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Overall Ranking: 54th
Reputation points: 285
Certificates: 10/10
President of a breed club in the Happy doggiez club
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Dreamzer please fix your game! Or let us know what is happening because some of your loyal money paying players are getting a little bit sick of it...



















Welcome to my page!!  Feel free to send a friend request! 

Please check out my Brightview Goldens project at these places:

The group (Feel free to join):

The affix:

The Breeding: 

I do weekly updates about my game so please visit often if you wanna know what's up :) *On hold until dreamzer gets their stuff together*

I'm currently STILL LOOKING for these breeds:


-Tibetan Mastiff

-Miniature Pinscher

If you have a male or female of these which is purebred and a cap of 350 or above, or are able to breed me one, please let me know if you have one you'd like to sell by just posting on my wall :)


ALSO: If you have a purebred dog you'd like to sell but are having trouble finding a buyer, or you are just trying to sell a few dogs then post on my wall and I'll consider buying them from you ^_^

Contents: Just a short page 'cause I know you ain't gonna wanna read much XD

~Weekly updates (If I remember lol if I've forgotten let me know if you wanna see meh updates) 

~Introduction and some fun little rules of mine

~About my game + my goal...s


The lab above and in my profile pic is my girl Emma ^_^





Update: 2nd January 2021

It has probably been a year since I last opened up a dogs page. I have no money, because nothing on this game works. I don't want to sell any dog because I'm still holding onto the hope that this game will come back. So much has changed in my real life. I have a puppy who is now 8.5 months old (Labrador x Golden Retriever), and I'm studying to be a dog groomer. Last time I played this game properly I didn't have a puppy and I didn't know what I wanted to study yet. 

Meh Rules:

Please no role play requests. Sorry, but I'm not one to role play.

If a dog is not publicly up for sale or up for a breeding offer, then that means I do not want to sell the dog nor breed, so please don't ask to buy a dog not for sale or to breed with a dog not up for breeding. Thank you.

And no, I don't give away dogz' or premz', nor do I trade.

(The answer to these questions is always going to be no)



My Game ^^

The old paragraph I had here was long and boring so i condenced it XD

So basically, after taking a break for a year or two (can't remember)I've started to get into the game again. Currently I am focusing on breeding Labradors, Goldens and Border collies. Plus I'm working to get a male and female of every breed, and train them to 80%HS. 


My goals...which are subject to change because I change my mind way too often

*New goal*~To have the dogs of which I've saved specific names for specific breeds.(For example have a collie named lassie or a saint Bernard named Beethoven.)

~To have a male and female of every breed-only purebred, and preferably foundation but I'm not gonna be too picky

~To have fun

~Have a male and female of each breed which are trained to 80%HS

~Maybe if a new breed comes out to focus on getting progress stars (HAHAHAHAHAH look at how 2019 me was so optomistic that a new breed would come out looooool- 2021 me)

~To own a million Labradors

~To own the breeds which you can't purchase them anymore (which will mean they will not be lod, but eh)


If you have any questions about me or the game feel free to ask :) Also don't hesitate to start a conversation because I really enjoy talking to people on here. (Dogzer AND non-Dogzer related) 



Also I stared this game 5 years ago and Markiplier is still my favourite youtuber just like back then.




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  cougarcat - 8 days and 1 hour ago
cookie1029 acquires Female-413.9 from  cougarcat.   Comment
 cookie1029 - 15 days and 7 hours ago
cookie1029 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Bear [80%HS].   Comment - 1 month ago
cookie1029 acquires Palaye from   Comment
 cookie1029 - 1 month ago
cookie1029 takes in Galyn, who was abandoned.   Comment
  Not_Emy - 1 month ago
Hi!   Comment
 cookie1029 - 52 years, 196 h and 35 min ago:
hi! :)  Comment
  Not_Emy - 52 years, 205 h and 12 min ago:
I love your dogs, they're really cute :D  Comment
 cookie1029 - 52 years, 248 h and 57 min ago:
Thank you :3  Comment
 cookie1029 - 1 month ago
 wertz3 wins the auction for Cherry 358.13, for  3,200.   Comment
 cookie1029 - 1 month ago
cookie1029 puts Cherry 358.13 up for sale at auction.   Comment
 cookie1029 - 2 months ago
cookie1029 takes in Melanie, who was abandoned.   Comment
 cookie1029 - 2 months ago
cookie1029 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Kenta [80% HS].   Comment
 cookie1029 - 2 months ago
cookie1029 publishes an offer to organize a mating with **Nike.   Comment
 cookie1029 - 2 months ago
cookie1029 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Bear [80%HS].   Comment
 cookie1029 - 2 months ago
cookie1029 publishes an offer to organize a mating with Asher 80%HS.   Comment