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XP points: 1620

Overall Ranking: 58th (+4)
Reputation points: 323
Certificates: 10/10
Dog-handler in the Lexx Kennels club
Founder of the Running Dogs kennel club
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About Me:

Hello there, my name is, but you can call me Vitani. I'm a 23 year old, blond haired, freckled face, hazel eyed female, born October 3rd, 1996. I live somewhere in Tennessee, with my pain in the butt husband, and our beloved dog, Tank. He's a 1 year old, pit and lab mix. We also have rats! I love all animals. But mainly wolves, dogs, and rodents. Those are my favorite. I've had many animals, but, down to 1 dog and a couple rats. I love doing other things besides spending my days and nights playing Dogzer. I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing, watching Netflix, and spending time with my family. I do have favorite colors, they happen to be, red, purple and black. This is mainly all about me, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I don't bite.                              

About My Game Play:

Here on, I train and breed purebred German Shepherds, I do train and breed other breeds as well, such as, Schwyz Hound's, Wolves, Saint Bernard's, etc. I will most likely earn a progress star or two, in the future. My main game is, I have over 1,400 presence days. I do hold progress star breeds over there, which include German Shepherds, Tollers, etc. That's where most of my money is spent, like a lot, but, I'm hoping to spend a lot of money over here as well. I enjoy having my membership, and premz, got to add a bonus or two, on my dogs. Now, I am on, all day, and all night, so If you want to chat, pm me, or post on my wall. Now, I will occasionally give out premz to players who are in need of a few premz. No extra cost, unless stated otherwise. I do have a few ground rules, such as, no asking for one of my dogs, or a breeding offer, with limited breeding's, such as my Wolves. I will consider, giving you breeding's from my German Shepherds, but, please keep in mind, I will not sell you one that's already trained. I will, kindly breed you one, and train one for you. This goes for other breed's I have, I'm hoping to obtain all breeds on in the future. I do accept all friend request, so do send them. If you vote for me, and if you vote for my dogs, I'll return the favor, and do the same with you and your dogs. This is mainly all about my game play, if I think of anything else, I'll be back to update this.



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German Shepherd Dog ##STADE## - coat 30
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German Shepherd Dog ##STADE## - coat 1255
German Shepherd Dog ##STADE## - coat 30
German Shepherd Dog ##STADE## - coat 30
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