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Welcome to my page!! Feel free to send a friend request! 

I'm currently looking for these breeds:


-Tibetan Mastiff

-Miniature Pinscher


-Scottish Terrier

If you have a male or female of these which is purebred and a cap of 350 or above, or are able to breed me one, please let me know if you have one you'd like to sell by just posting on my wall :)


~Introduction and some fun little rules of mine

~About my game + my goal...s


The lab above and in my profile pic is my girl Emma ^_^





First of all:

Please no role play requests. Sorry, but I'm not one to role play.

Also, if a dog is not publicly up for sale or up for a breeding offer, then that means I do not want to sell the dog nor breed, so please don't ask to buy a dog not for sale or to breed with a dog not up for breeding. Thank you.

And no, I don't give away dogz' or premz', nor do I trade.



My Game ^^

So just to give a little background, Dogzer as you are aware has lots of issues-but we still love our game. In the time of writing this, there's barley anyone who plays the game anymore, there's so many bugs (currently the infamous Kennel Club bug which kicks you out of KC's) and I'm just trying to get back into it despite the bugs.

My plan right now is to just gather more dogs again. I went on a... imma say hiatus... just like everyone else, I decided that I missed the game. And before that, stupid me decided to sell all of her dogs, so now I'm just trying to slowly build back up again. Which, has become very difficult as there's a lot of good players who aren't here anymore, and there's not many people so there's not many people breeding and selling.

(I also went looking at all of my old followed forum threads and man... I was so annoying I had to involved with every conversation, so now when I think about commenting I'm like nah girl, control yourself lol)

So what am I doing with my game now?

My main focus is now Labradors and Golden Retrievers.Well, I did start of just training a couple labs and goldens, and killing of bonus breeds that I didn't want anymore which now I'm kicking myself for, but then I was like this is it. I don't care if I'm annoying, I want EVERY BREED IN THE GAME. I WANT ALL OF THE DOGS I CAN GET.If I was gonna come back to the game, I may as well come back with a bang. I've now got majority of the sellable breeds, now I just gotta focus on bonus breeds. Which man, I think I worked out to be hmmm... a heck load of premz'. So, that's gonna take me a while since I would like them to be purebred.

My goals...which are subject to change because I change my mind way too often

~To have a male and female of every breed-only purebred, and preferably foundation but I'm not gonna be too picky

~To have fun

~Have a male and female of each breed which are trained to 80%HS

~Maybe if a new breed comes out to focus on getting progress stars

~To own a million Labradors

~To own the breeds which you can't purchase them anymore (which will mean they will not be lod, but eh)


If you have any questions about me or the game feel free to ask :) Also, don't hesitate to start a conversation because I really enjoy talking to people on here. (Dogzer AND non-Dogzer related) 


Ok so I got lazy with the pics and gifs, they'll come eventually, in the meantime here's a gif with Markiplier and Chica that's been on my page for a long time that I could never get sick of.


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