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Overall Ranking: 29th
Reputation points: 483
Certificates: 10/10
Vet in the Carmichael Industries club
Founder of the Black Magic Kennels kennel club
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I suppose I am back to the game, for now :)
 Welcome to my Page
Hello! Welcome to my page. I'm Alyssa, a relatively young player from the US. I spend most of my time working, writing, and messing around with cars, but I head online whenever I can. Feel free to PM me any questions you may have, or just to chat. I check my inbox often. I've been on dogzer for quite some time, though I've left for random periods simply because life gets in the way. I'm doing my best to work on my dogs more often, as I've put quite a bit of money into the game. That being said, please do not ask for premz or my dogs. I work hard to get what I can, and most of my dogs are exclusive and cannot be sold anyway.
My Breeding Projects
Though I got a little ahead of myself over the years and own almost every exclusive breed, I have narrowed it down to a select few projects. I own the game's best Tollers, and I'm about to reach the top CAP for Boxers. Alongside these breeds, I am working on Dutch Shepherds, Wolves, American Akitas, and Pembroke Welsh Corgies. In the future, I plan to continue my breeding of Spanish Mastiffs, American Pit Bull Terriers, and Border Collies.
Buying | Breeding | Studding
If you happen to be interested in using any of my dogs for studding, you would like to purchase a dog, or have an interest in a puppy being bred for you, you may send me a message or post on my wall. I primarily breed exclusive breeds, so selling happens rarely, though I do have Australian Shepherds that I will be working on as a side project, as well as a select few other breeds available. Studding is always an option, prices vary depending on the cap, level, and HS of the dog. No Toller studs offered over 358 cap. 
Shows | Training
I train all of my dogs to 80% HS or higher before breeding. This is done in order to improve their capacities at the fastest rate. If you ever would like help getting the shows filled or need a dog trained, just let me know! I'm always here to help. 
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Toller ##STADE## - coat 829
Dracula Sheepdog ##STADE## - coat 51
West Highland White Terrier ##STADE## - coat 55
Norwegian Lundehund ##STADE## - coat 2
Border Collie ##STADE## - coat 60
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