes was blue and one was brown. ”Thanks Jermany” I whispered

When I got home my mom said “Anastasia are you all right? I figured you were surfing but when I heard about the tsunami I was worried sick. Are you alright?... talk talk talk…” After calculating what she had said I said yes but I told her the whole story. She was speechless, wow was all she could say wow. After talking it over with my dad we all agreed that Jermany would be a wonderful pet. Though there was happiness in the house the city was in ruins.  

It took two years to rebuild the city. And it was a struggle to survive; I am so happy that everyone was alright. Food was scarce and we mainly ate coconut as our main course. Jeremy kept us all company and we all enjoyed her. Where she came from was a mystery on its own but we found the answer soon enough.


Plz tell me what u think about my short book:D

#1 Raphael

#2 Leo
#3 Donatello


#4 Michelangelo

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no problem i am glad to help with the challenge :D  Comment
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yes :D  Comment
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the wild  Comment
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