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Certificates: 10/10
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About Me:


Hello, I see you've stumbled upon my breeders page. No, stay, I don't mind you stopping by. Sit back, and enjoy my breeders page, it's quite interesting, to be honest. Pop some buttery popcorn, yum! Don't forget the drink, your gonna need it. Now, first things first! My real name is Brittany, that's all your getting, lol. You can call me Brittany, or Vitani, doesn't matter to me, I was born on October 3, 1996, so, technically, I'm 24 years old. I'm currently living in Tennessee, with my husband, his name is Reeno, he was born on August 14, 1999, that's all your getting, lol. We have a daughter, born August 23, 2020, her name is Baylee. She looks just like her dad, kinda jealous, to be honest, but it's alright. Now, I have long blond hair, hazel eyes, and a face full of freckles. I'm obsessed with Netflix, I will literally sit on my couch, and watch Netflix all day, even with my daughter in my arms. I am basically a dog kind of person, I had currently owned a pit lab, his name was Tank. He sadly passed away, unexpectedly. We miss him very much. We now own a stubborn orange and white tabby kitten, name Simba, he's a nightmare. But, he does have a cute side. We also have a German Shepherd mix puppy, his name is Copper. He's very smart. We have owned multiple animals in the past. Feel free to rant to me, I don't mind. Now, I love music, as I type, I'm listening to music. Every time I play Dogzer, I literally listen to music, helps me train meh dogs on here. I prefer, country, but I do listen to other songs. I enjoy other things other than Netflix and Dogzer, I do love to sing, draw, swim, read, write, stuff like that. But, my best thing to do, is spending time with my family, doing family stuff, like, of course, watching movies, going out to lunch, or going to the mall, stuff like that. Now, before I bore you to death, I'll jump right on in, with what I do on Dogzer. Read below, if you dare. 


About My Game Play:


Since you've made it this far, congratulations by the way, yeah, I'm aware, I'm a very boring girl. So, straight to it. On Dogzer, I breed, a lot of dogs! I mean it, I say I'ma stick to one breed, but then end up buying other breeds. Can't make up meh mind, for the life of me. Pretty much, I'm obviously obsessed with Dogzer, to be honest, lol. Spend thousands and thousands of hours on this game, and I literally have nothing better to do with my life, besides Netflix, can't leave that unattended, can't you literally hear Netflix calling your name? It's like trying to get my attention right now, wow. Anywho, where was I, ah yes, I breed a lot of dogs, hmm, I think I said that already, well, I'll say it again, I breed a lot of dogs. But, my main ones are, German Shepherds, Poodles, Siberian Husky, Beagles, and a ton more. Now, I do purchase premz, probably every two weeks, or a week, depends, whether or not the game is playable. I will be honest, this is the only game I ever spend money on, like literally a lot. I have a .us account as well, that use to be where I spend all my money on, but sadly, that game is dead, not many players play. Upsets me though, because I spent so much time and money on .us, and now, I just sign in a couple times a day, but I've stopped purchasing premz over there. So, I basically just started purchasing premz over here. Anyway, off topic, but if y'all ever want a dog, or a breeding, let meh know, I'm a very reasonable person when it comes to prices. Now, if y'all want premz or dogz, y'all gonna have to pay me for it. I do trade dogz for premz/premz for dogz. My prices are cheap. It's $3,000 per premz. Same for dogz as well, but if your in dire need, you can have the premz for $100 dogz. Now, I'm open to dogs that you have, if you think I'll be interested in one of two of your dogs, feel free to ask, the least I could say, is no. Scroll down, to my rules, their simple and easy.



Don't ask me to spare dogz or premz, unless your in dire need, or if you pay for it. If ya vote for meh, I'll vote for you, same goes for my dogs, I'll vote for your dogs. I absolutely accept random friend request, so send them. I have no idea what else to even type for my rules, well, guess this is it.



Updated November 16th, 2020.


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